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Extracts from Irene Stein's Book - "Health for Life"

There are almost as many manifestations of allergies as there are allergens: headaches, hayfever, stomach upsets, asthma, skin rashes, swellings etc.  The sensible course is to keep well away from the allergens once these have been identified, but this is sometimes easier said than done.  It is very difficult, for example, to avoid pollen or to be sure that nothing one eats in a restaurant contains eggs or gluten.  In addition, many of orthodox medicine's treatments are worryingly strong (steroid creams immediately spring to mind) and it is well worth trying a course of the formulation to see whether it can help.  There are many ingredients in this substance which might be responsible for this relief, but the most important candidate is Glutamic acid, one of the amino acids.  Add to this the combined effect of the B, C and E vitamins, along with Phosphorus, Sulphur, Inositol, Silicon, Manganese, Copper, Histidine and Zinc - and relief is close at hand.  Additionally, Royal Jelly and Vitamin E cream can be applied externally to alleviate the allergies which result in skin rashes.

Harpreet Sagu wrote to us about her son's allergic skin rashes which seemed resistant to treatment until he "used the Irene and the Royal Jelly & Vitamin E Cream and his rash has virtually disappeared."


Eczema can be particularly distressing for babies and toddlers as they instinctively scratch the irritating scaly patches and aggravate the condition.  Unfortunately, this is a condition which predominantly affects infants, then disappears as children approach school age or puberty, but can continue into adulthood - delivering lifelong discomfort and irritation.  Fortunately, eczema in all age groups responds readily to Irene taken internally or applied externally and I would always recommend that you use both together.  Local applications of the cream will produce excellent results, but the formulation is a systematic remedy, working its way through the body to tackle the problem at its source - whether it be an allergy or the poor circulation which produces varicose eczema.  Coffee and tea drinkers may not absorb enough Inositol and therefore become susceptible to eczema - fortunately, you don't have to give up your cuppa, since the formulation contains high levels of this vitamin.  Add to this the effects of Manganese, Magnesium, Niacin and Sulphur and you should be able to keep this skin condition in abeyance.  The Zinc content is essential for the healing process.

Chloe Titchener, whose case is highlighted in the asthma section, also had severe eczema - these conditions often go hand in glove.  Within a short time not only had her asthma improved, but her skin irritation also cleared up.  Whilst Simaie Urnu wrote to us from Cheltenham to tell us that 11 days after starting a course of Irene her eczema almost totally disappeared and she wondered if this was a record.  Another letter from a relieved mother called Selina highlighted the plight of her son Shawaz, who like Chloe, suffered from eczema and asthma and was using both steroids and topical steroids to counter the effects of his conditions.  He is now completely clear of eczema and has reduced his reliance on steroids from four times to once a day.


Hayfever is a severe allergic reaction to pollen - grass or flower - which manifests itself in a variety of symptoms such as running nose, itching, sore eyes and shortness of breath - and in some unlucky people, all of these together.  Unfortunately it is nigh on impossible to avoid all pollen unless you are prepared to stay indoors from March until September.  Some new cars are fitted with air filters which can prevent pollen-laden air being sucked into the car and you may also have seen cyclists wearing nose/mouth filters to prevent them breathing in traffic pollution - and these may all help.  Recent health scares concerning some of the most popular over-the-counter hayfever drugs have led to their removal from the shelves, highlighting the desperate need for a safe and effective alternative solution.  There are many elements in the formulation which might be responsible for its success in treating hayfever sufferers, from Glutamic acid (one of the amino acids) to the combination of B, C and E vitamins, along with Phosphorus, Sulphur, Inositol, Silicon, Manganese, Copper, Histidine and Zinc - and relief is close at hand.

M S Tan who lives in London, had been suffering from hayfever  for over 30 years before he discovered Irene.  He wrote to us saying "I have experienced no symptoms whatsoever and this is well into the time when I would normally be suffering."

