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Just after the war, we were all grateful for new and wonderful scientific discoveries like Penicillin and other antibiotics.  Germs and viruses were knocked out quickly then.  Nowdays, it seems that the germs and viruses have developed resistance to science's weapons.  New, stronger and more resistant strains of viruses have started to attack our bodies. 

Now is the time to start boosting your immune system so that you can develop the necessary resistance against viruses, or at the very least, be able to pass them off lightly. 

Irene is a formulation developed several years ago by a team of biochemists, homeopaths and herbalists, headed by Dr Emile Coufalik .  Its constituents are a finely balanced combination of fresh Royal Jelly, Ginseng, Echinacea, Serrenoa Serrulata, Damiana, Capsicum Minimum and Honey.  The product is more effective than individual Royal Jelly products as it is fresh, not freeze dried or encapsulated.   

Irene's main ingredient is fresh Royal Jelly, which contains every vitamin, mineral and amino acid necessary for the body to function optimally.  However there are some elements which are particularly responsible for strengthening the immune system, helping the body to resist virus infections, colds and flu.

Fresh Royal Jelly has a wide reaching anti-viral action,thanks predominantly to the following elements:

AMINO ACIDS - including Biotin and Hydroxydecanoic Acid which have wonderful anti-bacterial and antibiotic properties.

MINERALS - such as Iron, to combat physical tiredness.

Plus a multitude of VITAMINS from

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) which converts carbohydrates into mental & physical energy & prevents tiredness,
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) which prevents apathy and depression,
Vitamin B3 (Niacin) which prevents tiredness, nausea and stomach pains,
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) which is indispensable in the production of anti-bodies,
Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamim) which relieves general tiredness & increases energy levels &
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) the arch enemy of the common cold virus.

The Royal Jelly is then potentised by the addition of a herbal distillate of Echinacea, which is nature's most powerful antibiotic and stimulates the body's immune system.  Because it is natural, it has none of the ghastly side effects on the immune system which synthetic drugs create.  Conversely, Echinacea increases the body's resistance to and recovery from infection (bacterial, viral and fungal) and is particularly effective in the treatment of tonsillitis and other low-grade infections. 

Add to this the premium quality Korean Ginseng, with all of its energy giving properties and Capsicum Minimum (which has antiseptic properties) and you have a product which laboratory studies have proved is ten times more potent than Royal Jelly in isolation and is the perfect antidote to viral infections.

In combination, Irene packs a powerful punch.  In addition, the formulation will help increase stamina, improve concentration and encourage healing sleep - all of which will help the stressed out, or those with a compromised immune system, to resist succumbing to infections.


"I never seem to catch a cold", "I don't seem to catch anything any more," are typical comments from users of the Irene formulation.  There may never be a cure for the common cold, given the multiplicity of different viruses which the word 'cold' embraces, but the development of antibodies which is encouraged by the Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) and Biotin in Irene can come to our defence when cold germs surround us.  The overall good health which Royal Jelly imparts must also aid resistance to infection from these and other viruses. 


Colds and flu are both caused by virus infections.  There are at least 40 different ones which just cause the common cold and goodness knows how many flu strains to which we are subjected.  For the last two years, we have suffered from flu epidemics (when one in 100 of the population is suffering) and this is because of the new, resistant strains hitting our shores.  The good news is that Irene can help both prevent the virus taking a hold by boosting the immune system and if you do succumb, alleviate the symptoms and accelerate recovery time.  It works by infusing large doses of Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) - arch enemy of the common cold - to the affected areas.  In addition, Copper and the B and H vitamins fight the infection.  Meanwhile, Echinacea helps drain the lymphatic system and fight viral infections, whilst Serenoa Serrulata eliminates the catarrhal symptoms.

H Overland from Jersey told us that "I was terribly run down as a result of sleepless nights with a young toddler and was constantly coming down with viruses - taking a very long time to recover from them.  Enough was enough and I started taking Irene.  Now I feel very strong and don't worry about catching colds.  My husband also takes the product.  He is normally very cynical but he noticed that he was not catching colds as he did before.  I have also started my two young daughters (aged five and two).  I have noticed that Abigail, who is at school full time, does not catch the colds which are going around the class."


