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What can an athlete do to excel? What may a sportsman do to boost his energy and stamina in a wholesome way? Can a sportsman or woman aspire to Olympic form without resorting to illegal and dangerous substances? Yes, indeed! For the amateur it means just having more fun or getting the competitive edge. For the professional, a valid nutritional and therapeutic supplement can translate into big money and fame!


Sports scientists recommend a diet with added Vitamin C and E for the connective tissue and to prevent bone, ligament and musculo-skeletal injury. They advise a dose of Silica for maintaining tissue elasticity and flexibility, Vitamin B1 for energy, B2 and B3 for improved cell metabolism, B6 for amino acids and adrenal function, and B9 and B12 for blood cell oxygenation. They say that Magnesium is essential for nerve and muscle function – hence athletic endurance, Arginine for muscle growth and the herb Ginseng for greater energy. All these vitamins, minerals, herbs and more are found in a carefully formulated Royal Jelly and herbal tonic that has been homeopathically and synergistically potentised. It is called Irene, the brainchild of an English lady named Irene Stein, now living in Israel.


Irene has been selling this product all over the world for about 30 years and from her experience she comes up with this list of benefits for sports people:


·         increase in stamina, energy and endurance


 ·         general health improvement


 ·         reduction of sports injuries due to better muscle condition and tone


·         speedier recovery time


·         amelioration of arthritic problems associated with injuries or aging


 ·        improved breathing


·         greater mental focus, concentration, absorption, clarity and agility


 ·         reduced allergies in  the hayfever season or otherwise


·        addition of years of athletic ability to the life of a sportsman


 ·       reduced stress & nervousness associated with matches & championships 


 ·        enhanced performance, be it speed, heights, distances and time


Royal Jelly used in Irene comes from China in its freshest form, coupled with the highest quality of added herbal components and extracts, blended by experts. This makes it virtually impossible to duplicate. Its multiple therapeutic benefits may be traced back to these factors, and the Chinese concept “adaptogen” is applicable.



                 Sir Sebastian Coe                                                               Ms. Rachel Heyhoe-Flint
                        Royal Jelly fan                                                          Ex-captain of British womens' cricket team


What the sportsmen say:


      Frank McLintock, the captain of the famous London football club Arsenal in its heyday when it won both the League and the Cup Final, attributes his continuing good health to his lifestyle including a daily vial of Irene. When his wife Barbara began to suffer foot pains, diagnosed as the onset of arthritis, she sceptically began taking Irene. After three and a half weeks the foot pain disappeared and her knuckle pain was reduced. That is when the product ran out, and she did not renew it immediately, so the pain returned. The therapeutic benefits of Irene for combating arthritis have been established in double blind clinical trials in England.


     Since we are talking about football and Irene, the English football team, Millwall, decided that its members should take Irene. After 103 years this club qualified for the First Division. Peter Melville, team physiotherapist and a Royal Jelly man himself, said: “I am not saying our success is due to the Irene Royal Jelly, but I think it has played a part. Most players and girlfriends or wives are taking the capsules and they all say they feel better. They are less uptight, more relaxed under stress and say they feel different. Nails are less brittle, complexions are clearer and some players find their hair grows more quickly. I find abrasions and cuts heal better.” As a result of this publicized success, many other British football teams decided to take Irene.


     Tony Wiseman who took Irene Royal Jelly, together with the Stabilized Oxygen sold with it, was “excited” to talk about a 1999 business trip to Israel. He related: “When I got there I felt like jogging, went down to the water’s edge and started jogging. An hour and a quarter later, I was still running with no signs of weariness. My breathing was easy and I quite easily could have continued indefinitely although I had already run 12 kilometres! My usual runs are about four to six kilometres. I was stunned at this phenomenon…I also found myself so full of energy that I couldn’t resist running home at night after business meetings or social visits in Tel Aviv. These runs were usually about four to six kilometres and felt too short to tax me in the least. I am speechless and can only attribute this colossal energy and mental alertness to the products.  I now recommend to all and sundry.” He added (wait for it) that "my wife is just sixty and I am almost 63 years of age. Although we’re both health-oriented, we are completely dumbfounded by the huge benefits of this ‘elixir of life.’” Marathon runner, Frazer Clyne, has a training schedule of 100 miles per week and “in full training I usually felt permanently fatigued, but that all began to change. The longer I went with Irene Royal Jelly the more convinced I became of its benefits,” he said.

