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“When I first encountered the effects of Royal Jelly, the only word that I could think of to describe its astonishing effects was magical” Irene Stein

Irene Stein has been credited as being the first person to introduce the power of Royal Jelly to the western world. In an astounding career, spanning over three decades, Irene Stein has been instrumental in developing, perfecting and promoting her unique Irene Royal Jelly Formulation for the benefit of consumers worldwide.

The professional road has not always been an easy one, particularly in the early years whilst running a thriving business and juggling the needs of her young family. During her career, Irene has in fact established two successful companies and bounced back after boardroom adversity on more than one occasion.

Now at 66, Irene still puts in a 12 hour day at the office, plays tennis everyday, and has the looks, energy and vitality of someone 15 years younger. The ability to maintain this lifestyle she credits, at least in part, to the potency of the product she has pioneered for the last 30 years.

Early Influences

Irene attributes much of her success to her early childhood influences. Irene often remarks that her mother was “a woman ahead of her time. She brought me up on cider vinegar, black molasses, and told me to breathe !!!”

Irene first discovered Royal Jelly in 1974 as a single mother working from home. She had registered with the American Embassy in the hope of becoming an agent for US products, but was connected with a Greek beekeeper looking for a dynamic person to market his products oversees. At the time of this meeting, Irene was plagued with ill health and was living on diuretics that were sapping her energy.  One of the first benefits Irene experienced after starting to take the Royal Jelly was its natural diuretic action and the general effect it had  on her level of well being and stamina She was soon able to throw the diuretic  pills away.

Sophie, Irene’s mother, and a long time arthritis sufferer, also began to take Royal Jelly. After a short time her pain diminished and eventually disappeared completely. In addition, Irene also noticed that her two daughters thrived on Royal Jelly. Lisa in her early years was very susceptible to any childhood illness that was going around. The Royal Jelly boosted her general health and resistance to infection and she changed from being a frequent absentee to having an excellent record of attendance at school. The Royal Jelly also cleared up her eczema. In Lisa’s early twenties, the Royal Jelly regime helped her through her degree studies and into adult life in a professional and demanding career.  The Royal Jelly also acted effectively to contain the hyperactivity of Jayne, Irene’s elder daughter. Following in her mother’s footsteps in the health business, Jayne is now a vivacious young woman who has developed a remarkable portable steam and aromatherapy cabinet now on sale throughout the world.

Irene is the proud grandmother of Robyn and Maddy. Their mother Lisa, continued to take the IreneFormulation throughout her pregnancies and whilst breastfeeding. Robyn and Maddy are shining example of Irene’s efficacy with children.

Small Beginnings

Irene was, to say the least, so fascinated and impressed by the potential of Royal Jelly that in 1974 she decided to set up a company in the UK. With the aid of a typewriter, telephone and working capital of only £1,000, Irene began working from her front room, and in a short time created a highly successful business marketing Royal Jelly products.

From Strength to Strength

Within a few years, the ‘one man band’ had grown into Regina Health and Beauty Products Plc, a sophisticated company with an annual ₤5.6 million pound turnover, selling the product in the UK and throughout the world. Not only that, Irene had created a niche market worth £50 million pounds worldwide.

Famous and Prestigious Clientele

At one time, Irene was supplying her products to several members of the British Royal Family, including Prince Phillip, the late Diana, Princess of Wales and Sarah, Duchess of York. The UK press reported in 1984, that the late Princess Diana was taking Irene’s product to alleviate morning sickness whilst pregnant with both Prince Harry and Prince William. In 1988, The People Newspaper wrote that Sarah, Duchess of York, took a daily dose of Irene’s product in order to get pregnant. The paper reported that she tried the product after her conventional fertility drug “failed to produce rapid results.”

