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Keep your Hair on!

Are you losing your hair? 

“Our crowning glory” is not just an idle phrase!  Having a full head of healthy hair reflects feelings of self confidence, and keeping this youthful appearance is another beneficial activity of Irene.  At 66, Irene sports a full head of hair in good condition, and although she uses highlights, her hair is still its natural colour.  She can be comfortably outside in strong sunlight with no harmful effects to her hair. 

Her London hairdresser of 25 years continually comments about the abundance of hair growth between her appointments.  Her mother had  reversed her greying process and in her 80s, she had a full head of hair. Her father also displayed minimal greying.   Her children and grandchildren all have abundant hair. 

Ruling out any genetic influences, her son in law, who is in his 40s, has seen a reversal of his hair greying process.  Meanwhile, Irene’s 60 year old brother, who is not on Irene, is considerably grey and is losing his hair!

And this is only the family’s experience!  For over 30 years, Irene has been receiving reports from her clients about the recovery of hair loss after chemotherapy treatment, reversal of hair thinning due to hormonal imbalances, preventing the greying of hair and reverting to its original colour, a return to thicker, glossier, healthier hair.

Following these leads, Irene is now concentrating on an additional benefit for Irene, especially in Israel, which seems to have more hair problems than many other places in the world - everything from premature hair loss in young people to increased and premature greying or thinning hair, as well as hair loss in all its forms. As a result of her observations, Irene embarked on a research programme to investigate hair problems and the benefits of taking Irene to alleviate them – the results were extremely impressive and are available to read in Irene’s 2004 Hair Report.  Irene comments that “it is nothing short of miraculous that one little bottle is capable of changing these hair problems in an extraordinary way”.

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Extract from Irene Stein's Book – "Health for Life"


There are probably as many reasons for hair loss as there are hairs on your head – well perhaps not that many, but there are certainly a myriad different causes. Hair loss or thinning in women can be caused by a hormone and protein imbalance after childbirth or during the menopause. Men can start to lose their hair in their early twenties – and this is more likely if their father or grandfathers were bald. Both men and women can lose their hair as a result of stress or shock, or if they embark on a radical diet and fail to receive all the nutrients required to ensure healthy hair. Repeated perming and hair dyeing can also cause the hair to become brittle and thin, unless great attention is paid to maintaining a good conditioning regime.

Never fear, however, help is at hand. "Irene" contains most of the vital nutrients necessary to prevent hair loss and promote healthy re-growth – Lysine, Phosphorus, Silicon, Vitamin E, Zinc and Folic Acid. Two of the most interesting components are Biotin which may help prevent premature baldness and Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B) which can help restore the natural colour to prematurely grey hair. Inositol and Silica are vital for good hair, whilst the hormones Oestrogen and Testosterone can rebalance the system and allow the natural regrowing process to occur.

After a double daily dose of Irene, cancer patient Brenda Millar's hairdresser was the first person to ask her "what she was taking" since she had noticed that the condition of her hair – so affected by her radiotherapy – was suddenly improving drastically.

Joan Cook's trichologist thought her alopecia was brought on by delayed shock after she lost her mother. Her dermatologist unhelpfully said that unfortunately alopecia just comes and goes. Thoroughly depressed, 65 year old Joan came up to London from her Dartford home and bought a wig. On the way home on the train, she saw an article about "Irene" in My Weekly magazine and in January, started taking the formulation. "I've still got some bald patches," she says, "but my hair has definitely got thicker and I can pull it over the patches and hide them. What's wonderful is that my depression has lifted and I feel so much better in myself."

As a hairdresser, Debbie Middleton is the first to notice any change in hair condition and after the births of both her children, she observed no deterioration in the condition of her own locks, even when the change in hormones meant that hair loss was inevitable.

Irene Buckler is 67 years old and used to have brown hair, although inevitably with age, this had turned to grey. Consequently she coloured her hair with a honey-coloured hair dye to bring it back to her original tone. Until recently, she visited the hairdresser every 5-6 weeks to have the regrowth coloured, since the roots showed through as silver, at around this time. After taking "Irene" for around 12 weeks, she paid one of her regular visits and was tactfully asked by her hairdresser why the most recent 6-10mm of root hair was coming through a pale honey colour and why her regrowth was no longer discernable! Interestingly, Mrs Buckler's hairdresser also noticed that the condition of her hair had improved and looked particularly healthy.