Ever since she can remember, Tracy has been highly susceptible to virus attacks.  She used to succumb with alarming regularity, particularly after periods of great stress or interestingly, when anticipating happier occasions (she has missed weddings, parties and several events she has organised).  It would appear that Tracy's immune system just went into overload and the resulting virus would consign her to bed with a high temperature.  Since she started taking Irene in April, she hasn't had a day of illness, despite a heavy workload, coping with two children and several very stressful situations!

Another user reported the benefit they had received from Irene.  Emma Symons told us that her herpes virus had been kept at bay and that she has literally kissed goodbye the monthly occurence of cold sores she had been suffering.


..."In addition, I noticed that my two daughters thrived on Royal Jelly.  Lisa, in particular, was very susceptible in her early years to any infection that was doing the rounds, from the common cold to the usual litany of childhood illnesses, and when she caught them she really suffered.  This was where one of Royal Jelly's key benefits came up trumps.  Her general health and resistance to infection received a major boost and she changed from being a frequent absentee to having an excellent record of attendance at school.  As an added bonus, the Royal Jelly cleared up her eczema.  In Lisa's early twenties the Royal Jelly regime helped her cruise through her degree studies and more recently, the Irene formulation enabled her to cope with a very stressful teaching job in Hong Kong.  Most recently, it helped her cope brilliantly with her pregnancies into fulfilled motherhood and to re-locate back to the UK. 

My daughter Jayne derived similar benefits from taking Royal Jelly during her childhood.  Her hyperactivity was contained and the days of having one cold after another are now long gone.  There was one thing my daughter Jayne did catch while she was still a child, however, and that was my enthusiasm for Royal Jelly!  Now she is a vivacious, lovely young woman who has developed a remarkable portable steam and aromatherapy cabinet which is now on sale throughout the world."




I first began taking Irene Royal Jelly approximately three months ago when I was at an extremely low ebb health-wise. A year prior to that, while studying at university, I discovered that I had contracted glandular fever. Although I did manage to get my degree, the illness, not to mention long-term stress, had taken its toll on my body. By the time I left university, I had developed a systemic yeast infection, an under-active thyroid, depleted adrenals and was very vitamin and mineral deficient. All of this meant that I had absolutely no energy and no enthusiasm for life in general.


When I discovered Irene’s product, I immediately consulted with her and she assured me that I would benefit immensely from taking Irene Royal Jelly. Three months later and the improvements are no less than astounding. One of the most amazing developments is that I am no longer deficient in vitamins or minerals, when just four months ago a test revealed severe depletion of nutrients, in particular Magnesium and Potassium. Also, my hormones have started to re-balance and while I still have slightly stressed adrenal glands, there has certainly been a definite improvement.


Another significant development is an improvement in the condition of my hair. Before I started taking Irene Royal Jelly, my hair had become dull, lifeless and brittle and I was also experiencing a considerable amount of hair loss. Now, I have softer, shinier and thicker hair and only a small amount of loss.


As well as these main benefits, there have also been some surprising effects of taking Irene Royal Jelly. I have always suffered badly with hayfever but since taking Irene so far I have experienced none of the symptoms associated with it, while other members of my family are already sneezing and rubbing their itchy eyes!


In effect, taking Irene Royal Jelly is one of the best things that I have ever done. In a relatively short space of time, I have been transformed from an apathetic, lethargic invalid to a more energetic and vibrant person with a zest for life. It is still early days, and I would not yet say that I am back to optimum health, but Irene assures me that the best is yet to come! And if what I have experienced in the last few months is anything to go by, I can’t wait to see what the next three have in store.


Irene Stein has been a lifesaver for me. Not only does she have a fantastic product, but her knowledge and caring manner gave me the confidence to try Irene Royal Jelly and I was definitely not disappointed. So, thank you, Irene. I owe you one!


