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BALANCING THE BODY - Extract from Irene Stein's Book "Health for Life"


Much is said about the unique role Irene Royal Jelly plays in addressing imbalances in the body.  Although Scientists have succeeded in analysing 96 per cent of the contents of Royal Jelly, 4 per cent resolutely defies even the most sophisticated technology of this electronic age.  The same has been found with Ginseng, which seems to elude the efforts of researchers to discover the mystery of its numerous therapeutic agents.  Nevertheless, we do know that the sum total of the elements we can identify is so significant that when combined with the quartet of Capsicum, Damiana, Echinacea and Serenoa Serrulata, Irene contains practically every vitamin, mineral and amino acid necessary for optimal health.


Many of the beneficial effects of Royal Jelly can be explained by reference to its various ingredients, but others appear to have no connection with the known constituents or to be more dramatic than one might expect, given the quantities involved.  Whether these effects are due to that mystery 4 per cent, no one can say, and theories abound concerning the composition of that tantalising fraction.  Does it, as Professor Fang Zhu of the Lianyungang Apitherapy Hospital believes, contain an anti-bacterial substance which increases the number of white blood cells?  Is it some substance found nowhere else in nature?  Whatever the make up of that mysterious 4 per cent, there is yet another puzzling aspect to Royal Jelly and that is its synergetic effect.  Synergy is a very fashionable word which is often misused, but in the case of Royal Jelly it is very appropriate, for the effect of the whole is indeed greater than that of each part taken individually.  I asked all the professors I met in China why Royal Jelly is so beneficial and they all replied, without exception, that the benefits could not be traced back to specific ingredients but were the result of all the different ingredients acting together.  Royal Jelly puts the body's systems back into balance and this is most probably due to the similar balance between the different ingredients which are present in just the right quantities to produce the maximum effect.  I should stress at this point that the quantities referred to are very small indeed - there is not the slightest danger of taking an excess of any particular ingredient!




Multi-vitamin supplements crowd the shelves of chemists and healthfood shops, and are becoming increasingly common sights in supermarkets.  We all know about Vitamin C's role in combatting colds and it is more or less common knowledge that Vitamin B6 is very helpful in treating pre-menstrual tension.  Here again, we should remember that it is pointless to take many artificially-produced dietary supplements in isolation.  Vitamins, like minerals, interact with other vitamins or minerals to produce a required effect, and a lack of any given vitamin may also involve a lack of others.  Come to that, it has been shown that synthetic supplements can throw the body's balance completely out of kilter, whereas natural sources of vitamins and minerals somehow do not have this deleterious effect.  Thankfully Irene has an abundance of naturally occuring vitamins from Royal Jelly, Ginseng and Serenoa Serrulata - covering the spectrum from A to H and just about every letter in between.


What we are striving for is a perfect balance, and only by taking a well-balanced, wholly natural supplement can we hope to achieve this result.  Irene may not be the only natural substance to offer a recipe for success, but rather like oil of evening primose, it not only seems to be good for us, but also has dramatic effects on a range of ailments - without side effects!  What more could one ask for?




Ongoing tests being carried out by Kinesiologist Tony Walton, using Irene Stein’s new formulation IRENE, are producing astonishing results on patients with complaints ranging from stress related disorders and allergies to numerous other conditions.


Kinesiology has affinities with therapies such Chiropractic and massage, while sharing the basic premises of Acupuncture and Shiatsu with regard to energy flow.  Also referred to as “Touch for Health”, applied Kinesiology most commonly refers to methods introduced by Dr George Goodheart, a Chiropractor from Detroit, who discovered that some of the standard muscle tests he used provided clues to the workings of the whole body.


In the mid 1960s, current thinking was that the main muscular trouble makers in backache and associated disorders were muscles that were either in spasm or too taut, thus affecting the spine, Dr Goodheart began to work on a contradictory theory, that these conditions might be caused by weak muscles on the opposite side of the body which caused normal muscles to seem to be or to become tight.


