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Back in the early 16th century there was an Indian legend doing the rounds of Puerto Rico that a magical Fountain of Youth existed somewhere in the environs, whose curative powers would restore the health and youthful vitality of any old person who bathed in it. An explorer Ponce de Leon was so entranced by this myth that he got together three huge sailing ships and set out in search of this supernatural spring, braving foreign waters and hostile locals and eventually ending up discovering Florida. Your search need not be so dramatic, for if Irene Stein is to be believed, an elixir of youth is available to you direct to your doorstep – and its name is Irene

According to Stein, Irene is a unique formulation that blends a myriad herbal and natural ingredients that work independently and synergistically to optimise the overall effect of the compound on the body. The formula is based on Royal Jelly, the nourishment of the queen bee that in itself is lauded for its multiple health benefits and has been used for healing in China for centuries, but also includes among many others Korean Ginseng, known for its energy-giving properties, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, an array of vitamins and Glutamic acid, which is known to delay the aging process.

Irene Stein, who is credited with introducing the West to the health benefits of Royal Jelly back in the ‘70s, has dedicated a lifetime to her passionate pursuit of the benefits of Royal Jelly and to creating her Irene formula. For the better part of 30 years she has worked closely with eminent biochemists, herbalists and alternative health doctors to produce what she calls “the ultimate health supplement – 100% natural and non-addictive, and more potent than anything else currently available”.

“Throughout my entire career with various Royal Jelly formulations, and we’re talking about more than 30 years here, I have never had one instance of an ill health side-effect, from any of my customers, who have included celebrities, sports stars and even the British Royal Family.”

Irene is not a cure in itself,” she adds, “it is an adaptogen, which means it is a food that helps the body to help itself and creates a balance.”

According to medical literature, adaptogens are naturally occurring substances that enhance the body’s ability to cope. They work on a cellular level to normalise the function of every cell, so stimulating the healing process to boost the body’s natural defences and helping the body to function normally, especially in difficult circumstances, such as, for example, the aging process.

“Old age is the only thing that comes to us without effort,” quipped American writer Gloria Spitzer. And indeed it comes to us all, bringing with it a variety of health problems, both mental and physical.


Generally as we get older, the body’s immune system weakens leaving us more susceptible to ill health and disease; energy levels drop, especially if combined with illness; mental sharpness is known to deteriorate in old age, all of which can have an adverse effect on quality of life and lead to depression and general lack of joie de vivre.

But anyone who flicks through Irene Stein’s publicity material can see a different picture of old age in the photograph of her mother, Sophie, taken when she was 82. The picture shows a bright-eyed lady brimming with good health, glowing skin, and a healthy head of hair.

"When I started my mother on the Royal Jelly formula," Stein recounts, "like 16 million other people in
Britain, 80 percent of whom are over 70, she suffered from crippling arthritis. After only a short time on the formula, the pain began to diminish, until it disappeared completely and never returned.”

Stein attributes this result to Irene’s ability to reduce pain and swelling in the joints, thereby increasing mobility and flexibility, by the inclusion of Pantothenic Acid, Glutamic Acid, Phenylalanine, Manganese, Silicon, Phosphorous among others and by the presence of Magnesium and Potassium. All of which may sound pretty baffling, but the results from double blind trials conducted among arthritis sufferers, are pretty clear: “Patients taking Irene, whether for rheumatoid or osteo arthritis, or ankylosing spondylitis reported significant reductions of pain levels … it would seem that improvement associated with taking Irene was significant,” the test report stated.

Take for example the case of Albert Painter. At 50, he had to quit his job as a plasterer as his severe arthritis in his knees and shoulders “nearly killed him” and his neck was so stiff, he couldn’t look up at the ceiling. The pain kept him awake at nights and drove him into a long deep depression, and he even ended up in a psychiatric hospital. And then he started on a three-month course of Irene.