Other disparate sports and sportsmen that have benefited from Irene are tennis – used  by John McEnroe, bowling, the martial arts as Adrian Bedlow winner of the British Martial Arts Championship testifies, golf – to helping the focus concentration and swings of Mitch Kierstenson, and the polo of Prince Phillip. Even pigeons, race horses and greyhounds have flown and run better with the help of Irene!!


Give Yourself a Sporting Chance: Information for Athletes (Maccabiah Ad)   

SPORTS - PHYSICAL PREPARATION (Extract from "All Sports and Leisure Magazine")

More and more of us are taking up sport as a way of keeping fit and healthy.  However, the  'no gain without pain' mantra is responsible for an increasing number of sports-related injuries, as most sports clinics will attest.

Being physically prepared for sport, by warming up for example, is one thing, but it is also important that you are biochemically and physiologically ready too.  For example, dehydration leads to a weakening of the circulation and poor oxygen exchange, which can cause tiredness and diminished performance.  Once you are weak and performing badly, you are also more likely to sustain an injury. 

During strenuous exercise the heart beat is raised, the blood circulates round the body at a rate of knots and breathing can become short and shallow.  At the end of this exertion, it is important to wind down slowly and allow the body to resume its natural rhythm.

If you are not used to exercise, however, this process can take a long time and should be carefully monitored if health problems are not to be incurred.  Muscle strains and sprains are probably the most common cause of injury, so it is important to take a supplement which can strengthen muscles and speed their recovery, should injury occur. 

In order to minimise the risk of injury, sports scientists recommend that we supplement our diet with Vitamins C and E since these are essential for the health of connective tissue and to prevent bone, ligament and musculoskeletal injury.  In addition, a dose of Silicon is important for maintaining tissue elasticity and flexibility.

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) helps generate energy, Vitamins B2 (Riboflavin) and B3 (Niacin) improve cell metabolism, Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) helps amino acid metabolism and enhances the adrenal function, Vitamins B12 (Cyanocobalamin) and Folic acid ensure oxygenation of red blood cells.  Also present are: Magnesium, which is essential for muscle and nerve function and improves endurance, Arginine which promotes muscle growth and of course Ginseng for its famed energy boost.  Interestingly, these elements are all present in Irene, so you could call it the perfect sports supplement!

Irene is a natural compound which contains every one of these recommended elements in significant quantities.  The formulation is made up of fresh Royal Jelly, Ginseng, Echinacea, Saw Palmetto, Damiana, Capsicum and Honey and has been proven in laboratory studies to be ten times as potent as Royal Jelly in isolation. 





During strenuous exercise the heart beat is raised, the blood circulates round the body at a rate of knots and breathing can become short and shallow.  At the end of this exertion, it is important to wind down slowly and allow the body to resume its natural rhythm.  If you are not used to exercise, however, this process can take a long time and should be carefully monitored if health problems are not to be incurred.


Irene has proved invaluable to me in my pursuit of a higher level of prowess on the tennis courts three times a week.  Its ability to raise the haemoglobin levels and oxygenate the blood has probably got a lot to do with this, and for that I have to thank the Iron, Sulphur, Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6), Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12) and Ginseng.




To avoid sports injuries, scientists recommend that we increase our stamina levels,  since by doing so, we will reduce the risk of injury.  But of course, it's not just sports people who need to build up their endurance levels; regular travelers also require stamina, as do business people working increasingly long hours.  So how can Irene help?  Its complement of Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) helps generate energy, Vitamins B12 (Cyanocobalamin) and Folic acid help the red blood cells become oxygenated, Magnesium improves levels of endurance and Ginseng gives a natural and sustained energy boost.