And it's not just women who have reported hair regrowth. Reg Sykes never thought he'd see the day when he'd be glad to hear his wife say, "Go and get your hair cut!" He'd been gently thinning on top since his twenties and by his late seventies there was a distinct bald patch. WAS, until he started taking "Irene". "I read about the 'Irene' medical trials in the Daily Mail," Reg told me. "I thought it might help the osteoarthritis in both my knees." He also noticed that his hair and nails have definitely improved. "My hairdresser says I'm getting new growth on top," he says. "What's more, the white hair round the edge of his previous bald patch seems to be regaining its pigmentation and is coming through in a darker shade."

Suzanne Hotson has particularly thick hair – "enough for three people" as she puts it. As well as taking a daily phial of "Irene", she decided to apply some Irene Vitamin E Cream externally to her hair, in an effort to control it. By rubbing a small quantity on to a comb and applying it directly, she has added lustre and control to her normally dry hair.

Scientific Validation

The University of Maryland  Medical Centre recently published a report in relation to alternative / complementary medicine and hair disorders.  Interestingly to note, the vast majority of vitamins, herbs and supplements identified by the University to promote better hair growth and condition are found within the Irene formulation. 

For the complete report, please visit the following link on the University of Maryland website: http://www.umm.edu/altmed/ConsConditions/HairDisorderscc.html

This study was part of their Alternative and Complementary Medicine Programme. The results differentiated between the different types of hair disorders, including:

ALOPECIA – the loss or thinning of hair (two types of Alopecia are scarring, in which hair follicles are destroyed and non scarring, which can be reversible).

MALE PATTERN BALDNESS – (Androgenic Alopecia): the most prominent type of hair disorder, affecting, to various degrees, half of all men over 50 years of age.

HIRSUTISM – male pattern hair growth affecting eight percent of adult women.

HAIR SHAFT DISORDERS – usually hereditary abnormalities.

It was identified that the hair disorders were usually accompanied by the following signs and symptoms, depending on the type of disorder:

ALOPECIA (non scarring): involves hair loss all over or in circular areas, receding hair line, broken hairs, smooth scalp, inflammation and possibly loss of eyebrows, eye lashes or pubic hair.

ALOPECIA (scarring): is limited to particular areas and involved inflammation at the edge and follicle loss toward the centre of lesions, violet-coloured skin abnormalities and scaling.

HIRSUTISM: involves male pattern hair growth in women, irregular menstruation, lack of ovulation, acne, deepening of voice, balding and genital abnormalities.

HAIR SHAFT DISORDERS: involve split ends and hair that is dry, brittle and coarse, as well as skin and other abnormalities.

Suggested Herbs & Supplements to combat these disorders:

Gingko Biloba
Saw Palmetto*

Omega-3 Fatty Acid
Omega-6 Fatty Acid
Vitamin A (Retinol)*
Vitamin B1 (Thiamin)*
Vitamin B12 (Cobalt)*
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)*
Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)*
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)*
Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid)*
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)*
Vitamin E*
Vitamin H (Biotin)*

*All contained within Irene Royal Jelly Formulation



May 2005

Dear Irene,

I wanted to share my experiences of the Royal Jelly with you and to thank you for the differences it has made to my life. To sum it up – I feel absolutely fantastic since starting the Royal Jelly and Stabilized Oxygen! I had been struggling with hair loss and with a weight issue for a long time, as well as going through considerable personal stress. I started taking the Royal Jelly and Waters for Life Stabilized Oxygen and after one month started to notice the differences. My hair condition has drastically improved and I have been losing weight slowly but surely, on a consistent basis. I have already managed to lose 17 kilos and still going strong!

I also noticed that I have abundant energy and my breathing is much easier – as a singer, this is particularly important to me. I recall one situation early this year where I had a very important singing assignment and my voice was very strained. I was not coping well, was feeling very low and was extremely worried that I would not be able to perform. Irene advised me to increase my dosage (which I did) – and went on to give one of my best performances ever! The Royal Jelly and Stabilized Oxygen helped to give me the vital lift I needed, boosting my health, assisting my breathing, uplifting my spirits and resulting in a wealth of compliments on my exceptional performance – I was thrilled! I generally feel much more relaxed, healthier and rejuvenated and plan to continue with my daily dose of the Irene formulation and Stabilized Oxygen.

Thank you for giving me a new lease on life!

