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Solving menstrual, pregnancy and fertility problems

Do you know the secret of the fertility of the Duchess of York? - It was Royal Jelly – the food of the queen bee that makes it fat, sassy and longlived!

Did you know why Fergie chose Royal Jelly blended with exotic and aphrodisiac herbs? - After failure with standard fertility treatments, Sarah, the Duchess of York, learned about Irene formulated by a remarkable English lady named Irene Stein, and gave birth to two princesses.

Do you know from whom the Duchess learned about this product and its benefits? - Lady Diana. She used it and swore by it because it eliminated “morning sickness” in pregnancy with her firstborn, William, so she ordered it again for her second, shall we say, jelly baby.

What was Harry in the news for, before his more recent escapades? - He was a jelly baby! That’s how he and other royal offspring were dubbed in the British popular tabloid press.

Did other royals take this Irene product? - Yes indeed! The Queen took it “to give her energy and stave off fatigue,” and the Queen Mother did so for her general well-being. Prince Andrew was persuaded to take it as an aphrodisiac tonic. “Prince Philip believes it has helped with his long battle against arthritis.” Then the Saudi royal family decided to become customers as well!

If only King Henry VIII had this product available to him. It might have changed the course of English history!

How have lesser mortals reacted and responded to this Irene formula?
Here is a summary of benefits from customers in the areas of pregnancy and childbirth:

  • No “baby blues” or depression
  • Easy breast feeding
  • Calm, placid and contented baby
  • “After 8 weeks I went through the night without disturbance”
  • “Gave up smoking in pregnancy– no withdrawal symptoms or cravings”
  • Abundant energy during the pregnancy
  • Increased energy and stamina with young child
  • No hair loss, in contrast to a common problem for pregnant women
  • Healthier babies, stronger immune systems
  • Infrequent coughs and colds
  • Combats exczema
  • Fertility
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Ideal nutrition for mother and baby
  • Weight loss
  • Counters fluid retention in the menstrual period – a natural diuretic

Susan Topping from Preston in Lancashire, England, after two devastating miscarriages tried the potion to combat depression. Within two months Susan was pregnant once more and subsequently was delighted to give birth to identical twin girls. The People newspaper reported Susan’s comments about her condition after a previous birth and the difference with the twins: “My hair fell out, my skin was dreadful and I looked really unhealthy, but with the jelly I felt great right through the twins’ pregnancy.”

Then there’s Lisa Evans. She says: “I grew up taking Irene Royal Jelly and I have to admit that I took my vitality and great immunity for granted. Being a Primary School teacher, I was constantly exposed to colds and flu viruses and yet I rarely needed to take a day off sick. It was only when I became pregnant and a mother myself that I truly appreciated my daily ‘potion’ of the Irene Royal Jelly. I had read all the books on what to expect when I was pregnant and resigned myself to bouts of morning sickness, fluid retention, the dreaded heartburn and exhaustion. They did not come!” Getting near to the time for delivery she was “panicked” by tales of 24-hour labour pains for the firstborn and was ready for the worst. But, “three hours later, Robyn was born and I couldn’t believe how quick it had all been.” With the second pregnancy she again had misgivings but as “the bump grew” even with swimming, running and dancing: “Still no morning sickness, still loads of energy! Must be the Irene and, of course, the Stabilized Oxygen I had been advised to take by Irene Stein.” And who’s Lisa? Irene Stein’s daughter!

Would you like to speak to Irene directly? She is now living in Herzliya Pituach, with no intention of retiring any time soon, and she will make time to talk with you by phone or accept your visit to her pleasant home in person.

Tel: 09-9509850 or 0545-305125
Email: irenest@netvision.net.il


Children's Responses to Royal Jelly
Copyright © Irene Stein 1997

I first discovered Royal Jelly in 1974, when I was a single mother working from home. I had registered with the American Embassy in the hope that I could become an agent for US products, but was connected with a Greek beekeeper looking for a dynamic American to market his product overseas – well he was right on one point!

When I met him I was plagued by ill health and was living on diuretics, which were sapping my energy far more than the excess water. One of the first benefits I discovered from taking Royal Jelly was its natural diuretic action – I could soon throw those pills away! The effect on my general level of well-being, stamina and youthfulness has continued to be felt over the years. Niggling ailments which seemed to lurk round every corner miraculously disappeared. I took a major gynaecological operation in my stride with the minimum interruption of my busy schedule, juggling business needs with those of my young family.