Aberdeen-based long distance runner Fraser Cline has won hundreds of races in his career, including the grueling Aberdeen Hill race a staggering 14 times!  In all this time, he had never had a winter lay-off.  Yet last year, the 40 year old had a terrible winter season.  Four months of viral and chest infections meant that he was unable to run – or indeed train – at all.  His immune system had literally crashed, despite his healthy lifestyle, and the only thing that was running was his nose!  Seven weeks after starting on Irene, he was able to face his first low-key race for six months and found that his times were faster than at the same time the year before.


Because the formulation is taken sublingually (under the tongue) on an empty stomach, it means that it is directly absorbed into the blood stream and therefore assimilated within an hour of ingestion.  This is also appreciated by Fraser.  On a race day he now doubles his dose of Irene, taking one phial in the morning and a second at the start of the race.  This has an immediate effect on his stamina levels and within an hour as he puts it – "I am flying again".  Fraser added:  "My results are faster than I anticipated and I am running better, despite the lay off.  I recently took part in a 10 kilometre race and finished sixth out of a field of 1,217 and found to my surprise that I was 45 seconds up on my time for the same race the year before."


ON THE SHELFan independent commentary on Royal Jelly by sportsman Frasier Clyne


What do Cliff Richard, Barbara Cartland, John Cleese and a host of other very active personalities have in common with a growing number of distance runners?  The question might appear to come straight out of "Trivial Pursuit" but I doubt if you'll find the answer supplied with that board game.  The guessing could go on for long enough, so let me tell you the solution – at one time or another they have all been regular consumers of a product called "Royal Jelly".  Never heard of it?  Well neither had I, until around 18 months ago, when my wife brought it to my attention.


"Just another health food gimmick," I thought.  But I was willing to try anything which might help sustain my 100 miles per week training schedule.  After a few months of taking one Royal Jelly capsule on a daily basis, my initial skepticism began to wane.  I noticed a definite improvement in my general well-being.  I didn’t feel nearly as tired as usual… in full training I usually felt permanently fatigued, but that all began to change.  The longer I went with Royal Jelly, the more convinced I became of its benefits not only for people who run 100 miles per week, but for all runners, joggers and indeed anyone interested in maintaining an active lifestyle.  Throughout the winter months I was subject to fewer colds and infections than ever before and on the rare occasions that I did pick up a virus, I seemed to shrug it off far more quickly than in the past.  Was it all to do with the Royal Jelly?  I decided to find out more about this substance.


Royal Jelly is produced by young worker bees during the first few days of their lives and is used to feed the Queen Bee.  The Queen is the only Bee which is fed with Royal Jelly continually, the worker bees having to settle for a diet of pollen and nectar.  The theory is that it is this diet of Royal Jelly which allows the Queen to live for five to six years as opposed to the six week life span of a worker bee.  It also goes some way towards explaining the high fertility of the Queen – she produces anything from a thousand to two thousand eggs a day during her life.  It is this direct link between the longevity and fertility of the Queen Bee and her exclusive diet of Royal Jelly which has led researchers to examine the properties of the Royal Jelly in greater detail in order to assess its benefits for humans.


Its specific purpose and means of production were originally identified by scientists in 1912.  Three-quarters of a century later, some 4% of its contents still remain to be identified.  Basically Royal Jelly may be described as a highly potent and very nutritious food stuff, rich in amino acids.  Its components include the following vitamins: B1 (Thiamine), B2 (Riboflavin), B3 (Niacin), B5 (Pantothenic Acid), B6 (Pyridoxine), B7 (Inositol), B8 (Biotin), B9 (Folic Acid), B12 (Cobalamin) and Vitamin C.  It also contains the minerals Sodium, Potassium, Iron, Chromium, Nickel and Manganese. 


I do not claim to be a chemist or a nutritional expert, so I will not endevour to explain the importance of these vitamins and minerals to good health.  It is enough to summarize the situation by saying that Royal Jelly's components can be shown to have tremendous benefits for humans, without detrimental side effects.  There is no danger of runners falling foul of the British Amateur Athletic Board's random drug testing procedure through the intake of Royal Jelly!


Royal Jelly is used for a wide variety of purposes.  Its manufacturers claim that it has been successful in helping people with problems as varied as anaemia, anorexia, bronchitis, common colds, depression, headaches, insomnia and eczema.  But what are its benefits specifically for runners?