Kind Regards,


I am very excited about the multiple visible benefits accruing to me since starting to take Irene, together with the Waters of Life Stabilized Oxygen drops.

I started on the program six months ago, as my hair was dull, lifeless, lacked body and was visibly thinning in the front. After three months, I noticed a definite change in texture. My hair has much more volume, is easier to handle, there is a lot of new growth at the hairline – and – it is darkening from the white, which it had become, to its original colour. The colour change started from the back of the head, but now the darkening of my hairline in front is visible. I am noticing a continual improvement in texture, volume and colour.

I also suffered from shooting pains in my hands and wrists, which were probably due to arthritis. I note that these have disappeared completely, and this can only be due to the effects of Irene, as nothing else in my diet has changed.

I am delighted to have become accustomed to drinking more water than I used to. Although I did not have a weight problem, I find that my weight stays down easily and my shape has improved. My skin texture and tone have definitely improved and friends remark on how well I look. I have a definitely improved feeling of general well-being, and if I feel symptoms of a cold, I am able to shake them off easily.

Generally I feel very alert and full of energy, and I am most grateful to Irene for changing the way I look and feel. I look forward to progressive improvement as I continue with the treatment!



I first began taking Irene Royal Jelly approximately three months ago when I was at an extremely low ebb health-wise. A year prior to that, while studying at university, I discovered that I had contracted glandular fever. Although I did manage to get my degree, the illness, not to mention long-term stress, had taken its toll on my body. By the time I left university, I had developed a systemic yeast infection, an under-active thyroid, depleted adrenals and was very vitamin and mineral deficient. All of this meant that I had absolutely no energy and no enthusiasm for life in general.

When I discovered Irene’s product, I immediately consulted with her and she assured me that I would benefit immensely from taking Irene Royal Jelly. Three months later and the improvements are no less than astounding. One of the most amazing developments is that I am no longer deficient in vitamins or minerals, when just four months ago a test revealed severe depletion of nutrients, in particular Magnesium and Potassium. Also, my hormones have started to re-balance and while I still have slightly stressed adrenal glands, there has certainly been a definite improvement.

Another significant development is an improvement in the condition of my hair. Before I started taking Irene Royal Jelly, my hair had become dull, lifeless and brittle and I was also experiencing a considerable amount of hair loss. Now, I have softer, shinier and thicker hair and only a small amount of loss.

As well as these main benefits, there have also been some surprising effects of taking Irene Royal Jelly. I have always suffered badly with Hayfever but since taking Irene so far I have experienced none of the symptoms associated with it, while other members of my family are already sneezing and rubbing their itchy eyes!

In effect, taking Irene Royal Jelly is one of the best things that I have ever done. In a relatively short space of time, I have been transformed from an apathetic, lethargic invalid to a more energetic and vibrant person with a zest for life. It is still early days, and I would not yet say that I am back to optimum health, but Irene assures me that the best is yet to come! And if what I have experienced in the last few months is anything to go by, I can’t wait to see what the next three have in store.

Irene Stein has been a lifesaver for me. Not only does she have a fantastic product, but her knowledge and caring manner gave me the confidence to try Irene Royal Jelly and I was definitely not disappointed. So, thank you, Irene. I owe you one!

Caroline Platt, UK (May 2005)


I’ve been taking the Irene Formulation for the last three or four years and have been through possibly the most stressful time of my life during the past two years. Considering the extreme stress and strain attached to this I have been keeping particularly well. Everybody tells me how amazing I am and look, given that I have gone through so much. The way in which I have been coping mentally and physically too has been extraordinary, particularly at the level of activity and running around that I do in my hectic life.

There is an obvious difference in my hair and skin, which people comment on and best of all are my recent blood tests which show improvement which I would not have expected, given that my iron level is usually deficient. Even my hairdresser comments on my hair condition, which improves all the time.

Being middle-aged, I would have expected to slow down some more and I’m also aware that my general health has been in excellent condition. Things like energy, concentration and ability to cope just keep getting better and better.

I’m always recommending the product and many people take it as a result of my experiences.

Francesca (Raanana, Israel – August 2005)


Dear Irene,


I just felt I had to write to tell you my story regarding Irene. I unlike many Irene enthusiasts did not have a chronic medical condition to deal with, so my success with the products has been less overwhelming but just as satisfying.

