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Extract from Irene Stein's Book - "Health for Life"

Approximately three quarters of women between the ages of 45 and 55 experience embarrassing and very uncomfortable 'hot flushes' and 'night sweats' when they are going through the menopause.  Irritability, water retention, depression, low libido and loss of vaginal secretions are also common symptoms.  Longer term, women's bones may lose their density and become brittle and their hair loses its thickness and body.  Until now, the only way to counter this litany of symptoms was to take synthetic steroid-based hormones which whilst effective, have serious side effects which are only now coming to light.

At the least, they can cause weight gain and more seriously, long term use can increase the propensity to cancer.  They can also increase blood pressure and you are more at risk from developing gallstones, depression, liver disorders and uterine fibroids.  As if these were not enough, you can also experience nausea, breast tenderness, fluid retention and headaches.

Our field trials have shown that Irene can offer a natural replacement for HRT.  Interestingly, the formulation is metabolised extremely fast in menopausal women, and results from this group have been amongst the most exciting.  This may be because the formulation has a high level of naturally occurring Oestrogen and Testosterone, along with Damiana, which emulates hormonal action and so helps the body regain its hormonal balance.  In addition, the presence of Glycine (which regulates the pituitary gland, which in turn regulates the hormone cycles) can have a dramatic effect.

Once the body has been 'normalised', the vascular disturbances which cause the hot flushes subside, thanks to the presence of high levels of Vitamin E.  The Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) and Inositol assist by ensuring the adrenal function is optimised.  This on its own is often enough to lift the depression associated with the menopause, although we have evidence of anxiety and depression being helped by the Royal Jelly within the formulation.  In addition, many women have reported that the compound action of the hormones and Ginseng have helped them regain their lost libido.  (see subsection on "Libido", under WellBeeing).

A couple of weeks after sending out their formulations, we decided to follow up all of our menopausal clients to find out how they were doing - and the results even astonished us!  We had several people who responded to the two-day free sample, even more whose symptoms disappeared in a week and the remainder were feeling better after two weeks.  Now, I am always very cautious when making claims and usually recommend at least a three month period for the formulation to work and longer for the full cumulative effect to have impact - and indeed, this is still what we recommend.  However, it would appear that menopausal women metabolise the formulation extremely quickly and for anyone looking for fast relief from dreadful hot flushes and night sweats, this may be the answer.  We did find, however, that those people taking medication for other conditions, including pain killers and anti-inflammatories, were slightly slower to feel the effects, so it would be well to note this while waiting for results.

One policewoman we talked to told us that she worked late shifts and her menopausal symptoms were playing havoc with her night work since she had her worst hot flushes at night.  She had even come under a lot of flak from her colleagues as a result of her profuse sweating, but since taking Irene she was now completely back in control.  Another lady commented that she longed for winter, as last year the only time she had slept moderately comfortably was when it snowed and she could lie, with no bed clothes on, next to an open window.  Infact, the vast majority of people we spoke to told us that they had not slept well for at least a year, or more in some cases, which was having a detrimental effect on their work.  Several businesswomen we spoke to told us that for the first time in months, they could concentrate properly at work, thanks to a full eight hours of restful sleep.  One woman even told us that she had given half her first month's supply to her husband, who had been far more even tempered since, so who says men can't suffer from the menopause?  And finally, we spoke to a nurse working on an acute ward of a general hospital, who bravely told us that she had been having trouble coping with work full stop since starting 'the change'.  She was becoming quite depressed as a result because she found her work very rewarding.  She responded so well to the two day sample that she immediately ordered a full supply and subsequently is now able to face work with renewed vigour.

Fifty seven year old June Hicks appeared in BEST magazine to tell everyone - "When I hit the menopause nine years ago, I began to suffer terrible hot flushes.  I went to my GP but as I am a smoker, I could only go on a low dose of HRT which didn't really work.  For several years I was in a mess.  I couldn't sleep properly because of the hot flushes and I felt dreadful most days.  Then I heard about Irene.  I started taking it and a week later realised that I had not had a hot flush during all that time."

Brenda Millar started going through the menopause, but because of her cancer, could not go on to a course of HRT.  Her hot flushes were so appalling that she had to stop wearing make up because it just slid down her face.  She worried about going to dances with her husband because she continually had to mop her face, it dripped so much.  Eventually her husband's friends teased her so much that she stopped going.  As Brenda commented: "I was just in a mess, both physically and mentally, even my memory was affected and I just could not think straight."  After only a week on the formulation, Brenda suddenly noticed  that she could sleep at night, by virtue of the fact that her night sweats were diminishing and as a result, she could think straight for the first time in ages.  However, the real test of the formulation came during a recent postal strike.  Brenda's next consignment of supplies became caught up in the mail and for two days she had to go without her Irene.  To her utter surprise, her hot flushes returned with a vengeance and convinced her that it was no co-incidence that her condition had improved.