Caroline Platt, UK (May 2005)




I’ve been taking the Irene Formulation for the last three or four years and have been through possibly the most stressful time of my life during the past two years.  Considering the extreme stress and strain attached to this I have been keeping particularly well.  Everybody tells me how amazing I am and look, given that I have gone through so much.  The way in which I have been coping mentally and physically too has been extraordinary, particularly at the level of activity and running around that I do in my hectic life.

There is an obvious difference in my hair and skin, which people comment on and best of all are my recent blood tests which show improvement which I would not have expected, given that my iron level is usually deficient.  Even my hairdresser comments on my hair condition, which improves all the time.

In midlife I would have expected to slow down some more and I’m also aware that my general health has been in excellent condition.  Things like energy, concentration and ability to cope just keep getting better and better.

I’m always recommending the product and many people take it as a result of my experiences.


Francesca (Raanana, Israel – August 2005)




I am very excited about the multiple visible benefits accruing to me since starting to take Irene, together with the Waters of Life Stabilized Oxygen drops.


I started on the program six months ago, as my hair was dull, lifeless, lacked body and was visibly thinning in the front.  After three months, I noticed a definite change in texture.  My hair has much more volume, is easier to handle, there is a lot of new growth at the hairline – and – it is darkening from the white, which it had become, to its original colour.  The colour change started from the back of the head, but now the darkening of my hairline in front is visible.  I am noticing a continual improvement in texture, volume and colour.


I also suffered from shooting pains in my hands and wrists, which were probably due to arthritis.  I note that these have disappeared completely, and this can only be due to the effects of Irene, as nothing else in my diet has changed.


I am delighted to have become accustomed to drinking more water than I used to. Although I did not have a weight problem, I find that my weight stays down easily and my shape has improved.  My skin texture and tone have definitely improved and friends remark on how well I look.  I have a definitely improved feeling of general well-being, and if I feel symptoms of a cold, I am able to shake them off easily.

Generally I feel very alert and full of energy, and I am most grateful to Irene for changing the way I look and feel.
  I look forward to progressive improvement as I continue with the treatment!








Jane came to see Irene after she had recovered from a liver condition that had almost led to a complete bodily shut down.  She was suffering from thinning hair and had a stomach problem: she had also suffered with eczema for many years.  She had tried many different types of alternative healing including Ayurvedic treatments, which helped to heal the liver condition.


Jane started taking Waters for Life Stabilized Oxygen and Irene Royal Jelly and also started using the Royal Jelly and Vitamin E cream.  Irene was in regular contact with Jane, to check on her progress.


As Jane is very connected to her body and very sensitive to any changes, she was able to see the changes very quickly.

Almost immediately Jane noticed that she had more even more energy than usual – and she is a very energetic person.  The next thing she noticed was that her bowels were detoxifying
– not necessarily a pleasant experience, but certainly a very cleansing one!


She commented that her eczema was less problematic than usual and even after accidental contact with some cleaning fluid that would normally have caused a severe eczema flare up, her skin remained blemish free.

With regard to her hair, although as yet she could not see any drastic difference in growth, she noticed that her hair was in better condition and much stronger than before.

Jane was always susceptible to infections from her daughter Orly who brings lots of different bugs home from school: since being on the Royal Jelly she has resisted all those nasty coughs and colds.

Jane says: “Since I am so sensitive, I react to almost everything in the surrounding environment; the combination of the Irene Formulation with the Stabilized Oxygen is magically soothing and I just feel so much healthier overall!”




Dear Irene,


Having been ill for years after a very bad car accident, I developed Osteoarthritis, then Osteoporosis and Hiatus Hernia and also had a gall bladder operation.  I cannot take drugs or vitamin tablets and had tried everything, as my immune system is very low and I am always catching viruses and colds.  I have had a lot of stress over the years and was at a very low ebb.


A friend gave me a newspaper to read and in it I saw a small article on Irene Stein and thought I would try them as I am in the menopause with all the problems that brings. 