At this time, my mother, Sophie – who was an inspiration to me and to everyone who knew her – was a long-time arthritis sufferer. After taking Royal Jelly for only a short time, her crippling pain began to diminish until, at length, it disappeared completely. Thankfully, the condition did not rear its ugly head again and she remained as bright and energetic as a woman half her age right up until her recent death.

In addition, I noticed that my two daughters thrived on Royal Jelly. Lisa, in particular, was very susceptible in her early years to any infection that was doing the rounds, from the common cold to the usual litany of childhood illnesses, and when she caught them she really suffered. This was where one of Royal Jelly’s key benefits came up trumps. Her general health and resistance to infection received a major boost and she changed from being a frequent absentee to having an excellent record of attendance at school. As an added bonus, the Royal Jelly cleared up her eczema. In Lisa’s early twenties the Royal Jelly regime helped her to cruise through her degree studies and more recently the Irene formulation enabled her to cope with a very stressful teaching job in Hong Kong. Most recently, it helped her to cope brilliantly with her first pregnancy into fulfilled motherhood and to re-locate back to the UK.

My daughter Jayne derived similar benefits from taking Royal Jelly during her childhood. Her hyperactivity was contained and the days of having one cold after another are now long gone. There was one thing Jayne did catch while she was still a child, however, and that was my enthusiasm for Royal Jelly!

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Baby's Test Responses
Copyright © Irene Stein 1997

Does the fact that Royal Jelly plays such a crucial part in bee nutrition accord it a key role in our own nutrition? I believe it does and I can bring one startling piece of evidence to support my belief. In 1966, in the Department of Paediatrics at the University of Florence, 42 infants, including premature babies, were fed Royal Jelly with impressive results. The babies gained weight, their red corpuscle counts increased, and the assimilation of protein into the bloodstream was greater than that induced by any other known treatment of malnutrition.

It is slightly bewildering, but understandable, to see variations in the analyses of Royal Jelly which have been issued by the world’s laboratories. It is therefore worth looking at all these analyses when deciding which are the proven constituents of Royal Jelly. Certain elements are always present, whereas others may occur only rarely, according to the prevailing climatic conditions and the geographical location of the bee colony from which the substance was collected. A good basis for discussion is the representative analysis produced in 1986 by the Cardiff County Public Health Laboratory, given below.

Analysis Contains: Weight in weight
Water 24.00%
Carbohydrates 15.00%
Nitrogen 50.00%
Phosphorus 00.70%
Sulphur 00.40%
Mineral matter 02.00%

Minerals/trace and other elements
Arsenic Manganese
Bismuth Mercury
Chromium Nickel
Cobalt Silicon
Gold Testosterone

Vitamins mg/100g
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 1.2–7.40
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 5.2–10.00
Vitamin B3 (Niacin) 60.0–150.00
Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid) 65.0–200.00
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) 2.2–10.20
Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) 0.15
Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) 12.00
Vitamin H (Biotin) 0.9–3.70
Inositol 80.0–150.00
Folic acid 0.2

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Copyright © Irene Stein 1997

I have included pregnancy in the ‘healthy’ section deliberately. So many pregnant women tell me that they are treated as though they had an illness during their pregnancy and during childbirth when, in truth, they have never felt so healthy in their lives. One can understand and sympathise with the attitude of the medical profession, since their sole aim is to ensure that pregnancy and childbirth are trouble-free and result in a healthy baby, but the first-time mother, in particular, can feel somewhat nervous and intimidated, when faced with so many tests and examinations during the ante-natal period and so much high technology in the delivery room.

Irene can play an important role in every pregnancy, ensuring that both mother and baby receive the best possible nutrition, that blood pressure is kept down, that morning sickness is kept at bay and that, after the birth, the mother has the extra energy and the anxiety-free days which she needs if those first few months are to be as happy and fulfilling as they should be. This is thanks to its healthy levels of Calcium, Iron, Folic acid, Zinc, Magnesium, Chromium and Vitamins B6 (Pyridoxine) and B12 (Cyanocobalamin), Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) and Vitamin E, all of which are crucial to maintain the health of the mother and give optimal nutrition to the growing foetus.