Molly Ashmore of Nottingham told us that "having suffered almost continuously from hayfever for many years, I am amazed that I no longer have severe sneezing bouts or feel that I have a permanent cold."


Dopey, Sleepy, Grumpy – no, not Snow White’s dwarfs, just some of the side effects experienced after taking the usual hayfever treatments which centre upon anti-histamines and for more severe cases, steroids.  Although these are effective in suppressing the symptoms, most people would prefer an approach which attacks the cause, not the symptoms – and has less detrimental side effects.

An allergic reaction occurs when the immune system of the body mistakes harmless substances as damaging ones and produces a surge of histamine in defence.  Because there is, in fact, no harmful attack, the over-release of histamine (having no battle to fight) cause what is commonly known as an “allergic reaction.” 


Hayfever is caused by just such an allergic reaction to the tiny pollen grains that float in the air on hot summer days,  The most common pollen to cause problems is that associated with grass.  The symptoms range from sneezing, running and itching of the nose and eyes to occasional wheezing.  The illness in its entirety can be quite debilitating – as any sufferer knows – and severe attacks can even be life threatening.


The usual treatment for hayfever is to prescribe anti-histamines, antibiotics and steroids (for more severe cases).  Although these are effective in suppressing symptoms, most people would prefer an approach which attacks the cause as opposed to the symptoms.


Recently, a degree of success has been reported by hayfever sufferers on a daily regime of a new formulation called “Irene”, which acts on the immune system.  A purely natural substance without side effects, the formulation is a blend of Royal Jelly, Ginseng and Echinacea developed by Irene Stein, who first introduced Royal Jelly to the Western World in the 1970s.


Royal Jelly has been used successfully in China for thousands of years to treat a large range of ailments and its remarkable success in alleviating a vast range of conditions can be attributed to its balancing effect on the immune system.  Royal Jelly is the food fed exclusively to the Queen Bee in the beehive and as a result she lives up to six times longer than the other bees and produces an astonishing 2,000 eggs a day.  Like breast milk, Royal Jelly plays a key part in the nutrition of the Queen Bee and it is more than probably that as well as prodigious energy, it provides her with enhanced immunity, in the same way that breast milk does.  Ginseng is also widely used by the Chinese with great effect and convinced of the beneficial effects of these two substances, Irene Stein went to study other natural substances.  Working with an international homeopath, she found that a distillation of the herb Echinacea, when added to the formula, enhanced and accelerated the beneficial effects of Royal Jelly and Ginseng.


The action of “Irene” is both immediate and cumulative.  Some conditions improve very rapidly, others need the gradual build up of daily use before the effects are seen.  It is for this reason that Irene Stein recommends a three month trial period.


In recent years, Irene Stein, who speaks to dozens of people daily about their health problems, has seen a rise in the number of people suffering from allergies in general as a result of processed food, air pollution and a myriad of other harmful side effects of our modern society – factors which did not exist a few decades ago.  She has become convinced that more than ever there is a need for “Irene” which, as an effective supplement to keep the immune system in optimum condition, acts as a prevention rather than a cure in cases of allergic reactions.






I first began taking Irene Royal Jelly approximately three months ago when I was at an extremely low ebb health-wise. A year prior to that, while studying at university, I discovered that I had contracted glandular fever. Although I did manage to get my degree, the illness, not to mention long-term stress, had taken its toll on my body. By the time I left university, I had developed a systematic yeast infection, an under-active thyroid, depleted adrenals and was very vitamin and mineral deficient. All of this meant that I had absolutely no energy and no enthusiasm for life in general.


When I discovered Irene’s product, I immediately consulted with her and she assured me that I would benefit immensely from taking the Irene Royal Jelly. Three months later and the improvements are no less than astounding. One of the most amazing developments is that I am no longer deficient in vitamins or minerals, when just four months ago a test revealed severe depletion of nutrients, in particular Magnesium and Potassium. Also, my hormones have started to re-balance and while I still have slightly stressed adrenal glands, there has certainly been a definite improvement

Another significant development is an improvement in the condition of my hair. Before I started taking Irene Royal Jelly, my hair had become dull, lifeless and brittle and I was also experiencing a considerable amount of hair loss. Now, I have softer, shinier and thicker hair and only a small amount of loss.

