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  Hiatus Hernia



I was introduced to Irene Stein and her products around 2 months ago after seeing her Buzz newsletter in the Jerusalem Post.


At that time I was suffering with a stomach ulcer and hiatus hernia that both gave me a lot of trouble. I had been through the menopause and was still suffering from mood swings. I also had a high cholesterol level and was suffering from backache. In addition to all this my hair was falling out.


Irene assured me that the combination of Stabilized Oxygen and the Irene Unique Royal Jelly formulation would help to improve all these areas of my life. I was a little skeptical but Irene was very convincing so I decided to try both the products. For the first week of taking just the stabilized oxygen, I wasn’t sure that anything was happening and that’s what I told Irene when she called to see how I was doing. Irene told me to start taking the Royal Jelly and that she’d call again in another few days.  Just a few days later, I noticed that I had much more energy than normal. I managed to do 7 hours of housework non stop and afterwards I had ABSOLUTELY NO BACKACHE. Frankly I was amazed! I felt absolutely great.


One of the first things that I felt was the effect on my digestive system. My hiatus hernia and ulcer have both become much calmer for which I am grateful.


My hair has stopped falling, and is growing at such a fast rate that I need to have it tinted every 2 weeks. My hairdresser is in shock, but was rather disbelieving when I explained that it appears to be due to the Irene formulation and the stabilized oxygen!


I have started my daughter on the stabilized oxygen and to her surprise she is able to work a solid 12 hour day and still come home with energy. I just think that the stabilized oxygen is a win-win product. I have had a few weeks of eating cakes and ice cream. I stepped on the scales preparing myself for a hefty shock, but was pleasantly surprised to find that I had only gained half a kilo. The stabilized oxygen is great for keeping one’s weight down.


Now that I have been taking the formulations for about 2 months I am becoming aware of more positive benefits. I have found that my eyesight is improving – and I have been wearing glasses since I was 10 years old!


Irene also introduced me to her Royal Jelly and Vitamin E cream. As a cosmetician with many years experience, I was surprised to find just how much I like it – it is a wonderful cream. I now intend to start using this cream on my clients.


All my friends keep asking me, “What are you taking, you’re looking so good?” and I tell them about the Stabilized Oxygen and Irene Royal Jelly. It is working wonderfully for me and that’s all I can say about it.


Janet Sament (May 2004)

Extract from Peter Hudson's Book – "The Aerobic Oxygen Handbook"


I have a patient who has suffered for many years from the symptoms of diverticulitis and hiatus hernia.  After each meal she would be doubled up and vomiting.  She had been taking a variety of drugs for this problem.  She told me that after being on Stabilized Oxygen for four days, all abdominal and gastro-intestinal discomfort had cleared.  She has now not had an attack for several months.



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