The turnaround didn’t take long, he says. His spirits started to lift and the pain lessened. He became more active, more socially involved, fitter and more flexible. Best of all for Albert, now that he is in great spirits, he has met Anne. He says he has not persuaded him to marry him yet because she likes her independence, but nevertheless they are a very happy couple who are enjoying the fruits of a full and loving relationship.

Vast improvements in general health were also recorded in a trial on residents of an old people’s home in Cardiff, where for the three winter months that the test was run, hardly any illnesses occurred and medical help was barely sought. In a medical trial on elderly patients in Loughborough, too, improvement was noted in a number of areas after the patients took a course of Royal Jelly: increased appetite, weight increase, an improvement in mental alertness, general improvement in hair growth and skin tone and increased feelings of well-being.

Irene combines all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids we need and even acts as a natural hormone balancer, making it an excellent supplement for women going through the menopause,” says Stein. “There are a number of supplements out there that can work very well for individual afflictions, but they have to be taken in different ways and at different times, and many people forget to take them. I offer them the whole lot in one little phial that works ten times more powerfully than the individual ingredient.”

In her books, which became best-sellers in the industry, Stein runs an alphabetical list of disorders that the Irene formula is known to alleviate and even why. So for example, Irene is effective against angina as the Royal Jelly and Ginseng in it increase haemoglobin levels and enhance blood flow through the body and the inositol in Irene lowers cholesterol, ensuring the arteries leading to the heart do not become blocked. Both of these conditions are also improved as a result of many other ingredients that are present within the formulation. Back pain is reduced as Irene oxygenates the blood and speeds the healing of torn ligaments and fights inflammation.

The formula also deals with digestive problems as the Calcium, Sulphur, Magnesium and Bismuth in Irene combine to clean the digestive tract and counter stomach acid, indigestion and heartburn, and she even tackles some of the other side effects that come with old age, little spoken about in public literature. Incontinence, she says, can be treated with Irene, as the Magnesium, Calcium and Vitamin C – all of which enhance muscle tone - can help strengthen the sphincter muscle. And forget those lurking niggling illnesses waiting around every corner, says Stein: Royal Jelly will boost the immune system, she claims, strengthening the body’s defence against illness and restore strength and vitality.

When Sue Adams’ mother came back from hospital after having a mini stroke, she was very tired, confused and completely dependent on her family to cook and take care of her. But when she started on Irene, “the response was almost immediate. She is back to her daily walks and cooking and shopping for herself. Her attitude now is that she would prefer to be independent and get on with life,” she writes.

This demonstrates that Irene can also have a positive effect on mental outlook, attitude and general mood, which can also affect how the body fights disease. Irene believes that a huge percentage of illness comes simply from the wrong attitude of mind.

Old age doesn’t just bring with it the physical effects on the body; the mind and the “spirit” also wear with time. Mental clarity often becomes clouded, energy levels drop.

Clients of Irene Stein, however, have written her hundreds of letters telling her how Irene has also sharpened their mental agility and lifted their energy levels and general mood.

But the true testimony can be seen in Irene herself. At the age of 66, Irene Stein has the vibrant looks of a woman many years her junior, her hair is thick and glossy and not one of them is grey. But it’s her energy that has most people who meet her quite astounded. She takes vigorous walks on a daily basis, plays tennis regularly and will still often put in a 12-hour work day in the thriving business she single-handedly created.

So has Irene Stein managed to create the mythical Fountain of Youth? “Not quite,” she says, “but every time I read from a client how Irene has helped their lives, I know I feel a little bit younger.”

And it’s easy to see why: “Irene has given me back my life,” Annette Parslow, an arthritis sufferer wrote to her. How can that not make you feel good?