As well as these main benefits, there have also been some surprising effects of taking Irene Royal Jelly. I have always suffered badly with Hayfever but since taking Irene so far I have experienced none of the symptoms associated with it, while other members of my family are already sneezing and rubbing their itchy eyes!

In effect, taking Irene Royal Jelly is one of the best things that I have ever done. In a relatively short space of time, I have been transformed from an apathetic, lethargic invalid to a more energetic and vibrant person with a zest for life.
It is still early days, and I would not yet say that I am back to optimum health, but Irene assures me that the best is yet to come! And if what I have experienced in the last few months is anything to go by, I can’t wait to see what the next three have in store.


Irene Stein has been a lifesaver for me. Not only does she have a fantastic product, but her knowledge and caring manner gave me the confidence to try Irene Royal Jelly and I was definitely not disappointed. So, thank you, Irene. I owe you one!


Caroline Platt, UK (May 2005)




When I returned from my walk with Rusty, my Red Setter, I realized that something was missing.  The walk through the Hertfordshire countryside was as beautiful as ever, Rusty’s energy and exuberance was as infectious as ever but this was July and I hadn’t sneezed or rubbed my eyes of had any difficulty in breathing all summer! I had even lost the fear that I was bound to feel uncomfortable, that walking through fields of rape seed, wheat or flax would automatically make me ill.


I first got hayfever when I was 18 and doing my ‘A’ Levels.  I didn’t even know the name of the condition.  Over the next few years it got progressively worse with asthma and eczema adding to the ‘fun’.  I tried injections, acupuncture, a change of diet and all the different anti-histamine tablets possible over the next 30 years.  Nothing prevented the symptoms form recurring so that I began to dread the approach of summer.  I was simply told to ‘put up with it’.  This was like a red rag to a bull. I began to research the problem to try and understand why someone seemingly healthy for ten months of the year could feel so ill for two.  Gradually the pictures came clear.  My approach had been a holistic one.  The change of diet to a vegan one was drastic but it paid off.. The one missing ingredient seemed to be supplementing my diet to ensure that I was treating an underlying weakness in my immune system.  Hayfever was a symptom, not an illness.


My research into the causes of hayfever, asthma and eczema indicated to me that honey, Royal Jelly and pollen contain the right minerals and vitamins in the right proportions to redress an imbalance.  More recent study has focused on the benefits of Damiana, Ginseng and Echinacea, all of which are nerve tonics and have significant effects on the endocrine and cardio-vascular systems.  So I am delighted to report that two years of taking Irene Stein’s formula has made me healthier generally, prevented my ‘summer miseries’ and has allowed Rusty to have as many walks as he likes…


Joan Amoss




Dear Irene,


Just a small note to say thank you for introducing your product.  As you are aware, my son Shawaz was suffering from eczema and asthma.  I had to use steroids for asthma and topical steroids for eczema.  Thanks to your product Shawaz is only using the steroid inhaler once a day from four times a day and I haven’t used any cream as the eczema has completely disappeared.

After noticing the change on Shawaz’s skin, I introduced the product to my son Shaffin, who is hyperactive and kept on getting recurrent colds.  Shaffin has been taking the Royal Jelly for about 3 months in which time he has only had one cold, he is a lot calmer, concentration has improved and his school have also noticed the difference.


So thank you Irene once again.


Yours Sincerely,

S Buseller







Jean Porter certainly has her hands full and she’s glad of it.  At her Reading home, she looks after her lively two year old granddaughter Bethany while her daughter is at work, and does the shopping, gardening and decorating … in her spare time!


Yet six months ago she was wondering how she would cope.  Her osteoarthritis was particularly bad in her hands and as a hayfever sufferer, she was dreading the pollen count bulletins.


