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Extract from Irene Stein's Book – "Health for Life"

I am often asked for the secret of my boundless energy.  By now I know that it is no secret, simply the cumulative effect of taking my products over the last 30+ years.  I also eat a very healthy diet: I walk vigorously every day before work to get my circulation and metabolism charged up and of course, I work in a very stimulating environment.  I also use a wonderful home steam cabinet, and every morning I take a steam bath infused with invigorating aromatherapy oils.


The specific elements within Irene which make it such a powerful energy source are, of course, the Ginseng plus Iron, Thiamine (Vitamin B1) and Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12) but obviously the effect of improving the circulation means that the body is engulfed with oxygenated blood which is bound to add to this energizing effect.


Richard Binks corroborates this:  "I started to take Irene on a daily basis this year after a period of a very heavy workload and at a time when I was under quite a lot of stress.  I was coping with the pressure but felt constantly tired and lacking in energy.  One week into the course, I began to notice my energy levels improving.  This trend continued throughout the course, until after a month I felt considerably better with a strong feeling of drive and enthusiasm for everything I was doing.  Feedback from both friends and strangers confirmed that other people noticed the changes.


Maisie Thompson is 'deep in her 70s' yet glows with energy as she told me "how fantastically well I am feeling; arthritis has disappeared and all-in-all I feel great. I swim three times a week and do six lengths of the pool – not bad is it?  Most of my friends have nowhere near the energy or enthusiasm for life as I have since being introduced to Irene."





I know this is a nebulous term, but it seems to sum up the feeling of happiness and well-being so many people voice at the end of their letters and phone calls.  "My condition has cleared up, I am in less pain and I just feel so much better" sums up the reaction.  Often the reason for the feeling stems from a lifting of a condition which has dragged a person down for many years.  Illness can be very depressing. Depression can make you feel ill – it's a vicious circle, and a particularly hard one to break as writer Julia Hastings will testify.  Due to illness, Julia lost her livelihood, which led her to lose her house.  She had to move away from an area she loved and literally rebuild her life…


"I wanted to say a little about what I seem to get from Irene.  As you know, I've been doing all sorts of things recently and have been feeling tremendous – well and happy and generally full of energy.  I couldn't say what specific part Irene has played because it is only one of the things I am adopting which together have helped my general well being.  However, I did stop taking it for ten days last month and what seemed to happen was a noticeable shift in my mood.  This is something I had not experienced while taking Irene, and now I have resumed I am sure it is helping me stick to my commitment to sorting out my body.  If I continue to lose weight and feel fit and healthy, then Irene is playing a part in that and I'm in no hurry to stop taking it again."





Report on the 3 month pilot trial of the effect of
Irene Unique Royal Jelly Formulation on




(Also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – C.F.S. or Post-Viral Syndrome)

By: Dr. Zena D. Maxwell, MB, ChB

Trial Medical Adviser

Conducted April – July 1989



The trial commenced with 131 M.E. sufferers.  These were chosen from patients with M.E. who were interested in alternative therapies, most of whom had tried orthodox medicines with very little success.


Of the initial number, 15 dropped out for various reasons unconnected with the treatment, 115 started the trial but six did not complete the trial questionnaire after three months – for reasons we have been unable to ascertain.


This represented a drop-out rate of 5.2%.


A total of 109 patients fully completed the trial, ie. an initial questionnaire giving an assessment of their condition, in which they were asked to describe and rate their symptoms and a similar questionnaire after three months of treatment with Irene Royal Jelly.


DOSAGE:  The recommended dose was one phial a day for 14 days and two phials a day for a further 10 weeks.


At the end of this period, having completed the questionnaire, the participants were asked to answer the following questions:


1.         Do you think Irene Royal Jelly has helped you?                            Yes/No

2.         If so, in what way?

3.         Do you intend to continue taking Irene Royal Jelly?                       Yes/No

4.         Have you had any side effects?                             If so, please specify




81 participants said that Irene Royal Jelly had helped them.

20 said that it did not help, and seven said they were unsure.

40 noted improved mental ability and/or decreased depression.

39 noted improved physical energy and stamina, and of these two groups, 17 noted both improved mental ability and physical energy.

14 stated a general “all-round” improvement of their symptoms.

12 reported less muscle pain and/or joint inflammation.

Seven noted their general appearance had improved; specifically their skin, nails and hair

There were very few reported side effects –


Five people found that two phials a day was too high a dose, and felt better when they reverted to one per day; nine noted side effects, nearly all of which were different.  A few found they felt worse initially, but improved during the course.  Two mentioned nausea and two mentioned weight gain, one of which was attributed to recovered appetite.  However, of the side effects mentioned, there were other participants who noted a lessening of the same symptoms, eg. nausea.  Two of the participants felt the symptoms were worse.  Some participants noted that the summer months were normally a better period for M.E. sufferers, but these were balanced by others who found the very hot weather affected them, and who thought that the course had helped them in these conditions.  It was felt by some that the unusually hot weather at the time of the trials could have adversely affected the results.


88 said they intended to continue with the treatment, of which: 17 said they would like to do so if they could afford it.  Two people would have liked to continue but could not afford to.  Most of these were patients so affected by M.E. that they were unable to work or were on disability pensions or were pensioners.  To help this group, Irene Ltd has introduced a special reduced price for ME sufferers within the U.K.


Of this 88, five who were unsure of the effects of Royal Jelly said that they would continue with the Royal Jelly, and there was a small sample of five who said that, even though they did not think Irene Royal Jelly had helped them they still intended to continue taking the product.




Attached to this report is a selection of quotes from participants who have given permission for their names and addresses to be used.  Their comments have been echoed by many other participants in the trial.




