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Extract from Irene Stein's Book – "Health for Life"


Please don't get sleepless nights worrying about this, but one fifth of the population suffers from insomnia.  The older we get the less sleep we seem to need; however many elderly people worry about the fact that they cannot sleep through the night even though this is perfectly normal and the worst thing anyone suffering from sleeplessness can do is to lie in bed and fret.  The best solution is to get up and make a soothing drink, or do some household chores until your body tells you that it is time to sleep again.  Of course, insomnia can be a cause for true concern when it is a symptom of some other disorder, such as stress or pain.  Research has shown that as well as lacking sleep, insomniacs suffer from a lack of Magnesium, Calcium and Zinc.  Since Irene has a plentiful supply of all of these elements, it could offer a natural solution.  In addition, Royal Jelly can relieve the stress, since it contains Niacin (Vitamin B3) and Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6), both of which act as natural and non-habit-forming tranquillizers.


P Baker from Derbyshire wrote to me recently that for the last 15 years she has had to take two tablets on retiring in order to sleep.  However, after five weeks on Irene she has stopped taking these and can now sleep well.  Whilst D Richards from Oldham reported that she "feels like a new woman, I am eating well, sleeping well and am free from pain."  And Mrs Pinder of South Humberside told me that she "was very low, with no energy and could not sleep."  She is "now a different person, full of energy," feels so much better, looks so much better because "I am sleeping well – and now have bright eyes which were so heavy and dark before."



Extract from Peter Hudson's Book – "The Aerobic Oxygen Handbook"


The most important cause of metabolic disorders, oxygen deficient blood – leads to the creation of Uric Acid, the basic cause of all chronic illness.  This may appear in solution but is mainly found as a fine crystal powder. Because of its difficult solubility, it is a very dangerous product, with its effects exhibiting in symptoms of general illness: loss of appetite occurs, sleep disorders, listlessness and physical and mental inactivity disturb the normal functioning of the body.







Mrs D Richards,
7 Arthurs Lane,




Dear Irene Stein,


I would like to thank you for my 30 day supply of “Irene”, which I have just completed and would like to convey to you how much better I feel in every way.


I have over the years had a hysterectomy, had my gall bladder removed, and have felt very down.  Recently I have suffered from Spondylitis in my shoulder and down my arm, which has curtailed my love of knitting. 


Reading through the “Daily Mail”, an article by a lady who had taken “Irene” for Arthritis caught my eye and I decided to write to you and take a course of “Irene”.  I really feel like a new woman, I am eating well, sleeping well and am free from pain from the Spondylitis.


Many many thanks to “Irene”.  Please forward a further month’s supply.

Mrs D Richards




After losing seven little girls at birth and having a battle with cancer and arthritis over the years, I am delighted with the results I have got from stabilized oxygen.  I started off with 20 drops morning and night, which really kept me busy at the toilet for the first three weeks.  I nearly gave it away, but thank God I did not.  The results are incredible.


My blood pressure was shocking.  Now, after taking stabilized oxygen for two months, my pressure is 160/80, unreal for me.  About a month ago, my doctor told me to give up Adalat and Dyside and see how I went.  Results are great.  I am on no doctor's tablets at all.  Before I started on stabilized oxygen, my legs were enormous and the swelling of my knees and ankles was cruel.  I also had a job to walk.  Now my legs are great and I do not have the dreadful pains I had with arthritis and I am sleeping better than I have slept for years.  I believe stabilized oxygen is a wonderful product and will help many people get well.

MA, Victoria, Australia



I am fifty seven years old and have suffered greatly for eight years with menopausal symptoms and over the last year severe hot flushes intermittently during the day, but in the evening and during the day I was getting them one after another. Consequently I felt washed out and tired all the time. I wasn’t sleeping at all well because of the hot flushes. I had been taking Irene for a week, when I suddenly realised I hadn’t had a hot flush for days and was sleeping well, and had a lot more energy. The progress has been magic to me because now
I feel so much happier, brighter and more in control. I cannot believe the difference it has made to me. My energy level is boundless now, whereas two months ago I felt like an old lady. I am now feeling as I did in my thirties.

June Hicks


Thank you to Irene

I thank Irene for her assistance, her attention, her caring and her friendliness.

Around a year ago I had a combined operation: urological and gynaecological, which included a hysterectomy. Physically, I recovered quite quickly, but a short period after the operation, I began to feel unwell – apparently my hormones were unbalanced (or another reason), I did not sleep well, I felt bad and had difficult mood swings and generally felt unwell.

A friend of mine told me about Irene Stein, who had helped another friend. I decided to go to see her. Irene received me with open arms. I have to say that in my eyes, she is a wonderful, supportive and caring woman.

I began my treatment with Stabilised Oxygen (pure oxygen in the form of water). I felt a change immediately. My nights became quiet, I slept better, I became calm, I felt physically more energetic. My metabolism improved, my moods were good and everything seemed more positive and optimistic.

After 3 weeks, Irene added Irene Royal Jelly formulation that contains Royal Jelly, and other important ingredients that also aid the immune system.

After 10 months of treatment with Irene’s supplements, I can say that I feel good, I look good (others tell me this too). My skin is clear and I even have a nice blush now.

To finish, I am full of praise for Irene for her care of me and for her contribution to the improvement in the quality of my life.

I thank you, Irene.
Hava Ben Issar



Since May 2002, I have been drinking a daily dose of Irene Royal Jelly, which helps in strengthening the immune system and prevention of illness. It has certainly made a change in my life.

I’ve been taking combination therapy anti-HIV drugs for about 5 years now. I am continuing to take the combination therapy alongside the Irene Royal Jelly. I have no doubt that the formula has strengthened me a lot. After taking the formula for only 2 weeks I already saw a difference in the way I felt.

I was often under a great deal of stress with my work as the executive director of the AITS. My position demanded a lot of concentration and responsibility. I did have some problems resting and sleeping because of the pressure that was on me. However the Irene Royal Jelly helped me with all that. My vitality came back, my sleep improved and I had more clarity of thought. The stress and pressures of work and the tiredness that used to come over me has disappeared.

Another thing was that when I travelled I tended to get illnesses from the travelling itself, especially on trips to colder climates. Since I started taking the Irene Royal Jelly all my trips have been undisturbed by sickness – no colds, no influenza, nothing – no problems!

Finally, for me just the fact that I no longer have to swallow a whole lot of vitamins and minerals is a great advantage, physically as well as mentally.

Aviram Germanovitch


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