Thinking of trying Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)?


If they do read it and are aware of the risks involved, how many take the chance and how many decide not to risk it? The leaflet provided with the product, in common with other prescribed drugs, does not actually give information on how the drug works - in other words, what normal physiological function does it alter?


Many women would be deterred in the first instance by the fact that HRT contains mare's urine - which it does, although there seems to be no mention of this by the manufacturer.  The most noteable and maybe the most distressing side effect of HRT is the weight gain - big time in some cases, where women have put on three stone, the bust often increasing by several sizes.  The manufacturer refers to bloating, breast enlargement, secretion, tenderness and "changes" in weight (they do not say there may be weight decrease, so why not say weight increase?)  In addition, there is mention of fluid retention.  Could this be, then, why the manufacturer also warns against "intolerance to contact lenses", rather like being pregnant, when the same thing can happen? Surely the fluid retention must be at a high level to cause problems with contact lenses?


So not only is the user of HRT a pudding with a bosom like a pair of prize melons, but a short-sighted one as well!  It is not surprising "visual abnormalities" are referred to!  Of course one would not be suprised to have visual abnormalities whilst having a migraine attack (the dizziness and facial twitching certainly would not help either!)  You may be lucky to escape with just a headache - all are mentioned as possible side effects.


Have you always enjoyed a good sex life?  Maybe that's why you were considering HRT - having heard how good women feel on HRT, not to mention that many look younger.  Many women are tempted to try HRT for that reason alone. 


However, the twitching of the limbs mentioned by the manufacturer may not be due to orgasm.  This is because the manufacturer states that there may be "changes in sexual desire".  It seems to be generally accepted that this means a loss of sexual desire.  Mind you, its hard to feel like a sex goddess when you are sporting a moustache or maybe have the beginnings of a beard - this could happen with "growth of facial or body hair".  There is also a warning of the loss of scalp hair.  Of course the cystitis, vaginal infections and "changes in cervical erosion/secretion" will not help and the skin rashes and change in pigmentation are hardly attractive, are they? All are mentioned in the leaflet.  The most common side effect is "irregular vaginal bleeding" - isn't that why most women turn to HRT in the first place?


Other unpleasant reactions are listed as nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, jaundice, painful vaginal bleeding, symptoms similar to pre-menstrual syndrome and leg cramps.  It is hardly surprising that another side effect is stated as "mental depression!"



I am fifty seven years old and have suffered greatly for eight years with menopausal symptoms and over the last year severe hot flushes intermittently during the day, but in the evening I was getting them one after another. Consequently I felt washed out and tired all the time. I wasn’t sleeping at all well because of the hot flushes. I had been taking Irene for a week, when I suddenly realised I hadn’t had a hot flush for days and was sleeping well, and had a lot more energy. The progress has been magic to me because now I feel so much happier, brighter and more in control. I cannot believe the difference it has made to me. My energy level is boundless now, whereas two months ago I felt like an old lady. I am now feeling as I did in my thirties.

June Hicks


A colleague, who has been using Irene Royal Jelly successfully, introduced me to Irene Royal Jelly and Waters for Life Stabilized Oxygen  because of my complaints of excessive hair loss and menopausal symptoms including depression and severe migraines. I also had extreme constipation.


I have been taking Waters for Life Stabilized Oxygen and Irene Royal Jelly since mid-October and I have had some wonderful results: my migraines have virtually stopped and the few I have are much less severe.


My hair loss was so bad that my pillow was full of hair every morning and I needed to vacuum them off the pillow! After showering I would have to clean the drain out of bunches of hair to prevent clogging the pipes. I have tried many other remedies, but never had such wonderful results: I lose 2 hairs a day now and the average is 5!!


As for my irregular bowels they are now totally regulated to 2 or 3 times a day.


Family and friends have noticed a positive change in me! I have much more energy and I am once again doing many things I was unable to do before like shopping, cleaning and once again enjoying life!


Simone Avilitovsky (November 2003)



I was introduced to Irene Stein and her products around 2 months ago after seeing her Buzz newsletter in the Jerusalem Post.


At that time I was suffering with a stomach ulcer and hiatus hernia that both gave me a lot of trouble. I had been through the menopause and was still suffering from mood swings. I also had a high cholesterol level and was suffering from backache. In addition to all this my hair was falling out.