74.3% of the trial participants stated that Irene Royal Jelly had helped.

18.3% of the trial’s participants stated that Irene Royal Jelly had not helped.




Mrs A.A. of Malden, Essex:  “Irene has given me hope…symptoms that do occur are short-lived and bearable.”


Mrs D.H. of Newmarket, Suffolk:  “I have joined a yoga course and have become involved with two committees.  It has helped my self - confidence and given me energy to take up these things.”


Mrs A.W. of Snodland, Kent:  “Complexion improved, hair now shining and in good condition.  Sleep pattern improved, concentration gradually returning and have more spurts of energy.”


Mrs K.S. of Wimbledon:  “All M.E. symptoms have lessened, as well as depression.  I would not like to be without Irene Royal Jelly.”


Miss F.C. of Belfast, Northern Ireland:  “Physically, I have improved noticeably in that I can do more exercise.  I recover more quickly from relapses and have not had so many infections.  I can definitely attribute my increase in good health to taking Irene Royal Jelly as I have not done anything different while on the cours.e  I would certainly recommend it in a programme for improving the distressing condition of M.E..”


Mrs G.M. of Redcar, Cleveland:  “I have been back at work for six full weeks and this is my longest period of good health over the last nine months.  I also feel as if I now have the strength and energy to start sports again.  For months I have never been able to do a full week at work, let alone think about sport or going out.  My social life is now back to normal and my concentration and comprehension have improved.”


Mr R.W. of Gartcosh, near Glasgow:  “It is a very good product.  It has given me more energy and strength.”


Mrs R.G. of Torrington, Devon:  “My general health is much improved and I am physically stronger and mentally stable and coherent.  My husband very rarely has to help with the housework and cooking nowadays.  Friends and neighbours tell me I’m looking my old self as I’ve lost the drawn, grey look.”


Mr A.R. of Folkestone, Kent:  “I was very fatigued and in constant paid after any activity.  Towards the end of the first month, or six weeks, I noticed subtle improvements in my condition.  Now at the end of three months, I can detect a difference and so can those around me.  The most relevant improvements have been a clearer head, a great deal less muscle pain.  I sleep better and (have) less eye tiredness.”


Mrs P.W. of Tewkesbury, Gloucester:  “As well as the M.E. symptoms, it has helped my general appearance, especially my skin, nails and hair.  The whole texture of my skin seems firmer and other people have remarked on the fact of my general appearance.  I will definitely continue taking Irene Royal Jelly.”






Two years ago Roger Blake didn't have the energy.  Eight years ago Roger was a successful businessman and enjoying the attendant financial rewards when he contracted the M.E. virus (also know as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).  For nearly two years, Roger tried to run his business and battle with an increasingly deteriorating condition.  Apart from the physical effects the virus wreaked, it also affected his ability to concentrate and finally he was forced to sell up and go into enforced early retirement.


His wife Shirley read in a book ("M.E. and You", by Steve Wilkinson and published by Thorsons) about the beneficial effects to M.E. sufferers of taking a natural Royal Jelly formulation – Irene.  Irene is a natural compound of fresh Royal Jelly, Ginseng, Echinacea, Damiana, Capsicum and honey and has been proven in laboratory studies to be ten times as potent as Royal Jelly in isolation.  Four years in development by a team of biochemists, homeopaths and herbalists, headed by Dr Emile Coufalik, the formulation contains every vitamin, mineral and amino acid necessary for the body to function optimally and taken daily, Irene boosts the immune system before homing in on areas of weakness.


Roger had tried other 'alternative' treatments before, but after about three weeks on Irene, he started to notice the beneficial effects.  The most noticeable was his ability to concentrate – his brain no longer had that "fuzzy feeling".  Soon he was able to spend his days reading and his powers of conversation returned – however, this was no overnight 'miracle' cure and gradually over a period of months his mental faculties improved.  Roger found out just how effective the formulation was, however, when he stopped taking it. "After a few months and at a time when money was particularly tight, I stopped taking Irene.  I started to deteriorate within days.  That proved to me that the formulation was working and the money was found for a new supply."


Roger Blake is still taking the formulation.  He reports: "I am 95% of my old self".  He has now resumed his business career and now has the energy to pursue a long held ambition to perfect his double axle at the ice skating rink!




ME, Fatigue, Children:


Dr. Shira who has had ME/Fatigue Syndrome and has experienced the differences since the beginning of 2007 maybe before and she's also particularly aware of what the Irene Royal Jelly and OxyLift Stabilized Oxygen is doing for her.  She would be more than happy to speak to other people. At one time she could not get up at all.  Once she started taking Irene Royal Jelly she could get up and work throughout the day but felt extremely tired.  It was when she started taking the OxyLift Stabilized Oxygen, that the differences were quite incredible. She was recommended by another Dr. who has taken it. She has taken it, her brother is taking it, her son has been taking it for learning difficulties/lack of concentration with successful results. She has seen it through family pregnancies with very positive results as well. More recently she returned from a Trans-Atlantic flight and anticipated the dreaded Jet-lag.  She was advised to double-up on her dosage beforehand to help combat the potential symptoms.  Considering her ME/ Fatigue Syndrome, she was naturally dubious, however was amazingly surprised that she suffered no jet-lag whatsoever.


Shira talks about the way in which her children have responded and she noticed that with all her children they were much calmer, more co-operative, better concentration and generally happier. One of the children had a problem at school and wasn’t even able to sit still throughout the day which changed completely. He also had very poor eating habits which improved markedly.  She also noticed that her children were  much healthier and their  immune systems seems to have been built up to the point that they weren’t sick at all and managed to avoid the coughs, colds and flu viruses that were  going around. 

Shira, March 2009


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