I am proud to have become a grandmother for the first time this year. While she was pregnant, my daughter Lisa was living in Hong Kong. Would you believe it, I had to send her out regular consignments of my formulation since she can’t get anything like it out there? Talk about coals to Newcastle! Anyway Lisa had the epitome of a perfect pregnancy. She did not gain any excess weight, she worked as a teacher easily up to two or three weeks before giving birth. Her labour was short and she gave birth without any medical intervention or need of stitches. Baby Robyn Sophia is an easy and contented baby, who fed four hourly without the need of supplements since Lisa had a bountiful milk supply.

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Morning Sickness
Copyright © Irene Stein 1997

Much play was made in the press of the story that the late Diana, Princess of Wales took a previous incarnation of my Royal Jelly to ward off morning sickness when she was expecting both Prince William and Prince Harry. The fact that she used Royal Jelly during her second pregnancy implies that it was helpful during the first, and indeed many mums-to-be find relief through taking a daily dose. A midwife in Dublin recommends Royal Jelly to all the expectant mums in her antenatal classes so that their pregnancies can be free of nausea, following her good experiences with Royal Jelly during her own two pregnancies. If one element in isolation can help, just think about the multiple benefits from the enhanced formulation. The nausea occurs because of surging levels of hormones generated by the body during the first three to four months whilst the foetus is developing. By introducing both Oestrogen and Testosterone, the body is able to regain its balance and the sickness diminishes. In addition the Lysine controls the production of the body’s hormones, whilst Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) can also relieve sickness. Hairdresser Debbie Middleton took Irene throughout two pregnancies and not once experienced any nausea or sickness. This is borne out by my own daughter Lisa, whose pregnancy was plain sailing from start to finish.

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Post-natal Depression
Copyright © Irene Stein 1997

The ‘baby blues’ are experienced by most mothers to a certain extent when, a few days after giving birth, levels of various hormones are shifting up and down to settle in the correct relationship for a nonpregnant woman who is breastfeeding. Unfortunately, for some mums this period of depression can last several months and may even continue for years after the birth. The symptoms are not unlike those of premenstrual syndrome and it must be terrible for anyone who has to live with such severe depression, irritability and even suicidal tendencies for a long time. Fortunately, Irene’s cocktail of hormones – Oestrogen, Testosterone and the hormone-mimicking Damiana – coupled with Lysine, helps to spur the production of the body’s own hormones. In addition, Glutamic Acid, Phenylalanine, and Tyrosine help lift the depression and fatigue the new mother will be experiencing. Irene also replaces much of the Iron which may have become depleted during pregnancy and childbirth – a deficiency of which can cause depression. The Ginseng in Irene can give the new mum the extra energy she requires to look after the new arrival and improve her general health so that she can cope better with her increased responsibilities. A second-time mother wrote to me recently, saying, ‘I am convinced the formulation has kept me healthy and able to cope.’

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Pre-menstrual Syndrome
Copyright © Irene Stein 1997

Pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) or tension (PMT) has been known to wreck marriages and even lead to violence. I fear that it is still not taken seriously enough by the medical profession. In the past, doctors may have been confounded by the wide variety of symptoms associated with the syndrome and, although they could relieve the ‘bloatedness’ with diuretics, the irritability, depression and irrationality proved more difficult to treat. It has been found that Vitamin B6 is helpful in relieving the mental symptoms, as is oil of evening primrose. Irene, since it contains most of the B vitamins – including B6 – has proved invaluable for many women.

In addition, it contains Glutamic Acid, Iron, Phenylalanine and Tyrosine, all of which help lift depression. In order to address the cause as well as eliminate the symptoms, the Oestrogen and Testosterone hormones, along with Damiana, have a balancing and normalising effect on the body. An added bonus is that the Royal Jelly acts as a natural diuretic so, with luck, it can cope with all the unpleasant symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome.

‘I have found that my PMT is eradicated’, and ‘at no time did I get any depression, which in itself was a miracle’ are just two of the comments I have received. I also had a super letter from Rachel Richland (see fluid retention above) who told us that her daughter ‘was a lot more even tempered before her period and this was a great problem from which she suffered before each menstrual cycle’. She adds, ‘My daughter says that she has found her energy to be at top level whereas before she used to feel very lethargic, especially before her period, but now finds that she is not even aware that this “time” is approaching.’ She concluded: ‘I would also like to say that my daughter did not start taking Irene for any of these symptoms originally, but has found it has proved to be an immensely beneficial by-product of it.’