Then she read about Irene in the Daily Mail and decided to give it a go.  As we’ve often noticed, she didn’t get an immediate result.  But after about a month, her mobility increased and she was very pleased not to have to take specialised pain killers for her arthritis.

“My hayfever hasn’t been as bad this year” she says “and my sinuses have been a lot better too since I’ve started taking Irene.  Her hair too, she reports, has become softer and healthier.


Having had some extra rooms built onto her house and a new kitchen, Jean’s especially pleased to be mobile enough to lend a hand with the painting.  The bending and stretching is keeping her supple, which is so important for arthritis sufferers.


I did get the impression though that Jean wished Irene could do one more thing for her – give her eyes in the back of her head for keeping an eye on young Bethany!






Angela McPherson thought she would be faced with the ‘itch scratch’ cycle of eczema for life.  She had suffered from eczema since babyhood.  Ever since she could remember, she was prescribed steroid reams to use on the affected areas and practically every cream one could buy over the counter was also liberally applied.  Nothing seemed to help the condition and the steroids left her with dry, thin skin.


Eczema causes itching, scaling and blisters on the skin.  The condition can be caused by allergies to certain foods, detergents or soaps.  Apart form the aggravation to the skin form constant scratching, eczema sufferers often face social rejection because they have open weeping blisters on exposed parts of their bodies.  Thus the psychological impact can often be as bad as the physiological effects of the condition.


When Angela was told that the “Irene” formulation would help eliminate the symptoms her immediate reaction was “they just don’t know what I’ve put on this eczema, all to no avail”.  However she agreed to try it.  Within two weeks of taking her first phial, the condition cleared up and has stayed away ever since.


The “Irene” formulation was developed by a team of biochemists, homeopaths and herbalists headed by Dr Emile Coufalik and Royal Jelly expert, Irene Stein.  Its constituents are a finely balanced combination of fresh Royal Jelly, Ginseng, Echinacea and other selected herbs and plants, which act together to relieve symptoms and prevent them from returning.  Laboratory analysis has shown that the formulation contains practically every vitamin, mineral and amino acid to sustain optimum health.


It is specifically helpful to eczema sufferers because of a cocktail of naturally occurring elements:  Inositol (a delicate element which is not absorbed by coffee and tea drinkers, making them very susceptible to eczema), Manganese, Magnesium, Potassium and Sulphur (which help keep eczema in abeyance) and Zinc (which is essential to start the skin’s healing process).  In addition, the combined strength of vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12, C and E (all of which are present in “Irene”) are recommended as the ideal supplements to support healthy skin.


“Irene” is 100% natural, non-addictive, non-toxic and completely safe to take – there are no known side effects.  In addition, its effects are cumulative, so the longer you take it the better you feel.


Angela can attest to that – not only is her eczema in abeyance, but her hair is now healthy and growing vigorously after a bout of stress-induced alopecia.  She also tells us that she wakes feeling rested and cheerful, something she has not experienced for many years.  In addition, Angela is applying Irene Royal Jelly and Vitamin E Cream to her skin to help maintain it in its new soft and supple condition.


           Extract from "CHAT Magazine" - Angela McPherson's personal testimony







Mrs Newton was born with polycystic kidneys, which means that her kidneys contain many cysts, some of which became seriously infected and filled with pus.


At the age of eighteen Mrs Newton became seriously ill with blood poisoning from the suppurating cysts and the bacteria present was similar to the one that causes Meningitis.  She became deaf in one ear as a result of the dangerous bacteria and at twenty she was very ill again.


As an adult the cysts were drained but her blood pressure was high and she also suffered from asthma, hayfever and arthritis.  Three years ago Mrs Newton read about “Irene” in “My Weekly” magazine and as she suspected her menopause was approaching, thought it might be a good time to start taking preventative steps.  At this time she was feeling disoriented mentally, (which is common with the menopause) although she did not have hot flushes or night sweats.  When Mrs Newton received her first batch of “Irene”, her asthma was particularly bad and the whites of her eyes frequently swelled as a result of her hayfever.  Shortly after commencing “Irene” her eyes became less swollen and after sometime her hayfever improved and currently no longer bothers her.  The asthma is now under control and her blood pressure is stable.  Her arthritis is easier to manage, with little pain and stiffness.

