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Dear Irene,

When I stopped using Irene and the stabilized oxygen, I did notice a distinct loss of energy and stamina.  I don't run up stairs, but I climb them better.  My general ability to get things done seems to have improved. 

Since I am not a spring chicken, I have a prostate problem.  But since taking Irene, I find that the time between calls of nature are longer, and nocturnal visits to the little boy's room are no longer necessary, except on rare occassions or if I did not relieve nature before going to bed.  It is quite possible that the Saw Palmetto in your product  and the catalytic formulation that augments its potency, is beneficial to me.

I was encouraged by your comments and hope progress will occur on a number of fronts.

Best Wishes,
Paul Gibson (May 2005)

Dear Irene,

I received the 12 boxes of Royal Jelly today at 8:00am.  My PSA levels have reduced so far from 38.4 to 26.

P Bucke

Extracts from Peter Hudson's Book - "The Aerobic Oxygen Handbook"

Doctors diagnosed a 53 year old Tennessee USA man as having prostate cancer and gave him a short time to live.  A blood test in March 1993 showed his blood cancer count to be 40 (out of range).  Around June 1993 he started taking Stabilized Oxygen.  Over a period of five days he gradually increased his stabilized oxygen from 10 drops morning and night in an 8oz glass of water to 20 drops, five times a day, in a glass of water.  His condition showed significant improvement and his next blood test in July showed his cancer count had dropped to 0.1 (in the in range).

A man from Georgia, USA, had a blockage in his prostate and was scheduled for surgery.  In extreme pain, he was told of the benefits of stabilized oxygen.  He commenced taking 20 drops of aerobic oxygen three times a day in a glass of water.  Within 24 hours he reported that all pain was gone.  His operation was cancelled, and although he has three monthly checkups, the symptoms have not returned.  At his last medical examination, his doctor said that his blood was in pristine condition.  He added: "I have never seen anyone's blood in such good condition, not even a baby's!"  The man remains on a maintenance dose of 20 drops, twice a day, to maintain an optimum blood oxygen level. 

A gentleman in his seventies, who has an enlarged prostate which causes him considerable trouble, especially at night time, reported that after just a few weeks of being on Stabilized Oxygen, instead of visiting the bathroom at least half a dozen or more times a night, it had reduced to two or three.  His flow of urine had improved.

Prior to my introduction to Stabilized Oxygen, I suffered from prostate gland problems.  I no longer have a problem.  Arthritic pains also caused much discomfort, especially during the winter.  Since using stabilized oxygen I have not suffered even a twinge of arthritis.

AR, Western Australia

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