(Extract from Irene Stein's Book "Health for Life")

We all have to grow old, I know - but with Irene it is possible to retain our youthful exuberance and appearance for longer.  It is not the elixir of youth, but so many people who use it are often thought to be much younger than they are.  My mother Sophie was a case in point: right up to her eighties, she could pass for fifteen years younger: her skin was smooth and unwrinkled.  As you know, I have been taking the formulation for the past thirty years - and am now aged 66, yet my friends say I look half this age.  My skin is unlined, my hair remains thick and without a hint of grey and I have the energy levels of staff considerably younger than myself - how else do you think I could play two hours of tennis three times a week and work 12 hour days six days a week?  Initial reactions are ones of surprise when I mention my age and I am sure this is due to the cumulative effect of my formulation, which certainly seems to slow down the aging process.

Is there any reason why Irene should have this effect?  Well, there are ingredients which could contribute to such a result.  The amino acid Glutamic Acid is know to delay aging, while Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) helps to alleviate arthritic symptoms, relieve age-related fatigue and prevent premature grey hairs.  In addition, a wheel barrow full of elements are responsible for maintaining the skin, nails and hair in peak condition: Inositol, Lysine, Phosphorus, Silicon, Sulphur, Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6), Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Vitamin E and Biotin.  Whilst Ginseng, Iron, Thiamine (Vitamin B1), Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12) provide an abundant source of natural energy.  And finally ... a top up of hormones also helps the body retain its youthful vitality (Oestrogen and Testosterone).  However, I think the most potent source of a youthful appearance is a happy disposition and I have noticed that people who take Irene seem to have a feeling of well being par excellence.



Extract from Irene Stein's book "Health for Life"


If we are fortunate enough to reach a ripe old age, we can expect to be beset by a variety of health problems, both mental and physical.  Royal Jelly's ability to improve brain function and mental powers through its Glutamic Acid, Phosphorus, Iron and Vitamin B12 content was powerfully demonstrated in a trial with M.E. sufferers (see Myalgic Encephalomyelitis link for further details).  Some of its ingredients help to boost the immune system, combat infection and relieve many of the distressing ailments which afflict the elderly.

A trial carried out on elderly patients in Loughborough and monitored by a doctor revealed improvements in five areas after a course of Royal Jelly: increased appetite, weight increase in most patients; mental alertness increased in the majority of the patients; general improvement in hair growth and skin tone; and increased feelings of well-being.  The owner of a home for the elderly in
Cardiff monitored the effect of a three-month course of Royal Jelly on residents and staff, with the assistance of a State Registered Nurse.  The nurse reported that, among the elderly residents, a definite improvement was noted in their general health.  Considering the trial took place in the winter months, very few illnesses occurred and medical attention was hardly sought.  And that's just the effect of Royal Jelly! Capsicum's ability to stimulate the blood flow to the brain can also be very useful in improving mental capacity.



Prevention has, traditionally, always been better than cure.  One of the unique properties of the Irene formulation is its ability to act on every system in the body - in addition to increasing energy levels, there is a feeling of well being, which is a forerunner to good health, building up the nervous system and increasing cellular activity.  Part of the challenge in defying the aging process lies in adequate prevention, which entails pre-empting the symptoms and providing the necessary boost to increase mental faculties and processes, improve and maintain the condition of hair, skin and nails and create a form of "health insurance".  The success of the Irene formulation lies on the basis of the Chinese concept of "adaptogens" - creating a balance within the body and regulating any extremes such that symptoms such as high blood pressure and fluid retention are less likely to occur.  Once the hormones in the body are balanced, the immune system works more effectively and further, characteristic problems associated with the aging process (such as loss of libido) are less likely to occur.


There are a whole variety of conditions associated with anti-aging that the Irene Formulation has helped alleviate.  In the past thirty years, Irene Stein has personally witnessed the favourable effects of Irene Royal Jelly in alleviating blood pressure complaints - high and low), hyper/hypotension, cholesterol concerns, heart problems, osteoporosis, prostate conditions, arthritis, menopausal complaints, memory lapses and various hair conditions, to name but a few.  Thousands of testimonials from delighted clientele are stored in countless files, bearing witness to the many favourable responses to Irene Royal Jelly.


For a more comprehensive summary of the ailments that Irene Royal Jelly helps to alleviate, please click here.