Although we are on pension and money is very short, I sent for my first batch – this was about 5 months ago.  I have been taking one a day ever since.  I was surprised how much better I felt in myself – I have had less colds and viruses and if I do get them I throw them off more quickly.  My arthritis has improved and my skin and hair are in very good condition.  I would also recommend the Royal Jelly and Vitamin E cream, which is wonderful.


I shall continue with Irene Stein as I find Irene so good for me.


Yours Sincerely,

Mrs J Morrison


Dear Irene,


Just a small note to say thank you for introducing your product.  As you are aware, my son Shawaz was suffering from eczema and asthma.  I had to use steroids for asthma and topical steroids for eczema.  Thanks to your product Shawaz is only using the steroid inhaler once a day from four times a day and I haven’t used any cream as the eczema has completely disappeared.

After noticing the change on Shawaz’s skin & introduced the product to my son Shaffin, who is hyperactive and kept on getting recurrent colds.  Shaffin has been taking the Royal Jelly for about 3 months in which time he has only had one cold, he is a lot calmer, concentration has improved and his school have also noticed the difference.


So thank you Irene once again.


Yours Sincerely,

S Buseller



Since May 2002, I have been drinking a daily dose of Irene Royal Jelly, which helps in strengthening the immune system and prevention of illness. It has certainly made a change in my life.

I’ve been taking combination therapy anti-HIV drugs for about 5 years now. I am continuing to take the combination therapy alongside the royal jelly. I have no doubt that the formula has strengthened me a lot. After taking the formula for only 2 weeks I already saw a difference in the way I felt.

I was often under a great deal of stress with my work as the executive director of the AITS. My position demanded a lot of concentration and responsibility. I did have some problems resting and sleeping because of the pressure that was on me. However the Irene Royal Jelly helped me with all that. My vitality came back, my sleep improved and I had more clarity of thought. The stress and pressures of work and the tiredness that used to come over me has disappeared.

Another thing was that when I travelled I tended to get illnesses from the travelling itself, especially on trips to colder climates. Since I started taking Irene Royal Jelly all my trips have been undisturbed by sickness – no colds, no influenza, nothing – no problems!

Finally, for me just the fact that I no longer have to swallow a whole lot of vitamins and minerals is a great advantage, physically as well as mentally.


Aviram Germanovitch


I have been taking Irene Royal Jelly for 6 weeks. I survived the winter free of flu and colds – a first for a long time. I also seem to have an abundance of energy. I use it to peel my skin once in a while and it works wonders!!! A versatile wonder.

Myrna Binan




Thirty-one year old Amanda Maxwell, from Northern Ireland, began taking Irene twelve months ago. She wanted to pick herself up again quickly. Sure enough, it was not long before she was delighted to be expecting again and three months ago she gave birth to a son.


Amanda already has a lively two year old daughter, so she expected to be exhausted, as she had been when she was tiny. But no, having her daily Irene means that she is full of energy even though she is now running around after a toddler and feeding and caring for a baby.


Amanda was so pleased with the energy-giving powers of Irene that she has got her husband taking it too. Now they have a young baby in the house, she says there is the added bonus that her husband is not catching colds which in the past were handed straight on to the children.


When her daughter was weaned, Amanda's hair fell out in patches. Knowing how beneficial Irene is for the hair, Amanda is interested to see what happens when she stops feeding this baby. We hope to keep in touch with Amanda and wish her well with her young family.



I grew up taking Irene Royal Jelly and I have to admit that I took my vitality and great immunity for granted. Being a Primary School teacher, I was constantly exposed to colds and flu viruses and yet I rarely needed to take a day off sick. It was only when I became pregnant and a mother myself that I truly appreciated my daily 'potion' of Irene Royal Jelly.

I had read all the books on what to expect when I was expecting and resigned myself to bouts of morning sickness, fluid retention and the dreaded heartburn and exhaustion. They didn't come! I just continued teaching full time right up until the 7th month. "It will hit me soon", I thought. I couldn't have been more wrong - I swam for an hour everyday and felt fitter than I had ever done before. Could it be the Irene?