Many sports people who have tried Royal Jelly have reported fewer problems with cramp since taking it.  But probably more important is the fact that many athletes have testified to being less affected by fatigue since becoming regular consumers of Royal Jelly.  That certainly is my own experience, but Royal Jelly will not transform you instantly into a world record breaking runner – unfortunately there is no substitute for hard training if you want to improve your personal best times.


There is no guarantee that Royal Jelly works for everyone, but it is my firm conviction that it can leave you better prepared to tackle training and racing, particularly if there are other demands being placed upon your energy supply.  Trying to train hard on top of a full time job and other daily pursuits can impose physical and sometimes mental or psychological stresses on a person. Royal Jelly may help overcome or prevent these stresses.  In my own case, I found Royal Jelly particularly helpful last year, when I traveled thousands of miles to compete in races in Australia, the United States (on three separate occasions) and Japan.  During this period I was also working full time as a town planner, and I had certain responsibilities in my capacity as a part-time owner of a specialist running shop in Aberdeen.  I was, of course, also training twice a day.


Is it possible to prove that Royal Jelly helps to improve a person's running performance?  I am not aware of any scientific proof that it does.  However, it is possible to assess the perceived benefits of Royal Jelly by listening to the experiences others have had with it and trying it yourself.  It is for this reason that I felt it worthwhile writing this feature on a product which the majority of runners are probably as unaware of as I was, 18 months ago.  I feel that Royal Jelly has worked for me.  It may work for you.  Whether or not you decide to try it is your own decision, but at least you are now aware of its existence. 


It has only been possible to outline the Royal Jelly story in the briefest possible fashion in this article.  If you require more information on the product, I would suggest reading Irene Stein's book – "Royal Jelly".


Extract from "Marathon and Distance Runner" Magazine, November issue


CASE STUDY: ATHLETE Kingsley Ogedengbe


Twenty nine year old Kingsley Ogedengbe has been a top athlete for many years.  At one time this track star specialized in the 400m and trained with the French Olympic squad, but as a result of fatigue and injury due to over-training, did not make it to the ultimate sports arena in Atlanta.  As many athletes will tell you, when you push yourself to the limit on a regular basis, your immune system often takes a battering.  So in order to boost his level of health and counter the draining effect of his training, Kingsley has started to take more of an interest in his nutrition, which until recently, he has neglected.  "I had always been able to eat anything I wanted without any ill effect".  He tried a variety of health supplements but found that none of them gave him the 'kick' he sought.


Then a friend recommended the Irene formulation, since it combined many of the health enhancing ingredients he had been researching.  Kingsley is very aware of his body and used to monitoring even small changes in his metabolism, so when he started using Irene, he was in a position to cast a critical opinion when he tested it.  He reports that "I have seen a vast improvement in my stamina and recovery levels.  I push myself very hard during training and always time my recovery rate, as well as my running times, during each session.  Until a month ago, it would take five minutes for my breathing and heart rate to return to normal, now that is down to two minutes."


"Interestingly, I am healthier too.  My complexion is better and I have been able to fight off the flu that everyone else has gone down with this winter.  Contrary to popular belief, athletes are particularly susceptible to virus infections, due to the extra pressure they put on their bodies, yet I have been able to withstand all the usual infections to which I usually succumb".

Kingsley concluded: "I find it very gratifying to find something which lives up to its claims and not only boosts my immune system but as an added bonus, improves my performance as well.  Suddenly everything has clicked for me – I feel really good, I am performing well and in the last month I have been offered a couple of television opportunities and a potential advertising campaign – so you haven't seen the last of me." 


Extract from Peter Hudson's Book - "The Aerobic Oxygen Handbook"

Research has found that a fundamental limiting factor for performing athletes is cellular access to oxygen. Stabilized Oxygen is a revolutionary formula that harbours a very high concentration of non-toxic Stabilized electrolytes of oxygen… oxygen in molecular form.

Researchers have not found any anaerobic infectious disease bacteria that it does not kill. It is effective against salmonella, cholera, E.coli, streptococcus, pseudamonas and staphylococcus A. It is even effective against giardia-lamblia (Beaver Fever).