I initially started taking Irene when I read about it in the Daily Mail. I sent off for a 2 day sample then a full course. My reason for taking it was that I was overweight and had had a baby which has left me with thinning hair and weak nails. Taking Irene was part of my “Time to get healthy” campaign which I know so many of us start on a Monday morning. Alongside taking Irene I joined a diet class and the combination of the 2 was wonderful. The diet made me conscious of what rubbish I had been eating and made me realize I had to change my eating habits for life and Irene helped me by taking away those hunger pangs which I always got when I tried to diet and were usually the reason why I cheated and then failed.

After three months my hair was on its way to being much thicker and glossier and my nails stronger. Within 6 months I lost 2 stone was back to being size 12 – something I hadn’t been in 12 years!!

But you know what I did then – I stopped taking Irene. Stupid or what! Initially I didn’t notice any changes but gradually I noticed that I lost that healthy glow and also ‘cope ability’ which helped me run a business and look after my then 2 year old son. Happily I came back to my senses and started back on the course and now, having been back on Irene for 3 months, I feel that old feeling healthiness back again.

I promise I won’t stray again!

I am indebted to you for spending your time developing Irene and also for being there at the end of the phone to give me personal advice whenever I need it.

Kindest regards,
Eva Davies (UK)


Dear Irene,

Thank you for ‘Irene’, it has really made a difference to me. I’m now in my third month of using it and am feeling more vital and alert than before. It has been wonderful for my hair! I had an Alopecia patch (bald patch) in my hair for nine months. I had tried many “remedies” to get the hair to grow back but to no avail. After only 3 weeks of taking ‘Irene’ my hair started to grow back. I’m really grateful. Thank you.

Kind Regards,
Jolly Tailor (UK)

P.S. It’s also been great for my allergies.


Dear Ms Stein,

After my son was born, some six months ago, to my absolute horror my hair which had grown strong and glossy throughout my pregnancy, started to fall out! And when I say fall out, I don’t just mean a few extra strands, I mean the plug hole was blocked at every hair wash and great clumps collected in my hair brush. If I wasn’t depressed by the birth, this ‘side effect’ of my hormones playing up really got me down.

The worst affected part was the area around my fringe and parting and this became more noticeable once some of the hair started to re-grow, since it stood up on end making me look like a frightened hedgehog. As you can imagine, my self esteem, which wasn’t exactly high anyway, plummeted. My hair dresser suggested a radical short hair cut or a course of your Irene formulation. I chose the latter.

I just had to write and tell you about the changes I have noticed in my hair (and skin and nails too). After a few weeks taking a phial a day my hair has started to thicken up again and the threat hanging over my head (if you will pardon the pun) of the hairdresser having to cut my hair to allow it to grow back more strongly, has diminished. My nails which had also softened after my son’s birth are now toughening up too and are much less prone to splitting. In a nutshell – I feel like a reasonable human being again and I can’t recommend your formulation highly enough.

With thanks,
Yours Sincerely,
Ruth Rensop (UK)



Angela McPherson thought she would be faced with the ‘itch scratch’ cycle of eczema for life. She had suffered from eczema since babyhood. Ever since she could remember, she was prescribed steroid reams to use on the affected areas and practically every cream one could buy over the counter was also liberally applied. Nothing seemed to help the condition and the steroids left her with dry, thin skin.

Eczema causes itching, scaling and blisters on the skin. The condition can be caused by allergies to certain foods, detergents or soaps. Apart from the aggravation to the skin from constant scratching, eczema sufferers often face social rejection because they have open weeping blisters on exposed parts of their bodies. Thus the psychological impact can often be as bad as the physiological effects of the condition.

When Angela was told that the “Irene” formulation would help eliminate the symptoms, her immediate reaction was “they just don’t know what I’ve put on this eczema, all to no avail”. However she agreed to try it. Within two weeks of taking her first phial, the condition cleared up and has stayed away ever since.

The “Irene” formulation was developed by a team of biochemists, homeopaths and herbalists headed by Dr Emile Coufalik and Royal Jelly expert, Irene Stein. Its constituents are a finely balanced combination of fresh Royal Jelly, Ginseng, Echinacea and other selected herbs and plants, which act together to relieve symptoms and prevent them from returning. Laboratory analysis has shown that the formulation contains practically every vitamin, mineral and amino acid necessary to sustain optimum health.

