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Extract from Irene Stein's Book - "Health for Life"

One in seven (15 per cent) of the population suffers from asthma at some time and the daily ration of strong steroids required to keep asthma attacks at bay can cause terrible side effects which concern many sufferers and their families.  An attack of asthma can be brought on by many different stimuli: bronchitis, stress, or reaction to an allergen.  We have seen that Irene can be helpful in relieving allergies, and it also has several ingredients which reduce the stress associated with this distressing condition and replace some of the body's minerals, including Magnesium, which steroids destroy.

As an asthma sufferer, a simple walk to the shops for 82 year old Ena Sears from Paignton, meant dosing herself up hours before and setting out, fearfully armed with an inhaler.  As a result, she always got 'het up' about going out.  Her daily routine of six puffs from two different inhalers could not be waived and she was worried that as her arthritis got worse, her hands would one day become too stiff to allow her to administer her drugs.  She started taking a phial a day alongside her conventional medication.  However, it was not until she was recovering from a bout of gastroenteritis that she realised the true effect of Irene.  "All of a sudden I realised that I had not used my inhalers at all for four days.  It was truly amazing, after years of reliance, suddenly I only needed an occasional puff after a particularly strenuous activity."

The ultimate confirmation came, however, when Mrs Sears stopped taking Irene!  She was fine for two weeks thanks to Irene's cumulative effect, but after about a fortnight she started to feel 'tight' across the chest and breathless again.  Wrist bands that she had once worn to try to ward off previous asthma attacks were taken out again from the drawer where they had been consigned and the inhalers too were brought back into daily service.  "It was then I realised the true effectiveness of Irene and telephoned over an emergency order.  On the saturday, my relief supplies arrived and I just knew it was going to work for me again."  She has not had a major asthma attack since then.

At the other end of the spectrum, three year old Chloe Titchener was taking several different steroid drugs, nose drops and inhalers to combat her severe asthma.  The side effects she suffered included hallucinations and hyperactivity and her mother Sarah was up several times a night coping with her.  Chloe was put on to a daily dose of Irene and the improvement was marked.

Her asthma attacks stopped within six weeks and her night cough and all the nasty side effects of the steroids disappeared.  She now only needs two puffs on her inhaler last thing at night and very occasionally during the day and this dependency is also diminishing.


A taste of honey...

Chloe's case illustrates that Irene is equally effective in helping to alleviate the symptoms of other conditions, which often go hand in glove with asthma, such as eczema and hayfever (see "Allergies" subsection under "Wellbeeing").  Parents will be encouraged to learn that children are particularly receptive to the formulation, and since it tastes of honey and comes in liquid form in measured daily dose phials, it is easy to administer.



I have been taking stabilized oxygen since about 22 January 2005.   I had been experiencing a lot of tiredness and lack of energy and exercises were not going well at that time.   I was also struggling for air.


Since then I feel much more oxygenated, stronger and breathe easier.   The exercises are much better.  It’s like it has filled me with life.  I have also noticed that my meditation is much deeper and hence more powerful.  My cat was struggling with terrible gum problems, but an experimental dose of Royal Jelly did the trick and solved the problem – and the cat loves the taste! 

From the benefits I have personally seen, I would highly recommend it to someone in my situation.

Eliahu Holley (Israel)



Dear Irene,


I wanted to share my experiences of the Royal Jelly with you and to thank you for the differences it has made to my life. To sum it up – I feel absolutely fantastic since starting the Royal Jelly and Stabilized Oxygen!  I had been struggling with hair loss and with a weight issue for a long time, as well as going through considerable personal stress.  I started taking the Royal Jelly and Waters for Life Stabilized Oxygen and after one month started to notice the differences.  My hair condition has drastically improved and I have been losing weight slowly but surely, on a consistent basis.  I have already managed to lose 17 kilos and still going strong!

I also noticed that I have abundant energy and my breathing is much easier – as a singer, this is particularly important to
me. I recall one situation early this year where I had a very important singing assignment and my voice was very strained.  I was not coping well, was feeling very low and was extremely worried that I would not be able to perform.  Irene advised me to increase my dosage (which I did) – and went on to give one of my best performances ever!  The Royal Jelly and Stabilized Oxygen helped to give me the vital lift I needed, boosting my health, assisting my breathing, uplifting my spirits and resulting in a wealth of compliments on my exceptional performance – I was thrilled!  I generally feel much more relaxed, healthier and rejuvenated and plan to continue with my daily dose of the Irene formulation and Stabilized Oxygen.

Thank you for giving me a new lease on life!


Kind Regards,



Dear Irene,


Just a small note to say thank you for introducing your product.  As you are aware, my son Shawaz was suffering from eczema and asthma.  I had to use steroids for asthma and topical steroids for eczema.  Thanks to your product Shawaz is only using the steroid inhaler once a day from four times a day and I haven’t used any cream as the eczema has completely disappeared.

After noticing the change on Shawaz’s skin & introduced the product to my son Shaffin, who is hyperactive and kept on getting recurrent colds.  Shaffin has been taking the Royal Jelly for about 3 months in which time he has only had one cold, he is a lot calmer, concentration has improved and his school have also noticed the difference.

So thank you Irene once again.


Yours Sincerely,

S Buseller





Mrs Newton was born with polycystic kidneys, which means that her kidneys contain many cysts, some of which became seriously infected and filled with pus.


At the age of eighteen Mrs Newton became seriously ill with blood poisoning from the suppurating cysts and the bacteria present was similar to the one that causes Meningitis.  She became deaf in one ear as a result of the dangerous bacteria and at twenty she was very ill again.