The then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was also an aficionado. In 1988, Mrs. Thatcher discussed the qualities of Royal Jelly during a visit to the Regina Head Office in Finchley, the former PMs Constituency. She proclaimed Regina to be a ‘beacon of British Enterprise’. Irene’s formula  was also taken regularly by  dozens of high profile personalities, including Sir Cliff Richard, Lulu, Joe Brown, Kim Wilde, Pat Boone, Maureen Lipman, Jan Leeming, Katie Boyle, Barbara Cartland and Gloria Hunniford….to name a few. Eminent sports men and women were also fans of the product. Amongst those were tennis ace John McEnroe, cricketer Dennis Lillee, Olympic runner Sebastian Coe, horsewoman Lucinda Green and footballer Frank McLintock. A handful of first division football clubs saw there performances improve whilst using Irene’s product.  At one time most of the Millwall Football team (and their wives and girlfriends) were taking Irene’s product prior to their games. In the same season the team succeeded in promotion to the first division for the first time in 103 years. Peter Melville, team physiotherapist, said: “I’m not saying our success is due to the Royal jelly, but I think it had played a part.”

Going Public

In the late 1980s, Regina was achieving such success that Irene Stein was a finalist in the Business Woman of the Year competition.  There was a steady and substantial rise in company profits and it was time for expansion. In 1986, therefore, Irene’s private company became a public limited company quoted on the UK stock exchange.

A Sting from the City

Shortly after Regina went public, there were those within the company who demanded, against Irene’s better judgment, that the natural progression was for Regina products to be sold through retail outlets. This went against Irene’s personal philosophy of direct sales. Although ‘direct sales’ is a very labour intensive method (sometimes 500 enquiries a day were received), Irene always felt that the benefits of Irene could not possibly be conveyed in a retail setting. As a result of escalating frictions within the company, Irene turned up at the Head Office one day in 1989 to find security barring her way. She had been voted out in a boardroom coup from the company she took a pivotal role in creating !!

A Fresh Buzz

Undaunted by the extraordinary story of the rise and fall of Regina, Irene focused her efforts on developing the next generation of Royal Jelly products in collaboration with Dr Emile Coufalik and a team of eminent biochemists, herbalists and homeopaths. Irene went back to her roots and set up a new company, Irene Stein Ltd., to sell the new and improved formulation she had developed. Despite the recession of the early 1990s, there was still great demand for health related products and Irene again went back again to basics working from her home in Hertfordshire, England, doing what she loved the best - direct sales, using her original mailing list. Irene was back in the driving seat, working with a handful of people without the encumbrances of public company protocol.

Irene remarked to the Times Newspaper in August 1994: “Retailing was never the way to go. It really is a case of small is beautiful”. The new little company, ready with a new formulation that was better than ever, was poised for success.

Today and Beyond…..

By 2001, it was time for a change of life. In February of that year Irene visited Israel for a short break. She enjoyed the trip far more than she had thought she would, and decided to stay. Irene now lives in the coastal Israeli town of Herziliya Pituach.

Irene was amazed at the large alternative and complimentary medicine climate in Israel. Although Israel has its own Royal Jelly Formulations, they don’t begin to compare with Irene’s unique Irene Formulation. Irene saw a market potential and decided to introduce the Formulation in Israel. To be able to incorporate sun, sea and increased social life, with the added bonus of introducing her products to another captive audience, was too tempting to ignore. Now Irene can have the best of both worlds - doing what she loves, whilst still regularly commuting to the UK to spend quality time with her children and grandchildren. 

Her entry through the Anglo Saxon Community in Israel has produced considerable interest and today Irene has a healthy database of customers. Irene has now been tempted to utilize website technology to facilitate worldwide exposure.

Interestingly, Irene found that Israel has more hair problems than many other places in the world - everything from premature hair loss in young people to increased and premature greying or thinning hair, as well as hair loss in all its forms. As a result of her observations, Irene embarked on a research programme to investigate hair problems and the benefits of taking Irene to alleviate them – the results were extremely impressive and are available to read in Irene’s 2004 Hair Report.  Irene comments that “it is nothing short of miraculous that one little bottle is capable of changing these hair problems in an extraordinary way”.

The ‘Hair Report’ is now taking Irene into other directions in a remarkable way. A number of people in Israel and worldwide, have noticed a marked improvement in their hair since taking the Irene Formulation. Some of their personal accounts can be read on the Testimonial Page of the website. Their observations include preventing and reducing greying, reversing greying, thickening of fine and lifeless hair, a reduction in hair loss in people of all ages and stages of life where hair loss is often a problem (i.e. pregnancy) and improvement in general hair condition. 

Irene Stein is indeed a rare breed. She never ceases to be amazed by new facts which come to light about how Royal Jelly can be used. It seems that, at least as yet, she is not ready for retirement.

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