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The importance of a balanced diet cannot be underestimated.  A deficiency in any one of several key vitamins can result in disorders of the mouth or gums and the inability to fight off infections effectively.  The Irene formulation, taken in conjunction with Stabilized Oxygen, helps to safeguard against this and provides relief for those who may have already fallen subject to complications.  Particular vitamins contained in the Irene formulation that safeguard hygiene in the mouth include:

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) Once upon a time, our diet was rich in Vita­min B2 from unpasteurised milk, free-range eggs and other dairy pro­duce which had not been ‘tampered’ with. Because of modem production methods, our Riboflavin intake has been reduced dramatically, resulting in cracked lips, mouth ulcers, sore eyes and dermatitis. As with a lack of Thiamine, a Vitamin B2 deficiency can also result in depression and apathy. Clearly, we are doing ourselves an enormous favour if we make sure that we have enough of this vital vitamin.


Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol destroys this vitamin. Vitamin C is vital for the growth and repair of body tissue and helps guard against infections including the common cold. Deficiencies may cause spongy and bleeding gums, poor tooth condition and broken facial veins.

Extract from Peter Hudson’s Book - “The Aerobic Oxygen Handbook”

Randy Widmer ND, NC, Doctor of Naturopathy

…"Stabilized oxygen is proving itself as one of the most remarkable products of this decade. This is reasonable to accept as we gain an appreciation of the attributes of oxygen. Oxygen therapy are the buzz words of the traditional and alternative professional health industries all over the world. It is well known that oxygen is a healer, a cleanser and a source of energy to every cell in our body. It strengthens immune systems, destroys bacteria and viruses as well as providing numerous other life giving benefits.


The difficulty has been to harness the tremendous benefits oxygen can provide in a form that would be stable and non-toxic. Such a process has been discovered and has been used for many years in the formulation of stabilized oxygen. Since the introduction of stabilized oxygen, other products have come into the market claiming to be stabilized oxygen such as hydrogen peroxide or other chlorine dioxide combinations. These are toxic products and can have severe side effects. Stabilized oxygen is a safe and effective way of introducing more oxygen into the blood stream.


Of all the products I have developed, worked with, or been introduced to, stabilized oxygen has always been the foremost product I recommend to my patients. I have seen stabilized oxygen provide benefits, from increasing energy to what many people would consider miracles. For prevention and regeneration, as a naturopathic and nutritional doctor, I would recommend stabilized oxygen to anyone”...


2-3 drops of stabilized oxygen, in a small eggcup of water, massaged into the gums, will improve and strengthen them.  This will improve gum health and therefore reduce the likelihood of gingivitis, pyorrhoea and other gum problems.


Dr David Williams

“I have been using stabilized oxygen in my dental practice in treating patients who suffer from gum disease. Your product is the most natural and the most effective substance that I have used to date in controlling the harmful bacteria in many dental infections. I recommend it highly for both treatment and routine preventative care”...

Peoples, MD Professor of Pharmacology, University of California, USA

“As a bactericide or fungicide, stabilized oxygen works primarily on the basis of oxidation, apparently being able to supply a stimulus to the organ’s own physiological response as well as offering additional oxidation capacity at the cellular level. Where utilised it combines with the natural bodily function and immune responses to become an effective medication with virtually no toxic or side effects”...


Fielding Harris, Monett, MO 8-2-89

We are having good results with stabilized oxygen. One lady has had to take a drug for her mouth infection. She takes the stabilized oxygen regularly and it has disappeared. She has had a little girl with sore throats and they also disappeared like magic when we treated the throat. One had sore glands and soaked them with the stabilized oxygen and it took care of the problem. When lettuce is sprayed with oxygen it stays fresh and crisp so much longer. Also my varicose veins are getting smaller.


I started taking the Irene Royal Jelly and Stabilized Oxygen almost one year ago.  At that time I was at an all time low and my immune system proved the point.  I was prone to all sorts of infections and had huge problems with my teeth and gums to the extent that it was recommended that I have gum surgery.

Physically I was in bad shape with aching knees and bursitis in one shoulder and to cap it all my hair had been thinning for some time – boy did I need help!  Within two months of using the products and putting the Oxygen on my toothbrush, the gum infection, which I’d had for many years, had completely gone.  I was so pleased that Irene persuaded me to try this before giving in to surgery!  Since then, continuing with the products, my physical condition has improved and I no longer have the aching knees and the bursitis in my shoulder has disappeared. I’ve also noticed a lot less hair loss and I can honestly say that I like what Irene’s Unique Formulations are doing for me.  My husband has been using the products as well and has also noticed a considerable reduction in hair loss.

Ingrid (May 2005)

I am 29 years of age. Since having my first child in 1983 I have pretty well constantly bleeding gums. During later pregnancies it was worse, with not so consistent bleeding at stages in between, but as a general rule I expected to have blood over my teeth in the mornings and they bleed virtually every time I brush my teeth. It did not worry me a great deal, but it was pleasant when, within one week of using  stabilized oxygen, the bleeding stopped. I have continued taking it for three months now and have had my gums bleed only slightly about twice while brushing my teeth

Victoria, Australia





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