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Are you a frequent traveller?  If so, the Irene Royal Jelly and Stabilized Oxygen formulations may be just what you are looking for to alleviate the side effects of travelling, as well as the stress commonly associated with it.

These unique formulations, taken in combination, will help maintain your mental clarity, stamina and energy, helping you to avoid feeling sluggish and hence ensure your immune system remains strong, and your mind and body healthy and alert.

For specific details of how Irene Royal Jelly can help you to achieve this, please see "A Royal Recommendation" (click here)


                                                                STRESSED & SEXED OUT


  • The more stress endured the greater the need for optimum levels of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to avoid becoming tired, sluggish and possibly quite ill. This is because stress weakens the immune system, resulting in more colds and coughs and in some cases chronic fatigue syndrome, ulcers, arthritis, allergies, cancer and heart attacks. The loss of sexual virility or impotence in men (and women) is another consequence of severe stress.

  • The remedy is Royal Jelly – the food of queen bees! For many centuries it has been recognized as good for health, well-being and fertility in many different cultures! What industrious worker bees collect to extend the life and maintain the prodigious fertility of their queen bees is evidently also rich in nutrients for human consumption (more so than honey) and should combat the ravages of stress-related health problems. Experience shows that it does.

  • Irene Stein has perfected a Royal Jelly formula, Irene, and observed its astonishing benefits for over 30 years. Irene only uses fresh Royal Jelly, flown in from China, as it is more nutritious and is enhanced with premium grade herbs – such as Korean Ginseng, Echinacea, Damiana and Saw Palmetto (for improved effectiveness). These added herbal extracts and tinctures are known for their health benefits and aphrodisiac properties. Moreover, masters in herbal remedies, biochemistry and homeopathy have skilfully increased the potency and capacity for body-absorption of these vital ingredients.

  • The Ginseng component in the Irene formula is recommended by “Daily Health News” (published by Bottom Line), in an article written by Carole Jackson in the 22 March 2005 newsletter: “Ginseng may be the patriarch of herbs.  It has been used across the globe for everything from boosting sexual desire to easing childbirth, improving memory and increasing energy.  To this day, it is sold in Germany specifically as an aid to sexual function.  In the US, Ginseng root is popularly touted as a way to beat stress, improve vigour and simply feel better.  According to clinical herbalist Douglas Schar, DipPhyt, MNIMH, who practices in London and Washington DC: “Ginseng is an adaptogen.  That means it can help increase your resistance to physical, chemical, mental or biological stress”.  The key word to note is stress! Technically, stress is a challenge above and beyond what your body is used to.  Furthermore, Irene Stein only uses in her formula the carefully preserved premium grade Red Korean Ginseng with an official stamp of approval, because this more mature root develops Peptic Acids, Ginsenosides, Adenosine and Manganese compounds which stimulates insulin production in diabetics and contains anti-oxidants (not found in the white roots).  Her trade secret methodology in the production of this formula maximizes the potency and absorption of all the active ingredients.  This explains the often dramatic and wide spectrum of health conditions beneficially affected, apart from the aphrodisiac and anti-stress features.

  • How does it work? Scientists have discovered that Royal Jelly stimulates the adrenal glands to produce Cortin and Adrenaline, which increase metabolism and sexual function and that Royal Jelly contains the male and female sex hormones. Ginseng, for example, improves alertness, relaxation, appetite, vitality and alleviates depression. Echinacea is a natural antibiotic. The synergistic interaction of all the ingredients maximize the benefits.

   A headline in the Jersey Evening Post read: “We discovered the secret of fatigue-free travel.” After describing Irene Stein as “the Queen Bee of Royal Jelly” they add that “Irene’s unique liquid Royal Jelly preparation is a completely natural formulation which delivers multiple benefits including increased stamina, improved concentration and faster recovery rates – all of which are of particular concern to those driving long distances or undertaking protracted journeys by plane, train or boat".

    “This is obviously no ordinary vitamin supplement. Clients have reported results ranging from accelerated recovery rates after surgical operations through to the alleviation of chronic symptoms of (amongst others) arthritis, back pain and hayfever, which previously could only be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs.”


    “Business News” (a publication from the Midlands in England) wrote about Irene and ‘Executive Stress,’ noting that “stress-related illness probably accounts for more lost working days than any other condition, since it crops up in so many guises.” Yet Irene, backed up by scientific analysis and a plethora of testimonial and anecdotal evidence, is they say due to the product containing “practically every vitamin, mineral and amino acid required to enhance health.”


   British Airways” BUSINESS LIFE In-flight magazine gave travellers information about  “Royal Relief” with the help of Irene, “shown in lab tests to be ten times as potent as Royal Jelly on its own.” They also carried the product to be used by those who want to experience “less travel fatigue and less jet-lag.”



Extract from Peter Hudson’s Book - “The Aerobic Oxygen Handbook”


One long term patient has suffered all her life from very severe migraine attacks which disabled her for 3-4 days at a time, unable to eat and drink, vomiting and looking and feeling so terribly ill. Since she has been taking stabilized oxygen she has not had one severe migraine attack, maybe only the suspicion of a headache. The improvement has been so good that last year she decided to take a long haul flight to the USA to visit relations.

She went on her own, most confident that stabilized oxygen would put all this behind her. She experienced a trouble free flight and return flight back, with no suspicion of a migraine. I really couldn’t believe how well she looked on her return home, considering she had traveled all night on a long haul flight, which is extremely debilitating at the best of times. She experienced no signs of jet lag, and certainly no signs of even a headache.


Since there is so much information to tell you about these amazing formulations, whilst we are still under construction, please feel free to contact Irene on +972-9-9509850, +972-545-305125 or in the UK 07831-641199, so that she can speak to you personally and discuss your individual needs and health conditions.







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