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  Sinus Problems

Extract from Irene Stein's Book - "Health for Life"

The sinuses are located either side of the top of the nose underneath the eye-bag area.† These can become blocked and infected, causing not only localised pain, but a throbbing ache anywhere from the eye sockets to the temples as well.† Another sign may be a greeny / yellow discharge from the nose.† Unlike the antibiotics usually prescribed for this condition, Irene is a highly effective anti-infection agent which homes in on areas of bacterial infection whilst boosting the immune system, rather than depleting it.† This is thanks largely to the presence of Copper, Hydroxydecanoic Acid, Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) and Biotin (Vitamin H).† And, of course, Echinacea is also a highly effective natural antibiotic.

Irene Maddox wrote:† "I have suffered for many years with sinus infections caused by nasal polyps.† I've had many operations - even having a middle turbinal bone removed, to no avail.† I was always feeling ill, asking for antibiotics all the time.† It was always a short-term solution.† After taking Irene, I can honestly say I feel great, no infections.† I bet my doctor misses me and my moans!"

Whilst Mrs P Pinder of South Humberside recalls that "I had been suffering from continual sinusitis for such a long time - and this has now gone."

Extract from Peter Hudson's Book - "The Aerobic Oxygen Handbook"

Observations, Reports and Recommendations - Stabilized Oxygen

Twenty drops of†stabilized oxygen in a glass of water three times daily reversed a patient's emphysema.† After about three days of treatment, the bronchial infection which accompanies emphysema, began breaking up.† Then the†stabilized oxygen began furnishing oxygen which the lungs were previously incapable of producing.† Chronic sinus infections began breaking up generally on the third day.† Stabilized Oxygen was continued until the infection cleared.

Symptoms associated with poor lung activity in disorders such as asthma and sinus have shown amelioration with the increase in oxygen.† Smokers will find that using†Stabilized Oxygen daily helps to alleviate the effects of smoke damage and oxygen deprivation caused by cigarette smoking or by inhaling recreational drugs.


I have had wonderful results with†stabilized oxygen.† All my life I had sinus problems.† I would get sinus attacks so often, I sometimes wondered if life was just a series of sinus attacks.† It was very discouraging!† I was so tired of taking decongestants.

Stabilized†Oxygen cleared that all up.† If I get an attack now it is very mild and only happens once in a year or two.† I feel like a new person.†

Another benefit I got was the breast lumps I had for years disappeared.††I will never go without my†Stabilized Oxygen
. I take it on any trip I take, also.† Thank you very much for making my life more pleasant.

ST, Western Australia

I would like to tell you about the benefits I have been experiencing from the use of your wonderful product,†stabilized oxygen.† Last year I went on the Fit for Life diet in order to bring my health into balance.† I felt a lot of benefits from the programme but there were some ailments that would not go away - ie chronic sinus problems, bladder infections, vaginitis and irritability.† After reading Dr Frowbridge's book "The Yeast Syndrome", I became convinced that my problem lies with Candida Albicans, from use of birth control pills, a pregnancy and antibiotics, because I caught so many infections from the baby.

Since I began taking†stabilized oxygen three weeks ago, I have exhibited many of the "Herxheimer Reactions" that accompany die-off of Candida Albicans, so I know the product is working well.† My sinuses are clearing up wonderfully after a couple of weeks of this horrible substance draining from them - it was like poison. It feels great to be able to breathe clearly again, and as well, to think clearly.† The yeast discharge has diminished to a great degree and I have days when I feel just wonderful but I know I need more time before balance will be achieved.

DD, Casteglar, British Columbia

John W Wilson - Pharmacist in San Angelo, Texas:

I am a pharmacist in an average Texan Town, San Angelo. I have worked in drug stores constantly since I was 16 years old, in 1966.† In these few years I have seen many health problems, many treatments and many solutions.

About a year ago a friend of mine, Carl Bumgardener, told me of a treatment he uses for fever blisters.† He was using Stabilized Oxygen drops in water to keep people from developing fever blisters.† It seemed to do as good as most remedies.† As I started drinking this solution 2-3 times daily, I noticed I would feel better, my thoughts were clearer and my sinus problem was better.† Being a smoker for a number of years, I was very interested in this product.† Having the training I have, I started using Stabilized Oxygen in other ways.† I was also told of other ways people were using it. It was not long before I realized that this was no ordinary product.

Gentlemen, there are no miracle cure-alls.† But there are many new ideas for each day that improves our living.† Stabilized Oxygen has in this last year been a miracle for many of my friends and relatives.† It is hard for me to tell people that there is a product that is "too hard to believe".

In field trials, the Stabilized Oxygen solution proved itself to relieve sinus congestion and sinus headaches.† The results can be seen in 2-3 minutes.† 75% of the patients who tried 1 glassful witnessed results in just a few minutes.

Stabilized Oxygen has been a benefit for my friends and relatives.† I don't consider myself an expert in science, but I do know good things have happened.




Jean Porter certainly has her hands full and sheís glad of it.At her Reading home, she looks after her lively two year old granddaughter Bethany while her daughter is at work, and does the shopping, gardening and decorating Ö in her spare time!

Yet six months ago she was wondering how she would cope.Her osteoarthritis was particularly bad in her hands and as a hayfever sufferer, she was dreading the pollen count bulletins.

Then she read about Irene in the Daily Mail and decided to give it a go.As weíve often noticed, she didnít get an immediate result.But after about a month, her mobility increased and she was very pleased not to have to take specialised pain killers for her arthritis.

ďMy hayfever hasnít been as bad this yearĒ she says ďand my sinuses have been a lot better too since Iíve started taking Irene.Her hair too, she reports, has become softer and healthier.

Having had some extra rooms built onto her house and a new kitchen, Jeanís especially pleased to be mobile enough to lend a hand with the painting.The bending and stretching is keeping her supple, which is so important for arthritis sufferers.

I did get the impression though that Jean wishes Irene could do one more thing for her - give her eyes in the back of†her head for keeping any eye on young Bethany!

Hayfever, nasal congestion:

Iíve taken Irene Steinís Irene formulations now since 2004 and have seen a wide variety ofhealth conditions that have changed over this period of time.During this time, I have experienced a very speedy recovery from a badly sprained ankle, recurring shingles and Iím quite sure that the sprained ankle would have been a lot worse had I not been taking the formulations, since it was quite severe in the beginning.Iím delighted to say that my hair is very much thicker and in better condition and my hairdresser definitely notices the difference.

Iíve also managed to get rid of my hayfever and quite severe nasal congestion.I no longer need to use my inhaler for asthma and Iím delighted about this. I have also used the Oxygen in the past for a fungal infection and also a wart which started to disappear.Iím much happier taking these formulations rather than all kinds of medication including an aspirin that really doesnít agree with me. I believe that in making these formulations ďa-way-of-lifeĒ, I have improved many and varied areas of health and I would thoroughly recommend them to anybody looking for anatural solution to health problems. I will be happy to speak to anyone interested to know more.

Nadia , February 2009

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