It is specifically helpful to eczema sufferers because of a cocktail of naturally occurring elements: Inositol (a delicate element which is not absorbed by coffee and tea drinkers, making them very susceptible to eczema), Manganese, Magnesium, Potassium and Sulphur (which help keep eczema in abeyance) and Zinc (which is essential to start the skin’s healing process). In addition, the combined strength of vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12, C and E (all of which are present in “Irene”) are recommended as the ideal supplements to support healthy skin.

“Irene” is 100% natural, non-addictive, non-toxic and completely safe to take – there are no known side effects. In addition, its effects are cumulative, so the longer you take it the better you feel.

Angela can attest to that – not only is her eczema in abeyance, but her hair is now healthy and growing vigorously after a bout of stress-induced alopecia. She also tells us that she wakes feeling rested and cheerful, something she has not experienced for many years. In addition, Angela is applying Irene Royal Jelly and Vitamin E Cream to her skin to help maintain it in its new soft and supple condition.



Jane came to see Irene after she had recovered from a liver condition that had almost led to a complete bodily shut down. She was suffering from thinning hair and had a stomach problem: she had also suffered with eczema for many years. She had tried many different types of alternative healing including Ayurvedic treatments, which helped to heal the liver condition.

Jane started taking Waters for Life Stabilized Oxygen and Irene Royal Jelly and also started using the Royal Jelly and Vitamin E cream. Irene was in regular contact with Jane, to check on her progress.

As Jane is very connected to her body and very sensitive to any changes, she was able to see the changes very quickly.

Almost immediately Jane noticed that she had more even more energy than usual – and she is a very energetic person. The next thing she noticed was that her bowels were detoxifying – not necessarily a pleasant experience, but certainly a very cleansing one!

She commented that her eczema was less problematic than usual and even after accidental contact with some cleaning fluid that would normally have caused a severe eczema flare up, her skin remained blemish free.

With regard to her hair, although as yet she could not see any drastic difference in growth, she noticed that her hair was in better condition and much stronger than before.

Jane was always susceptible to infections from her daughter Orly who brings lots of different bugs home from school: since being on the Royal Jelly she has resisted all those nasty coughs and colds.

Jane says: “Since I am so sensitive, I react to almost everything in the surrounding environment; the combination of the Irene Formulation with the Stablised Oxygen is magically soothing and I just feel so much healthier overall!”


Dear Irene,

Having been ill for years after a very bad car accident, I developed Osteoarthritis, then Osteoporosis and Hiatus Hernia, also had a gall bladder operation. I cannot take drugs or vitamin tablets and had tried everything, as my immune system is very low and I am always catching viruses and colds. I have had a lot of stress over the years and was at a very low ebb.

A friend gave me a newspaper to read and in it I saw a small article on Irene Stein and thought I would try them as I am in the menopause with all the problems that brings.

Although we are on pension and money is very short, I sent for my first batch – this was about 5 months ago. I have been taking one a day ever since. I was surprised how much better I felt in myself – I have had less colds and viruses and if I do get them I throw them off more quickly. My arthritis has improved and my skin and hair are in very good condition. I would also recommend the Royal Jelly and Vitamin E cream, which is wonderful.

I shall continue with Irene Stein as I find Irene so good for me.

Yours Sincerely,
Mrs J Morrison


I am a 34 year old male who has suffered from male pattern baldness since my teens. At the age of 25 I had hair follicle transplant surgery. This disguised my receding hairline temporarily but still left me with the problem of thinning hair.

In April this year I started taking Irene Royal Jelly, combined with the Waters for Life Stabilised Oxygen.

I can’t believe the improvement as I’ve only been taking the product for less than six months and my hair is definitely thicker, stronger, grows more quickly and my hairline has improved. Even my barber has noticed, as I now need to have my hair cut far more regularly!

For the first time in years it feels like I have hair like everyone else!

William (August 2005)


A colleague, who has been using Royal Jelly successfully, introduced me to Royal Jelly and Waters for Life because of my complaints of excessive hair loss and menopausal symptoms, including depression and severe migraines. I also had extreme constipation.

I have been taking Waters for Life Stabilized Oxygen and Irene Royal Jelly since mid-October and I have had some wonderful results: my migraines have virtually stopped and the few that I have are much less severe.

My hair loss was so bad that my pillow was full of hair every morning and I needed to vacuum them off the pillow! After showering I would have to clean the drain out of bunches of hair to prevent clogging the pipes. I have tried many other remedies, but never had such wonderful results: I lose 2 hairs a day now and the average is 5!!