In a letter from the World Health Organisation, they state: “After testing the sample you have sent us against various organisms common to drinking water, we have concluded that it is indeed an effective disinfectant and most certainly has other applications.




Dear Irene,


I just wanted to tell you how excited I am about stabilized oxygen.  I have been using it now for three and a half months.  I usually jog three times a week in summer and unfortunately only about once every ten days in winter, due to the weather or my work schedule.


After a particularly long lay off of almost five weeks, with no opportunity to take any serious physical exercise, I was in Israel on business in December 1999.


One particularly pleasant morning, I went down to the beach.  When I got there, I felt like jogging, went down to the water's edge and started jogging.  An hour and a quarter later, I was still running, with no signs of weariness.  My breathing was easy and I could quite easily have continued indefinitely, although I had already run 12 kilometers!  My usual runs are about four to six kilometers.  I was stunned at this phenomenon and on at least three occasions ran 10, 10.5 and 11 kilometers on the beach.  I also found myself so full of energy that I couldn’t resist running home at night after business meetings or social visits in Tel Aviv. These runs were usually about four to six kilometers and felt too short to tax me in the least. 


I am speechless and can only attribute this colossal energy and mental alertness that accompanies it to the stabilized oxygen, that I now recommend to all and sundry.  My first recommendee is my wife, who is also a yoga teacher.  She is also studying for an equivalent of a BA and she too is raving about the positive effects of stabilized oxygen.  She is just 60 and I am almost 63 years of age.  Although we are both health-oriented, we are completely dumbfounded by the huge benefits of stabilized oxygen.


Thank you for introducing me to what one of my other recommendees has called "the elixir of life"


Best Wishes,

Tony Wiseman



I started taking Irene’s new oxygen product “Stabilized Oxygen” about 2 weeks ago, and have already noticed some significant changes.

Last Friday, I went for a run on the beach with a heart rate monitor to determine the right pace that I should be running at. To my disgust I found that I was not able to go faster than a very speedy walk! It was quite a shock to realise that my cardiovascular fitness leaves something to be desired. For the last week, I have been speed walking every day to try and build my cardiovascular fitness.

This week I again made my way to the beach for my Friday morning run expecting to do a kind of walk / jog. I was amazed to find that I could run the full length of the Tel Aviv beach and back again with no problem! Although I would like to believe that my fitness has improved to such an extent in only one week, I think I can safely say “Thank you” to Stabilized Oxygen for the improvement!


Nicki Dranovski (May 2004)



Stabilized Oxygen helps me maintain a higher level of training, especially at high altitudes and under other adverse conditions. I am sure that all people into sports and fitness could benefit from using the Stabilized Oxygen.

Felix Belczyk, Canadian National Ski Team



I am a very active 45 year old male.  I was a racing cyclist for 20 years and competed in my last Australian title in 1978.  I then turned to running and the triathlon.  I have competed one marathon run in under 3.5 hours and the Sydney City to Surf 14 km in under one hour.  I have had back trouble for 21 years now and had regular visits to the chiropractor since 1968.  I started taking the stabilized oxygen 10 drops twice a day, 16 weeks ago.  I have not been near a chiropractor now for 10 weeks and I was going fortnightly, at the time.  It also has cleared up an acid problem in my digestive system, as well as piles that I have had for 2 years.


DG, New South Wales, Australia


As a competitive swimmer in training for the national championships and hopefully for the Olympic trials, I find your products a 'must' in my training programme.  The stabilized oxygen is a vital part of my programme as this helps me to maintain a very high level of training intensity without suffering from the seasonal asthma which plagues me in the winter and spring.


My dosage included 12 drops three times daily.  This keeps my breathing steady and clear.  I also use the stabilized oxygen in preparation for competitions.  As the swim meet approaches, I will gradually increase the dosage so that by competition time I am using 30 drops three times per day and I am at an 'oxygen peak' which helps me to perform more efficiently.




Since there is so much information to tell you about these amazing formulations, whilst we are still under construction, please feel free to contact Irene on +972-9-9509850, +972-545-305125 or in the UK 07831-641199, so that she can speak to you personally and discuss your individual needs and health conditions.







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