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Dear Irene,

I would like to let you know how impressed I am with your product. I am nine months pregnant and have taken Irene all the way through pregnancy.

I have suffered no morning sickness, no swollen ankles, no high blood pressure, have had tremendous energy all the time and a very good blood count from my doctor.

I can only put this down to Irene which I take daily.

Yours faithfully,
Debbie Middleton (UK)


Dear Irene,

I just felt I had to write to tell you my story regarding Irene. I unlike many of Irene enthusiasts did not have a chronic medical condition to deal with so my success either of the products has been less overwhelming but just as satisfying.

I initially started taking Irene when I read about it in the Daily Mail. I sent off for a 2 day sample then a full course. My reason for taking it was that I was overweight and had had a baby which has left me with thinning hair and weak nails. Taking Irene was part of my “Time to get healthy” campaign which I know so many of us start on a Monday morning. Alongside taking Irene I joined a diet class and the combination of the 2 was wonderful. The diet made me conscious of what rubbish I had been eating and made me realize I had to change my eating habits for life and Irene helped my taking away those hunger pangs which I always got when I tried to diet and were usually the reason why I cheated and then failed.

After three months my hair was on its way to being much thicker and glossy and my nails stronger. Within 6 months I lost 2 stone was back to being size 12 – something I hadn’t been in 12 years!!

But you know what I did then – I stopped taking IIrene. Stupid or what! Initially I didn’t notice any changes but gradually I noticed that I lost that healthy glow and also ‘cope ability’ which helped me run a business and look after my then 2 year old son. Happily I came back to my senses and started back on the course and now having been back on Irene for 3 months I feel that old feeling of healthiness back again.

I promise I won’t stray again!

I am indebted to you for spending your time developing Irene and also for being there at the end of the phone to give me personal advice whenever I need it.

Kindest regards,
Eva Davies (UK)


Dear Ms Stein,

After my son was born, some six months ago, to my absolute horror my hair which had grown strong and glossy throughout my pregnancy, started to fall out! And when I say fall out, I don’t just mean a few extra strands, I mean the plug hole was blocked at every hair wash and great clumps collected in my hair brush. If I wasn’t depressed by the birth, this ‘side effect’ of my hormones playing up really got me down.

The worst affected part was the area around my fringe and parting and this became more noticeable once some of the hair started to re-grow, since it stood up on end making me look like a frightened hedgehog. As you can imagine, my self esteem, which wasn’t exactly high anyway, plummeted. My hair dresser suggested a radical short hair cut or a course of your Irene formulation. I chose the latter.

I just had to write and tell you about the changes I have noticed in my hair (and skin and nails too). After a few weeks taking a phial a day my hair has started to thicken up again and the threat hanging over my head (if you will pardon the pun) of the hairdresser having to cut my hair to allow it to grow back more strongly, has diminished. My nails which had also softened after my son’s birth are now toughening up too and are much less prone to splitting. In a nutshell – I feel like a reasonable human being again and I can’t recommend your formulation highly enough.

With thanks,
Yours Sincerely,
Ruth Rensop (UK)



Thirty-one year old Amanda Maxwell, from Northern Ireland, began taking Irene twelve months ago. She wanted to pick herself up again quickly. Sure enough, it was not long before she was delighted to be expecting again and three months ago she gave birth to a son.

Amanda already has a lively two year old daughter, so she expected to be exhausted, as she had been when she was tiny. But no, having her daily Irene means that she is full of energy even though she is now running around after a toddler and feeding and caring for a baby.

Amanda was so pleased with the energy-giving powers of Irene that she has got her husband taking it too. Now they have a young baby in the house, she says there is the added bonus that her husband is not catching colds which in the past were handed straight on to the children.

When her daughter was weaned, Amanda's hair fell out in patches. Knowing how beneficial Irene is for the hair, Amanda is interested to see what happens when she stops feeding this baby. We hope to keep in touch with Amanda and wish her well with her young family.


I grew up taking Irene Royal Jelly and I have to admit that I took my vitality and great immunity for granted. Being a Primary School teacher, I was constantly exposed to colds and flu viruses and yet I rarely needed to take a day off sick. It was only when I became pregnant and a mother myself that I truly appreciated my daily 'potion' of Irene Royal Jelly.