As for my irregular bowels they are now totally regulated to 2 or 3 times a day.

Family and friends have noticed a positive change in me! I have much more energy and I am once again doing many things I was unable to do before like shopping, cleaning and once again enjoying life!

Simone Avilitovsky (November 2003)


Dear Irene,

The main difference that I have noticed so far since taking the Oxygen and the Royal Jelly is that there is a definite darkening of my hair starting from the back and moving forward.

When I started on the Stabilized Oxygen and Irene Royal Jelly Formulation, my hair, beard and eyebrows were snow white. One month on, I started to notice a change starting from the back of the hair. Now, 3 months later, there is a significant difference which I have captured on digital camera.

I now see my beard growing back ginger – which is its original colour – and the same applies to my eyebrows.

Apart from the changes to my hair, I have definitely noticed a general feeling of “well being”. I have more energy and can manage to keep the same level of activity on less sleep.

I am quite happy to talk to anyone that would like to know about my experience. I will happily keep you informed of any future tests or things done that demonstrate changes as we go along, together with any further changes that I might notice with regard to my hair.

Warm wishes,
Phillip (June 2004)


I would like to say a few words to endorse what Irene Stein has said about her products. Some time ago I had been experiencing a stiffness in my fingers upon rising each morning. Having met Irene at a yoga break and hearing her rave on about something called Stabilized Oxygen and Irene Royal Jelly, I decided to try them. It was also about this time that I was also enduring excruciating pain in both my Achilles tendons. First of all Irene recommended taking the Stablised Oxygen, and in a short time both the stiffness in my fingers and the pain in my Achilles tendons had vanished.

'm pleased to say the pain and stiffness has not returned. I also found that, as a jogging freak, regular use of Royal Jelly gave me more energy to go that extra mile. I also discovered that my once fine hair has become much thicker, and that's not a figment of my imagination either because my husband commented on it quite recently!
Thanks Irene for all the kindness you showed me and for introducing me to the Stabilized Oxygen and Irene Royal Jelly, which I use on a regular basis.

Lilian Gillard


I was introduced to Irene Stein and her products around 2 months ago after seeing her Buzz newsletter in the Jerusalem Post.

At that time I was suffering with a stomach ulcer and hiatus hernia that both gave me a lot of trouble. I had been through the menopause and was still suffering from mood swings. I also had a high cholesterol level and was suffering from backache. In addition to all this my hair was falling out.

Irene assured me that the combination of Stabilized Oxygen and the Irene Unique Royal Jelly formulation would help to improve all these areas of my life. I was a little skeptical but Irene was very convincing so I decided to try both the products.

During the first week of taking just the Stabilized Oxygen, I wasn’t sure that anything was happening and that’s what I told Irene when she called to see how I was doing. Irene told me to start taking the Royal Jelly and that she’d call again in another few days.

Just a few days later, I noticed that I had much more energy than normal. I managed to do 7 hours of housework non stop and afterwards I had ABSOLUTELY NO BACKACHE. Frankly I was amazed! I felt absolutely great.

One of the first things that I felt was the effect on my digestive system. My hiatus hernia and ulcer have both become much calmer for which I am grateful.

My hair has stopped falling, and is growing at such a fast rate that I need to have it tinted every 2 weeks. My hairdresser is in shock, but was rather disbelieving when I explained that it appears to be due to the Irene Royal Jelly Formulation and the Stabilized Oxygen!

I have started my daughter on the oxygen and to her surprise she is able to work a solid 12 hour day and still come home with energy. I just think that the Stabilized Oxygen is a win-win product. I have had a few weeks of eating cakes and ice cream. I stepped on the scales preparing myself for a hefty shock, but was pleasantly surprised to find that I had only gained half a kilo. The Stabilized Oxygen is great for keeping one’s weight down.

Now that I have been taking the formulations for about 2 months I am becoming aware of more positive benefits. I have found that my eyesight is improving – and I have been wearing glasses since I was 10 years old!

Irene also introduced me to her Royal Jelly and Vitamin E cream. As a cosmetician with many years of experience, I was surprised to find just how much I like it – it is a wonderful cream. I now intend to start using this cream on my clients.

All my friends keep asking me, “What are you taking, you’re looking so good?” and I tell them about the Stabilized Oxygen and the Irene Royal Jelly. It is working wonderfully for me and that’s all I can say about it.