Combining Eastern ideas about energy flow with his own Chiropractic techniques and other sources, Goodheart developed his new system which involved muscle testing to determine the need for treatment.  Goodheart went on to teach his findings to other Chiropractors.


Tony Walton, BDS, ITEC, ASK, a professional member of the Association of Systematic Kinesiology uses the techniques to alleviate imbalances in his patients.  The way in which he does this is to carry out a series of tests to determine the patient’s muscle responses; each group of muscles is related to one of the meridians of acupuncture.  Where energy is restricted or excessive, the muscle may be weak.  Food allergies can also be discovered: foods to which the body is allergic make muscles weaker, while those that are beneficial strengthen them.


Working on the premise that many muscular dysfunctions are caused by dietary deficiencies, Walton uses muscle testing as a tool to pinpoint such deficiencies.  His normal method of working with a new patient is to carry out a basic “Fourteen Muscle Balance”, a standard Kinesiology procedure.  He then assesses from the imbalances he finds any likely nutritional supplementation requirements.


The procedure involves placing samples of vitamins in the mouth of the patient, one at a time, before retesting the imbalanced meridians.  What he is looking for is the one nutrient that will remedy all the meridians, but it is rare to find one:  what usually happens is that he settles on a combination of supplements, usually two or three.  In many cases where a client is really not well (even if they don’t realize it themselves) a multivitamin / mineral is the supplement of choice.


Having heard about Tony Walton’s work, Irene Stein contacted him and asked if he would be prepared to test her new formulation Irene on his patients.  Irene is a unique Royal Jelly product, containing homeopathically potentised Echinacea, along with Ginseng, Capsicum, Damiana, and Saw Palmetto.


The results were astounding.  Walton tested the product first on his daughter who was starting her final A level exam and preparing for her intermediate level professional ballet exam.  He knew she had an imbalance bilaterally in her Central, Stomach, Liver and Lung meridians, her Left Spleen and Large Intestine meridians.  Walton was astonished to find that Irene was the “panacea” requirement, balancing ALL HER MERIDIANS!  He also purchased a sample of Royal Jelly from a different manufacturer and tested it in the same way.  Although it helped one or two meridians, that was all.  He went on to test all of his patients and in EVERY CASE found the same result; whether the client had a few imbalances or multiple imbalances, Irene Stein’s Royal Jelly formulation, IRENE, was the supplement of choice in every case, BALANCING ALL THE MERIDIANS.  Tony Walton told us that this was an unprecedented result. 


Tony's work with stress is equally impressive.  He rarely comes across someone who is not stressed in some way whether chemically, as a result of pollution or pesticides - or even allergies to foods; or electronically, because of our daily contact with a growing number of electrical items; not to mention the high pressure of modern living.  By giving his patients Irene, Tony is able to reveal exactly what their bodies are asking for and therefore alleviate their imbalances.


Irene Stein is currently working with Kinesiologists in Israel to further verify these findings.



I first began taking Irene Royal Jelly approximately three months ago when I was at an extremely low ebb health-wise. A year prior to that, while studying at university, I discovered that I had contracted glandular fever. Although I did manage to get my degree, the illness, not to mention long-term stress, had taken its toll on my body. By the time I left university, I had developed a systemic yeast infection, an under-active thyroid, depleted adrenals and was very vitamin and mineral deficient. All of this meant that I had absolutely no energy and no enthusiasm for life in general.


When I discovered Irene’s product, I immediately consulted with her and she assured me that I would benefit immensely from taking Irene Royal Jelly. Three months later and the improvements are no less than astounding. One of the most amazing developments is that I am no longer deficient in vitamins or minerals, when just four months ago a test revealed severe depletion of nutrients, in particular Magnesium and Potassium. Also, my hormones have started to re-balance and while I still have slightly stressed adrenal glands, there has certainly been a definite improvement.