I had read all the books on what to expect when I was expecting and resigned myself to bouts of morning sickness, fluid retention and the dreaded heartburn and exhaustion. They didn't come! I just continued teaching full time right up until the 7th month. "It will hit me soon", I thought. I couldn't have been more wrong - I swam for an hour everyday and felt fitter than I had ever done before. Could it be the Irene?

As I waited for the imminent arrival of my baby, I kept telling myself that everything was going too well, it was all too easy. I had listened to many a tale of 24 hour labours and the antenatal video I had watched left me feeling totally panicked. This was going to be pay back time, I thought. I hadn't suffered the usual pregnancy problems and so now would be the time!

On the morning of my due date, I awoke with these 'strange feelings'. Could this be the start of labour? I wasn't sure but thought I'd make some sandwiches to take to hospital (that's what it said in the manual after all, your first labour was supposed to be long). Three hours later, Robyn was born and I couldn't believe how quick it had all been. Sure, I had felt tired but nothing like I had expected. In fact, six weeks later I was back in the pool. Six weeks of sleepless nights with a baby suffering from colic and six weeks of a baby who wouldn't sleep during the day and who wanted to be held the whole time really put Irene to the test.. By rights, I should have been on my knees, but I wasn't.

My second pregnancy, I told myself, wouldn't be so easy. After all, I had Robyn to run around after. Well, the bump grew and grew, I swam and swam, did the school run, the ballet and swimming lessons, had Robyn's friends over to play, ran a home and taught part time! Still no morning sickness, still loads of energy.

MUST be the Irene and, of course, the Stabilized Oxygen I had been advised to take by Irene Stein. The Oxygen certainly helped with that slump late afternoon when the children's dinner had to be made, both of them were getting tired and grumpy, and I felt a drop in my energy levels. The Irene and Stabilized Oxygen certainly were a winning combination for me!

I can honestly say that without Irene I wouldn't have the energy to do all that I do and my two girls wouldn't be as healthy as they are. Porridge and Royal Jelly go hand in hand in our house. The only way to start the day, in my opinion.

Lisa Evans, (UK - July 2004)


Dear Mrs Stein,

I am writing to thank you for the most welcome advice I have received since my baby was born. You may remember that I telephoned you because I was suffering from Post-natal depression, though I didn't admit it to myself at the time. My mother, my mother-in-law, even health visitors were all giving me conflicting advice and I didn't know what to believe. I saw an article about you in the press and phoned you as a last resort.

Well, you recommended that I took your formulation on a daily basis to balance my hormonal system, which I did, and I must report that it did the trick. Slowly but surely my old personality began to re-emerge. I started to feel less panic stricken, less tired and run down and for the first time began to feel that I could cope with motherhood after all.

You may be interested to know that as a wonderful side effect of taking Irene, my hair which was looking as lank and worn out as I was feeling, has now started to look sleek and thick. I know I'm not imagining it either, everyone comments on how well I look too and I must attribute these compliments to you. I am now recommending your treatment left, right and centre, so I hope you are doing a roaring trade!

With best wishes,
Sophie Field (UK)

P.S. My husband sends his thanks too. He says he is pleased you were able to find his old wife for him again


Dear Irene,
I have almost finished my first month on Irene and can honestly say that I have noticed a remarkable difference. As a 37 year old mother of four children from the ages of 11 down to 4, plus two other demanding part time jobs, I was feeling really tired constantly, yet kept on pushing myself.

About a year after my last child was born in 2000, I experienced severe tiredness and went to the doctor for blood tests. It came back that I had a "virus" and therefore no treatment was necessary - "it would go the way it came". Well, this virus turned out to be a severe case of glandular fever, unknown to me at the time, and as a result of not resting appropriately, my body started making antibodies to resist this virus - but it ended up attacking my thyroid. I thus started to experience a wave of overactive and underactive thyroid symptoms. I was constantly hot, my hair was dry and brittle, my skin used to break out constantly and my weight dropped - no joke when my normal weight is a mere 48 kg.

Finally I had enough of people asking me if I was ok and telling me that I looked permanently tired. I went to my doctor and demanded further blood tests, which pinpointed the exact problem. By then, the glandular fever had virtually left my system and my thyroid returned to normal. But I was still tired, and with my punishing work schedule as a teacher and English news presenter on an internet site, nothing seemed to make me feel better.

In between, I had often come across the Irene products in various brochures, but shrugged it off as another "instant miracle cure" that probably didn't work. It was only recently that I came across another brochure in a newspaper and decided to phone the number - what could I lose?