Irene assured me that the combination of stabilized oxygen and the Irene Unique Royal Jelly formulation would help to improve all these areas of my life. I was a little skeptical but Irene was very convincing so I decided to try both the products.


For the first week of taking just the stabilized oxygen, I wasn’t sure that anything was happening and that’s what I told Irene when she called to see how I was doing. Irene told me to start taking the Royal Jelly and that she’d call again in another few days.  Just a few days later, I noticed that I had much more energy than normal. I managed to do 7 hours of housework non stop and afterwards I had ABSOLUTELY NO BACKACHE. Frankly I was amazed! I felt absolutely great.


One of the first things that I felt was the effect on my digestive system. My hiatus hernia and ulcer have both become much calmer for which I am grateful.


My hair has stopped falling, and is growing at such a fast rate that I need to have it tinted every 2 weeks. My hairdresser is in shock, but was rather disbelieving when I explained that it appears to be due to the Irene Royal Jelly formulation and the stabilized oxygen!

I have started my daughter on the stabilized oxygen and to her surprise she is able to work a solid 12 hour day and still come home with energy. I just think that the stabilized oxygen is a win-win product. I have had a few weeks of eating cakes and ice cream. I stepped on the scales preparing myself for a hefty shock, but was pleasantly surprised to find that I had only gained half a kilo. The stabilized oxygen is great for keeping one’s weight down.


Now that I have been taking the formulations for about 2 months I am becoming aware of more positive benefits. I have found that my eyesight is improving – and I have been wearing glasses since I was 10 years old!


Irene also introduced me to her Royal Jelly and Vitamin E cream. As a cosmetician with many years experience I was surprised to find just how much I like it – it is a wonderful cream. I now intend to start using this cream on my clients.


All my friends keep asking me, “What are you taking, you’re looking so good?” and I tell them about the Stabilized Oxygen and the Irene Royal Jelly. It is working wonderfully for me and that’s all I can say about it.


Janet Sament (May 2004)

I think that every woman must wait for the time when "the change" appears with the apprehension that I did.  At 53, and feeling like a 40 year old, I was really not ready for the fact that this "thing" that happens to "older" women was upon me!!

Having had near hysterics as well as quite a few hot flushes - and feelings of stress and anxiety, and armed with an adamant refusal that this was in fact happening to me - I took a trip to the doctor - really just to ensure that I was right and my body was wrong.  However, much to my dismay, the opposite was true.

My doctor recommended going on hormones for a few months so that I would adjust to my situation better, do away with the hot flushes and generally provide the hormones that are missing while going through the change.


I took the hormones for 4 days then got a period.  I then threw the hormones away and decided to treat myself the natural way.


I started taking Irene Royal Jelly about 2.5 months ago.  I have been getting regular periods and have not had any hot flushes at all. My nails are fantastic (I don't remember the last time they were so strong) and I have a general feeling of well being.

I thank IRENE ROYAL JELLY for getting me through a very traumatic time in my life in the natural way - with lots of side bonuses as well.


Eleanor Moreplatt (Raanana, Israel)

CASE STUDY - Mrs  G.E. Newton




Mrs Newton was born with polycystic kidneys, which means that her kidneys contain many cysts, some of which became seriously infected and filled with pus.


At the age of eighteen Mrs Newton became seriously ill with blood poisoning from the suppurating cysts and the bacteria present was similar to the one that causes Meningitis.  She became deaf in one ear as a result of the dangerous bacteria and at twenty she was very ill again.


As an adult the cysts were drained but her blood pressure was high and she also suffered from asthma, hayfever and arthritis.  Three years ago Mrs Newton read about “Irene” in “My Weekly” magazine and as she suspected her menopause was approaching, thought it might be a good time to start taking preventative steps.  At this time she was feeling disoriented mentally, (which is common with the menopause) although she did not have hot flushes or night sweats.  When Mrs Newton received her first batch of “Irene”, her asthma was particularly bad and the whites of her eyes frequently swelled as a result of her hayfever.  Shortly after commencing “Irene” her eyes became less swollen and after sometime her hayfever improved and currently no longer bothers her.  The asthma is now under control and her blood pressure is stable.  Her arthritis is easier to manage, with little pain and stiffness.

The one thing that has particularly impressed her is that whilst her friends are now experiencing menopausal hot flushes and night sweats, Mrs Newton has escaped these symptoms and is sure that starting “Irene” in the very early menopausal stages has prevented the symptoms from developing.  She now recommends “Irene” to her friends for the menopause, instead of H.R.T.

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