As I waited for the imminent arrival of my baby, I kept telling myself that everything was going too well, it was all too easy. I had listened to many a tale of 24 hour labours and the antenatal video I had watched left me feeling totally panicked. This was going to be pay back time, I thought. I hadn't suffered the usual pregnancy problems and so now would be the time!


On the morning of my due date, I awoke with these 'strange feelings'. Could this be the start of labour? I wasn't sure but thought I'd make some sandwiches to take to hospital (that's what it said in the manual after all, your first labour was supposed to be long). Three hours later, Robyn was born and I couldn't believe how quick it had all been. Sure, I had felt tired but nothing like I had expected. In fact, six weeks later I was back in the pool. Six weeks of sleepless nights with a baby suffering from colic and six weeks of a baby who wouldn't sleep during the day and who wanted to be held the whole time really put Irene to the test.. By rights, I should have been on my knees, but I wasn't.


My second pregnancy, I told myself, wouldn't be so easy. After all, I had Robyn to run around after. Well, the bump grew and grew, I swam and swam, did the school run, the ballet and swimming lessons, had Robyn's friends over to play, ran a home and taught part time! Still no morning sickness, still loads of energy.


MUST be the Irene and, of course, the Stabilized Oxygen I had been advised to take by Irene Stein. The stabilized oxygen certainly helped with that slump late afternoon when the children's dinner had to be made, both of them were getting tired and grumpy, and I felt a drop in my energy levels. The Irene Royal Jelly and the stabilized oxygen certainly were a winning combination for me!


I can honestly say that without Irene I wouldn't have the energy to do all that I do and my two girls wouldn't be as healthy as they are. Porridge and Royal Jelly go hand in hand in our house. The only way to start the day, in my opinion.


Lisa Evans, July 2004




Dear Irene,

I have almost finished my first month on Irene and can honestly say that I have noticed a remarkable difference. As a 37 year old mother of four children from the ages of 11 down to 4, plus two other demanding part time jobs, I was feeling really tired constantly, yet kept on pushing myself.


About a year after my last child was born in 2000, I experienced severe tiredness and went to the doctor for blood tests. It came back that I had a "virus" and therefore no treatment was necessary - "it would go the way it came". Well, this virus turned out to be a severe case of glandular fever, unknown to me at the time, and as a result of not resting appropriately, my body started making antibodies to resist this virus - but it ended up attacking my thyroid. I thus started to experience a wave of overactive and underactive thyroid symptoms. I was constantly hot, my hair was dry and brittle, my skin used to break out constantly and my weight dropped - no joke when my normal weight is a mere 48 kg.


Finally I had enough of people asking me if I was ok and telling me that I looked permanently tired. I went to my doctor and demanded further blood tests, which pinpointed the exact problem. By then, the glandular fever had virtually left my system and my thyroid returned to normal. But I was still tired, and with my punishing work schedule as a teacher and English news presenter on an internet site, nothing seemed to make me feel better.


In between, I had often come across the Irene products in various brochures, but shrugged it off as another "instant miracle cure" that probably didn't work. It was only recently that I came across another brochure in a newspaper and decided to phone the number - what could I lose?


Irene Stein answered the phone and immediately made me feel at ease. She listened attentively to all my medical woes and assured me that the Irene products could work for me. I booked the products and picked them up for myself a couple of days later, not entirely convinced that anything would work for me.


Well I was wrong. Almost instantly I felt a change. I noticed the dark shadows under my eyes were less dark, my skin seemed smoother and more importantly I had more energy. With regular calls by Irene to check on my progress, she assured me that the best was yet to come.


I can honestly say at the end of my first month of using Irene and drinking a litre and a half of water with 30-40 drops of the Stabilized Oxygen, that I feel a tremendous difference. I really feel better and back to my old self. This has come at a great time because we're off to England next week for a two week visit. The last time I was there was when I was at the height of my viral illness and looked awful - I could sense that people who hadn't seen me for a long time were visibly shocked by my appearance. Now I feel great, knowing that every morning I am giving my body a fantastic start by drinking the small phial of Irene. I am interested to see people's reactions when I am in London, and will definitely be sure to pack a two week supply of Irene, and take my trusted bottle of Stabilized Oxygen with me!