The one thing that has particularly impressed her is that whilst her friends are now experiencing menopausal hot flushes and night sweats, Mrs Newton has escaped these symptoms and is sure that starting “Irene” in the very early menopausal stages has prevented the symptoms from developing.  She now recommends “Irene” to her friends for the menopause, instead of H.R.T.






Jane came to see Irene after she had recovered from a liver condition that had almost led to a complete bodily shut down.  She was suffering from thinning hair and had a stomach problem: she had also suffered with eczema for many years.  She had tried many different types of alternative healing including Ayurvedic treatments, which helped to heal the liver condition.


Jane started taking Waters for Life Stabilized Oxygen and Irene Royal Jelly and also started using the Royal Jelly and Vitamin E cream.  Irene was in regular contact with Jane, to check on her progress.


As Jane is very connected to her body and very sensitive to any changes, she was able to see the changes very quickly.


Almost immediately Jane noticed that she had more even more energy than usual – and she is a very energetic person.  The next thing she noticed was that her bowels were detoxifying – not necessarily a pleasant experience, but certainly a very cleansing one!

She commented that her eczema was less problematic than usual and even after accidental contact with some cleaning fluid that would normally have caused a severe eczema flare up, her skin remained blemish free.


With regard to her hair, although as yet she could not see any drastic difference in growth, she noticed that her hair was in better condition and much stronger than before.


Jane was always susceptible to infections from her daughter Orly who brings lots of different bugs home from school: since being on the Royal Jelly she has resisted all those nasty coughs and colds.


Jane says: “Since I am so sensitive, I react to almost everything in the surrounding environment; the combination of the Irene Formulation with the Stablised Oxygen is magically soothing and I just feel so much healthier overall!”







Young Ashley Gillies used to suffer terribly from eczema.  He was plastered in a variety of creams (including steroids) with monotonous regularity and was wrapped in cream-laden bandages at night.  This was all very stressful, both for the three and a half year old from North Hamptonshire and his parents.


Then, just before Christmas last year, his mother, Julie - read an article about Irene - a natural product, made from fresh Royal Jelly, Ginseng and Echinacea, which has been homeopathically potentised to make it ten times more effective than each of its constituents alone.  Her first reaction was that they had nothing to lose.  It couldn't do Ashley any harm and anything that could help his frightful eczema would be of benefit.


So, on 12th  December, so started to give him one phial of Irene each morning, and miraculously, by Christmas, his skin was quite clear and it was only necessary to bandage him around once a week.  He has continued to improve since then.  Without the constant irritation of the eczema, Ashley is a different child.  His behaviour and general feeling of well being are so much better.


Mrs Gillies told us that she is so delighted with the improvements in Ashley's condition and related his tale in the hope that many other eczema sufferers could feel encouraged to try the Irene formulation.  


Click here for Case Study of Ashley Gillies, with photos



I started taking stabilized oxygen in the middle of July 1987.  I noticed right away that my eczema cleared up to a point where I could barely notice.  My asthma became much better. I also cut down on the medicine prescribed by my doctor.  The allergies that I have, which get considerably worse as the summer goes on, were almost cleared up, thanks to stabilized oxygen.


CT, British Columbia




Dear Irene,


I have only been taking your unique Royal Jelly and OxyLift formulations for less than 4 weeks, but felt as though I had to write to tell you of the amazing difference I have already felt.  As you know, I have been suffering very badly with Hayfever symptoms for the last 10years, but amazingly have seen the symptoms reduced to the point that there is a huge difference to the way I would ordinarily feel this time of year.  I am delighted with the early response so far and look forward to feeling other related benefits and will be persuading my wife to take it too!


Thank you for all your help.


Dean, March 2009


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