Another significant development is an improvement in the condition of my hair. Before I started taking Irene Royal Jelly, my hair had become dull, lifeless and brittle and I was also experiencing a considerable amount of hair loss. Now, I have softer, shinier and thicker hair and only a small amount of loss.

As well as these main benefits, there have also been some surprising effects of taking Irene Royal Jelly. I have always suffered badly with Hayfever but since taking Irene so far I have experienced none of the symptoms associated with it, while other members of my family are already sneezing and rubbing their itchy eyes!


In effect, taking Irene royal jelly is one of the best things that I have ever done. In a relatively short space of time, I have been transformed from an apathetic, lethargic invalid to a more energetic and vibrant person with a zest for life. It is still early days, and I would not yet say that I am back to optimum health, but Irene assures me that the best is yet to come! And if what I have experienced in the last few months is anything to go by, I can’t wait to see what the next three have in store.


Irene Stein has been a lifesaver for me. Not only does she have a fantastic product, but her knowledge and caring manner gave me the confidence to try Irene Royal Jelly and I was definitely not disappointed. So, thank you, Irene. I owe you one!

Caroline Platt (UK - May 2005)



Dear Ms Stein,


After my son was born, some six months ago, to my absolute horror my hair which had grown strong and glossy throughout my pregnancy, started to fall out!  And when I say fall out, I don’t just mean a few extra strands, I mean the plug hole was blocked at every hair wash and great clumps collected in my hair brush.  If I wasn’t depressed by the birth, this ‘side effect’ of my hormones playing up really got me down.


The worst affected part was the area around my fringe and parting and this became more noticeable once some of the hair started to re-grow, since it stood up on end making me look like a frightened hedgehog.  As you can imagine, my self esteem, which wasn’t exactly high anyway, plummeted.  My hair dresser suggested a radical short hair cut or a course of your Irene formulation.  I chose the latter.


I just had to write and tell you about the changes I have noticed in my hair (and skin and nails too).  After a few weeks taking a phial a day my hair has started to thicken up again and the threat hanging over my head (if you will pardon the pun) of the hairdresser having to cut my hair to allow it to grow back more strongly, has diminished.  My nails which had also softened after my son’s birth are now toughening up too and are much less prone to splitting.  In a nutshell – I feel like a reasonable human being again and I can’t recommend your formulation highly enough.


With thanks,

Yours Sincerely,
Ruth Rensop (UK)


Dear Mrs Stein,

I am writing to thank you for the most welcome advice I have received since my baby was born. You may remember that I telephoned you because I was suffering from Post-natal depression, though I didn't admit it to myself at the time. My mother, my mother-in-law, even health visitors were all giving me conflicting advice and I didn't know what to believe. I saw an article about you in the press and phoned you as a last resort.

Well, you recommended that I took your formulation on a daily basis to balance my hormonal system, which I did, and I must report that it did the trick. Slowly but surely my old personality began to re-emerge. I started to feel less panic stricken, less tired and run down and for the first time began to feel that I could cope with motherhood after all.

You may be interested to know that as a wonderful side effect of taking Irene, my hair which was looking as lank and worn out as I was feeling, has now started to look sleek and thick. I know I'm not imagining it either, everyone comments on how well I look too and I must attribute these compliments to you. I am now recommending your treatment left, right and centre, so I hope you are doing a roaring trade!

With best wishes,
Sophie Field (UK)


Extract from Peter Hudson's Book - "The Aerobic Oxygen Handbook"


I have been treating a patient for the last six months for hormonal imbalances, which caused her considerable stress around her menstrual cycle.  Since taking Stabilized Oxygen, she reported to me that the water retention was considerably less, the mood swings have improved; she lost the usual headache and her breasts which were painful and hard had not troubled her in the least.


If you have any questions regarding Irene’s products or would like further information, please call Irene on 972-9-9509850, 972-545-305125 or UK mobile 07831-641199

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