A ROYAL RECOMMENDATION - Extract from Sunday People Newspaper:


It helps to keep the Duke young

How does handsome Prince Philip keep his youthful looks?  The answer may well lie in a special health food he's been taking.  The elixir is called Regina Royal Jelly.  It comes from worker bees, which produce it for Queen Bees to live on.  Prince Philip has made the pick-me-up part of his breakfast routine.  Irene Stein, chief of the firm who supplied the Jelly said "We sent a sample to the Palace.   A few days later we got a polite letter from a court official, and thought that was the end of it. We were over the moon when the Prince's valet telephoned and asked for some more to be sent round for his boss. I've had a series of calls after that and sent 20-day supplies at a time". Irene Stein said "Our product can help people in various ways: it helps me to relax but others have reported that it has aided their digestion as their metabolism speeds up.  It can also revive an individual's flagging sex drive, or help cure rheumatic pains".

The 57 year old Prince is not the only member of the Royal Family to try Royal Jelly:


"We know Princess Margaret had sampled it quite recently" said Julia Hobday, Promotions Manager for the suppliers,  Wardglen Holdings.  "She got it via her beauty salon.  It is only really known on a word-of-mouth basis, so I wonder if Prince Philip had a chat with her..."  Another famous fan of the natural wheat-covered capsules is Doctor John Cleese.  "We reckon it helps him with his funny walk" said Julia.

Irene Royal Jelly is a homeopathically potentised formulation, which is 100% natural, non-addictive and free from preservatives.  The Royal Jelly is flown over from
Greece every two weeks and is known to be rich in amino acids and vitamins, but four percent of its contents remain unidentified.  In hives, it enables Queen bees to live for up to five years.  The workers, who only produce the jelly but don't eat it, die within 40 days.

"It's my guess that Prince Philip took it to help relieve Arthritis in his polo-playing wrist and to help him relax," said Irene.  The Sunday People doctor said last night: "Many people make extraordinary claims as to Royal Jelly's properties, but I remain skeptical.  However, it certainly won't do you any harm."


Promotional literature:


Holding back the years - part 1

                                    part 2




I first met Irene in the hairdressers and was so impressed with the condition of her hair I wanted to know more.  She told me she had a “secret formula”!  As a result of her divulging her great secret I started taking her magic Irene Formulation together with Waters for Life Stabilised Oxygen.

Six months later and I am extremely delighted with my hair. I have noticed a considerable change in both the condition and texture and it’s also growing much more rapidly.  I’m now waiting for the colour to change back to its natural colour.

I have also noticed a change in the growth of my nails and my general vitality.

One of the amazing things I’m aware of is in playing bridge – I came to realize how much more alert I am… there is an obvious difference in concentration and of mental agility. 

I’m able to cope so much better with everything.  There are times when I see my friends at 10 o’clock in the evening and I have so much more energy compared with them.

At 74 years I honestly believe that my memory is now what it was at 45 years!I take much less time to read my books and papers.

All of this in only six months – I can’t wait to see what the future holds as Irene has promised me that “the best is yet to come”!

Dvora Buttel, Israel, October 2005 

Testimonial: Hair, Skin, Anti-aging:

Dear Irene,


I have been taking your unique formulation for approximately 6 months and already see a dramatic change, particularly with the condition of my hair and my skin is much softer and clearer. It seems that my skin has gone back 10 years.  I believe it is an amazing anti-ageing supplement.  People are complimenting me on how good I look!

I am also feeling much more energetic and my immune system has improved greatly.  This winter I was only sick once for 4 days, whereas other people I know were in bed for 3 weeks and as you know it was a very cold winter in Europe. My grateful thanks.


Christine, UK, March 2009


For a comprehensive selection of personal client testimonials, please click here (Microsoft Word)


Since there is so much information to tell you about these amazing formulations, please feel free to contact Irene on + 972 (0) 9970 8628 or in the UK +44 (0) 7831 641199, so that she can speak to you personally and discuss your individual needs and health conditions.




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