Irene Stein answered the phone and immediately made me feel at ease. She listened attentively to all my medical woes and assured me that the Irene products could work for me. I booked the products and picked them up for myself a couple of days later, not entirely convinced that anything would work for me.

Well I was wrong. Almost instantly I felt a change. I noticed the dark shadows under my eyes were less dark, my skin seemed smoother and more importantly I had more energy. With regular calls by Irene to check on my progress, she assured me that the best was yet to come.

I can honestly say at the end of my first month of using Irene and drinking a litre and a half of water with 30-40 drops of the Stabilized Oxygen, that I feel a tremendous difference. I really feel better and back to my old self. This has come at a great time because we're off to England next week for a two week visit. The last time I was there was when I was at the height of my viral illness and looked awful - I could sense that people who hadn't seen me for a long time were visibly shocked by my appearance. Now I feel great, knowing that every morning I am giving my body a fantastic start by drinking the small phial of Irene. I am interested to see people's reactions when I am in London, and will definitely be sure to pack a two week supply of Irene, and take my trusted bottle of Stabilized Oxygen with me!

Nicole Monk, Israel


It's been 9 months since my 5th child, Michal, was born, my only Royal Jelly baby. I have noticed several differences between Michal and my other children at the same age.  Firstly, I have been able to successfully breastfeed her which I was not able to do with the first two children, and the other two were bottlefed, but Michal seemed to take to the breast very well and was always on the 90 percentile of the growth chart.  She has an incredibly healthy appetite and loves her food, so it's been a pleasure to wean her onto solids as well as she just can't get enough of it!!  Also, she is a happy and contented child, with a sunny disposition and very friendly.  Her milestones have all been reached early, and she will be walking soon if she has her own way!!


I have felt that throughout this I have been sustained by the Irene Royal Jelly phials and oxygen, which have given me the energy needed to care for a baby and four other children of different ages, running a home, organising my 2nd daughter's batmitzvah and building a new house!!! Not exactly a lazy year but at least I feel that I have the energy to cope.  Once I have taken my phial first thing in the morning (sometimes I take two if I feel the need) then I know that I am set up for the day and able to cope with anything a hectic day can bring.


Nicole Monk

February 2007

Fertility, Pregnancy from a difficult start point

I discovered Irene's Royal Jelly in 2005, this was a particularly difficult year for me as I had been diagnosed with abnormal cells on my cervix, we had been thinking of starting a family and as you can imagine I was devastated to say the least. 

In preparation for trying to conceive I had been on a  rigorous vitamin campaign only to find out that after about nine months I wasn't absorbing the vitamins and minerals properly!!  I was absolutely astounded and so disheartened!!  As I decided to treat my cervical dysplasia with natural methods I was on a mission to improve and strengthen my immune system. 

I had lots of little health problems, including constipation, bloating and tiredness!  However it was really the abnormal cells which I was primarily concerned with.  I used the Royal Jelly in conjunction with the Oxygen drops and ozone therapy and within 6 months I had a clean bill of health!!! 

My husband in 2005 had been diagnosed with a low sperm count, although we only ever had one test, I firmly believe that after taking Royal Jelly his sperm count improved so much so that we conceived our first child who was born in May 2007!  At the time I was in my late 30's I had a fantastic pregnancy and didn't suffer with the usual complaints and never felt tired!!! 

I am now 40 still breast feeding my 15 month old and thinking of conceiving our second baby!! I know that with Irene's Royal jelly I am giving my body everything it needs to support my own needs, that of my little boy and hopefully that of a new little one!  I cannot describe my joy at having found a product that is natural and actually provides so many benefits!!!

Jocelyn, 2008

Notes reported by Debbie Middleton to Irene Stein about the differences she has experienced after taking Irene throughout her pregnancy as well as after childbirth


  • no “baby blues” – no depression
  • easy breastfeeding
  • calm baby, placid and content
  • after 8 weeks, the baby slept through the night
  • menstruation returned after 4 months whilst breast feeding
  • she gave up smoking whilst pregnant – no withdrawal symptoms or cravings
  • abundant energy – especially during the pregnancy
  • returned to work part time (standing as a hairdresser) after 12 weeks
  • no hair loss (“as a hairdresser, i observe hair deterioration in many clients”)
  • baby very healthy, and has had only one cold
  • receiving comments on how well she looks

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