Janet Sament (May 2004)


3 October 1995

Dear Mrs Stein,

I am writing to thank you for the most welcome advice I have received since my baby was born. You may remember that I telephoned you because I was suffering from Post-natal depression, though I didn't admit it to myself at the time. My mother, my mother-in-law, even health visitors were all giving me conflicting advice and I didn't know what to believe. I saw an article about you in the press and phoned you as a last resort.

Well, you recommended that I took your formulation on a daily basis to balance my hormonal system, which I did, and I must report that it did the trick. Slowly but surely my old personality began to re-emerge. I started to feel less panic stricken, less tired and run down and for the first time began to feel that I could cope with motherhood after all.

You may be interested to know that as a wonderful side effect of taking Irene, my hair which was looking as lank and worn out as I was feeling, has now started to look sleek and thick. I know I'm not imagining it either, everyone comments on how well I look too and I must attribute these compliments to you. I am now recommending your treatment left, right and centre, so I hope you are doing a roaring trade!

With best wishes,
Sophie Field (UK)

P.S. My husband sends his thanks too. He says he is pleased you were able to find his old wife for him again.


Dear Irene,

I have just completed three months treatment of the Irene formulation and must admit that the results are excellent. During this period, I noticed that my hair was returning to its original colour of black, from a severe grey, and there are new hairs growing on the crown and centre of my head. My energy level has increased to such, that walking two to three kms and climbing five flights of stairs does not tire me at all. I also had to reduce the dosage of "Waters for Life" Stabilized Oxygen as it produced too much energy. I am now starting my second three months treatment of Irene, to achieve the desired results that I want for my hair. All this for someone who is over 65 years of age! If there is someone out there contemplating or skeptical about trying Irene, I fully suggest giving it a try. I will keep you further informed of my progress.

Best Regards,
Maurice Jacob (Israel – May 2005)


Hi Irene,

It was great to hear from you and thanks for your follow up. I've enjoyed taking your formula and definitely experienced an improvement, both in well being and in hair thickness over the last two months. However its impossible to put it down to any one thing, as I have recently made some important and positive lifestyle changes, started exercising and meditating more and have improved my diet considerably – my feeling is that your formula is one part of a comprehensive wellbeing program that has helped improve my energy and hair growth – I will however continue to take it and will be delighted to keep you posted on how things progress.

Once again, many thanks for providing me with your formula.

Warm Regards,
Dr Mark Atkinson (UK)

Hair, Nails, Hayfever, Energy, Immunity


I have been taking Irene royal jelly for the last three years and in that time the improvements in my health have been nothing short of fantastic.


I started taking Irene’s supplement when I was recovering from a particularly debilitating episode of glandular fever, during which my energy was almost non-existent and the condition of my hair, skin and nails had deteriorated considerably. Three years on and I have so much more energy and my hair feels and looks better and no longer falls out. The most amazing thing is that my nails will just not stop growing and I no longer suffer my regular bouts of hayfever!


One of the most noticeable benefits of taking Irene is that I have not had a day’s illness in such a long time. I work with people who are catching colds and flu on a regular basis but still I don’t become ill myself. This is an amazing turn around for me because before Irene I was a very sickly person.


In short, Irene is a revelation. In tandem with a healthier lifestyle and diet, Irene’s royal jelly has become a must-have for me. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is recovering from illness, like I was three years ago, or is just looking to improve their well-being.


August 2008

Caroline Platt, United Kingdom.




A testimonial from Irene Stein’s hair dresser, Ronen:


I have been Irene Stein's hairdresser for the last seven and a half years. I regularly perm and highlight her hair and never failed to be amazed at the condition of her hair even without using conditioner. I have never seen her hair in bad condition which is quite exceptional considering the climate and the regular treatments.


Even more amazing is that at 69, she is not even slightly grey and her hair grows at the most astonishing rate. Quite obviously, her Irene Royal Jelly product works exceptionally well.


I also have other clients taking it who are highly delighted and with one client her whole family takes it. As a result of this, I have started to take it myself to see if I can encourage my own hair growth, and I do believe it's starting to happen.



