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Irene has worked conscientiously at improving her formulations throughout the years and strongly believes in improving on nature.  Having succeeded in producing the most unique and effective Royal Jelly product in the world, she now adds stabilized oxygen to be taken alongside the Irene formulation in order to enhance still further the action of this amazing product.  By oxygenating the blood with stabilized oxygen, you can expect to achieve even greater results.    This stabilized oxygen is capable of decongesting and stimulating every cell in the body, and allows Irene to work even more effectively.

You do not have to be suffering from ill health to benefit from Irene. There is a marked increase in vitality levels with its use.  Royal Jelly has been termed “ the most energetic food known to man.”  Its list of ingredients – vitamins, minerals, amino acids -  and its hormone balance are quite profound.  It is perhaps even impossible to compare it with any other food stuff.  No wonder the Chinese have gone to such extraordinary lengths to commercially produce this amazing substance.  It is believed that if Science were to synthetically reproduce the vast cocktail of ingredients in Royal Jelly, and perhaps increase the amounts, they would not even begin to achieve the same results/efficacy in this amazing natural cocktail.  Over and above this, when you consider this extraordinary panacea and then add the other ingredients that are included in the Irene Formulation, it really is nothing short of miraculous and profound in its action.  

Irene provides boundless energy, works to bring the body into balance and optimises all bodily functions.  It can reduce the recovery time after exercise and the success of Irene’s product has inspired sportsmen and women from around the world.  Among her clients have been tennis ace John McEnroe, cricketer Dennis Lillee, Olympic runner Sebastian Coe, horsewoman Lucinda Green and footballer Frank McLintock.  A number of first division football clubs saw their performances improve whilst using Irene’s product.  At one time, most of the Millwall Football team (and their wives and girlfriends) were taking Irene’s product prior to their games. In the same season, the team succeeded in being promoted to the first division for the first time in 103 years. 

Celebrities, who need to look and feel their best at all times, take Irene to boost their energy levels and maintain their youthful vigour for public appearances.  Sir Cliff Richard, Lulu, several of the Royal Family amongst them have all been advocates of Irene. 

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