As an adult the cysts were drained but her blood pressure was high and she also suffered from asthma, hayfever and arthritis.  Three years ago Mrs Newton read about “Irene” in “My Weekly” magazine and as she suspected her menopause was approaching, thought it might be a good time to start taking preventative steps.  At this time she was feeling disoriented mentally, (which is common with the menopause) although she did not have hot flushes or night sweats.  When Mrs Newton received her first batch of “Irene”, her asthma was particularly bad and the whites of her eyes frequently swelled as a result of her hayfever.  Shortly after commencing “Irene” her eyes became less swollen and after sometime her hayfever improved and currently no longer bothers her.  The asthma is now under control and her blood pressure is stable.  Her arthritis is easier to manage, with little pain and stiffness.

The one thing that has particularly impressed her is that whilst her friends are now experiencing menopausal hot flushes and night sweats, Mrs Newton has escaped these symptoms and is sure that starting “Irene” in the very early menopausal stages has prevented the symptoms from developing.  She now recommends “Irene” to her friends for the menopause, instead of H.R.T.



Extracts from Peter Hudson's Book - "The Aerobic Oxygen Handbook"


I am glad I got to know about stabilized oxygen.  I should have known about it long ago, since I have been ‘doctoring’ for 40 years with many doctors, each of whom gave me different medication.


I have fought asthma, respiratory infections and other such infections for many years.  I never once could lie down on my bed unless I had two or three pillows propped behind my back.  I could never walk or work without shortness of breath.  I took many, many prescriptions in my life, allergy serums and vitamins, all to no avail.  The ‘flu would never pass me by when it arrived in the fall and I always got it.  I had to keep my chest warm at all times.  I got bladder infections so easily and so often.


I could never get rid of the thick dark phlegm as fast as my body was producing it.  One day I received a phone call and the lady insisted on coming to the farm to see me.  I told her I was too sick to be bothered and she said she would only stay for a few minutes.  She introduced the stabilized oxygen to me and told me to give it a try. I never hesitated.  I took 20 drops in water immediately and by the time she had left I felt so much better.  After she had gone, I thought I’d try it again and took another 10 drops more.  I told my husband about it and before retiring that night we took 10 drops more in water.  He is taking it with me every day now.


I just can’t praise the product enough.  I sent some to my son in BC and he says it is working wonders for him and he wants me to send him more for a man who has asthma and can hardly walk up the mill steps to work.

I take stabilized oxygen every day according to how I feel, sometimes more, sometimes less.  No one could have suffered more than me, in and out of hospital so many times.  I felt my life would be short-lived.  I believe that stabilized oxygen will help any sickness, no matter what.  Just give it a try
.  If we go to the word of God, he gave us clear understanding that the herbs were given to us for food. There is a purpose in everything if we would only know it all.  We have to have faith in what we do and God will do the rest.


LF, Quill Lake, SK



Being an asthmatic since I was born, I regularly use a Ventolin inhaler 2 - 3 times daily.  Oxygenated water made common sense to me, so I went onto a twice daily dose of stabilized oxygen, as well as the herb horehound, which is for the respiratory system.  My Ventolin inhaler dosage is down by at least 80%.  This to me is a significant improvement on anything I have ever used before. 


CR, Victoria, Australia




We have been using stabilized oxygen for several years now and the results our patients are receiving are amazing.  The main areas of benefit are those with lung problems, infections and blood pressures.  Our elderly patients have also found a great increase in energy and better memory.  These are only a few of the benefits and we recommend stabilized oxygen to everyone.


Natural Alternative Therapy, Australia



I have prescribed stabilized oxygen for breathing problems.  A lady with bronchial asthma, who is regularly taking Ventolin and Becotide inhalants, has reduced their use quite considerably.  She hasn't been hospitalised during the time she has been taking stabilized oxygen and her breathing is very much improved. 


Asthma, breathing and heart attacks have been relieved by stabilized oxygen.  Forty drops of stabilized oxygen, mixed in an ounce of brandy or pure apple juice, quickly puts vital oxygen into the bloodstream.  This helps prevent heart muscle damage due to a shortage of oxygen.   Smokers will find that using stabilized oxygen daily helps to alleviate the effects of smoke damage and oxygen deprivation caused by cigarette smoking or by inhaling recreational drugs. 


Peter Hudson



Since I have been using stabilized oxygen, I have not been tired or short of breath, in spite of weak heart muscles.


EM Regina, SK



Since using stabilized oxygen regularly for the past 2.5 years, I feel good, have more energy and can breathe better.


AJ, Tuscon, Arizona



I started taking stabilized oxygen in the middle of July 1987.  I noticed right away that my eczema cleared up to a point where I could barely notice.  My asthma became much better. I also cut down on the medicine prescribed by my doctor.  The allergies that I have, which get considerably worse as the summer goes on, were almost cleared up, thanks to stabilized oxygen.


CT, British Columbia



I am a 72 year old woman with asthma, living in Ireland, housebound for six years and unable to do housework of any kind.  My son, who lives in England had heard about stabilized oxygen from his homeopath.  He rang and suggested that I try it for my asthma.  On the 10th of October 1997 I proceeded to take 20 drops in water three times a day.  Within one week I was very pleasantly surprised; my energy increased and my asthma was considerably improved.


My asthma is now under control and I am able to walk as I did before (I was a good walker before).  I am also able to do all my own housework.  It is now 7 months later and I continue to maintain my good health and well being, thanks to stabilized oxygen.


M. Cooper, Ireland


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