18 July 2008




Hair growth:


Sidney has been taking Stabilized Oxygen since 2003 and it has helped him to develop regular bowel motions which he didn't have before. This man is 78 yrs. old still does a full day's work before 6 in the morning until 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon. Has to have a haircut every 3 or 4 weeks which he also never had before, as a result of increased hair growth.  There was at one time some worry about his heart and he had a leading Professor go through every test going including an angiogram and they can't find anything wrong with him now.  He wouldn't be without it, he's not a professional or medic but he can only speak from the experiences that he has and he's very happy to speak to other people. 


Sidney, January 2009 



No more hair loss, Energy, diabetic:


I have been taking Irene Royal Jelly and Stabilized Oxygen Products since 2007. I have noticed my stamina and energy has improved to the point that I would never be able to handle my heavy work-load with so little sleep.  There is also an obvious difference in my concentration.  My hair has also improved and I no longer have the heavy hair-loss on the brush.  The condition and growth is also very improved. I am a diabetic, and since taking the Irene and changing my diet I have been able to reduce my units of insulin substantially . There is no harmful side-effect whatsoever as-far-as diabetes is concerned. I was able to go without my flu injection for the last 2 years and no longer have coughs, colds and flues. The products have helped me to loose weight, and I’m delighted about that. The most important thing is that my peace-of-mind has changed because I know that I’m doing something good for myself and don’t run the risk of attracting the ill health conditions I might otherwise have.


Cora, January 2009

Thick hair, recovery:


I’ve taken Irene Stein’s Irene formulations now since 2004 and have seen a wide variety of  health conditions that have changed over this period of time.  During this time, I have experienced a very speedy recovery from a badly sprained ankle, recurring shingles and I’m quite sure that the sprained ankle would have been a lot worse had I not been taking the formulations, since it was quite severe in the beginning.  I’m delighted to say that my hair is very much thicker and in better condition and my hairdresser definitely notices the difference.

I’ve also managed to get rid of my hayfever and quite severe nasal congestion.  I no longer need to use my inhaler for asthma and I’m delighted about this. I have also used the Oxygen in the past for a fungal infection and also a wart which started to disappear.  I’m much happier taking these formulations rather than all kinds of medication including an aspirin that really doesn’t agree with me. I believe that in making these formulations “a-way-of-life”, I have improved many and varied areas of health and I would thoroughly recommend them to anybody looking for a  natural solution to health problems. I will be happy to speak to anyone interested to know more.


Nadia , February 2009


Hair, Skin, Anti-aging:


Dear Irene,


I have been taking your unique formulation for approximately 6 months and already see a dramatic change, particularly with the condition of my hair and my skin is much softer and clearer. It seems that my skin has gone back 10 years.  I believe it is an amazing anti-ageing supplement.  People are complimenting me on how good I look!

I am also feeling much more energetic and my immune system has improved greatly.  This winter I was only sick once for 4 days, whereas other people I know were in bed for 3 weeks and as you know it was a very cold winter in Europe. My grateful thanks.


Christine, March 2009


Hair loss:


Alice has seen changes in hair loss, new growth and better condition, weight loss and many other areas of health that she’s very happy about it. She’s been taking the product for 1 ˝ years and has experienced less aches and pains in the body.  Alice  says she has definitely noticed a difference when taking an increased dosage, mentally as well as physically.  Also a very dark brown mark on her leg, because of the infection of the vein caused considerable discoloration has now become very pale, contrary to the doctors suggestions that it would take a year to go away.

She will be happy to speak to other people.


Alice, March 2009


Hair Loss:

Dear Irene Stein,

It’s been a while since writing to you concerning your magical product ‘IRENE’, explaining then that my hair was falling out in handfuls and combing shredded it more.

I had already seen two doctors, one of whom prescribed a strong agent against all scalp disorders, the other an anti dandruff shampoo but nothing helped. My hair continued to fall out. But less than one month of taking your Royal Jelly formula my hair stopped falling out and started to grow again. When my hair grew back I stopped using ‘IRENE’ – due mainly to the expense – but within a year it started to fall out again. In panic mode I returned to ‘Irene’, taking double doses now, and again it stopped falling out and grew back.

The reason I’m writing to you now is that a salesman here in Israel offered me your product at a slightly reduced price. It’s appearance, showcase and phials are identical to yours but when using, it had no positive effect. My hair fell out again. On investigation I discovered that the formula of the imitation ‘IRENE’ was not the same as yours and therefore didn’t work. I thought that you should be aware of this.

Again, I should like to thank you for giving an elderly gentleman back his full head of hair and making him feel young and happy again.

Yours ever, Melvin Simmons - March 2012


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