Nicole Monk, Israel


Extract from Peter Hudson's Book - "The Aerobic Oxygen Handbook"


Oxidation is a term used to describe the complex process of oxygen combining with various elements in the body to reduce or burn them for various purposes.  Oxidation is the essential factor in healthy metabolic function, circulation, assimilation, digestion and elimination.  The oxidation process is responsible for purifying the blood, keeping it free from toxic cellular waste accumulation.  Adequate oxygen allows the body to recuperate during sleep.  It strengthens the immune system, calms and renews the nervous system.


The results of oxygen deficiency are the symptoms we see so commonly around today.  There is an epidemic of some of the severest forms of degenerative diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and the like; the constant infections, colds, gastrointestinal infections can all be traced to oxygen deficiency.  If we haven't got sufficient oxygen at the cellular level, not only do we experience fatigue and mental lethargy; our cells also accumulate vast amounts of waste products much faster than the body's eliminative channels can remove them.  This toxic overload creates an ideal soil or environment for the multiplication of all manner of pathogenic conditions including viruses, such as colds, influenza, herpes and so forth.  The bowels and colon become highly toxic with vast accumulations of toxic materials which are absorbed through the porous walls of the bowels, back into the system, therefore poisoning our bodies and minds.


Viral or bacterial infections (anywhere in the body) and common colds were reversed by the use of Stabilized Oxygen.  Twenty drops of Stabilized Oxygen, mixed in a teaspoonful of honey and warm water, were administered three times daily until the infections cleared.  Stabilized oxygen acted the same as antibiotics but with no side effects.


It was observed that Stabilized Oxygen removed chlorine from drinking water and killed infectious bacteria.  It is proven effective against salmonella, cholera, E coli, streptococcus, pseudomonas, staphylococcus and giardia lambilia (Beaver Fever).  The body's beneficial bacteria are not harmed in the process.


Sore throats, ulcers and kidney infections all benefited by the use of 20 drops of stabilized oxygen in water three times per day.




Recently I got a bad dose of a virus 'flu.  My nose just kept running and I couldn't stop my headache or coughing.  I was advised to take 20 drops of stabilized oxygen, which I took immediately.  Next morning, I couldn't believe my nose had stopped running and the headache was gone.  I am now taking 20 drops morning and night and am pleased to say that my 'flu cleared up in four days.  I am that impressed that I have joined up and hope to help others get well. 


NN, Australia



My wife and I are both impressed with the stabilized oxygen. It has helped us to increase our energy and we can testify that our immune systems have been boosted.


PS, Vernon, BC




I am a woman 77 years of age.  Ten years ago I started taking stabilized oxygen daily.  Before this time, in fact that very winter, I suffered with pneumonia in my bronchial tubes and lungs.  My doctor prescribed antibiotics for 2 weeks which I took and would recover.  However, in about 2 weeks or a month later, I came down with the same ailment.  A friend put me on to the stabilized oxygen and believe me, in the ten years following, I have not had pneumonia, not even a cold virus.  If a sore throat starts, I immediately take extra drops and the next day I feel fine, with no sign of a sore throat or sniffles.


This tells me that stabilized oxygen is a wonderful immune builder.  I have put the entire family on to it and all of us have been able to combat any cold or flu symptoms successfully.  In fact, when I told my doctor about the stabilized oxygen, he advised me not to stop taking it.





I've always developed a cold or 'flu, at least three times a year.  Since taking stabilized oxygen for the past year, I've had no colds or 'flu anymore.  Incredible! I will always take stabilized oxygen to boost my immune system.





He felt immediate relief after taking it for only one day and found his raw throat, as he put it, wasn't raw anymore.  He said he has dumped all of the medicine he brought from the hospital and will stay right with Stabilized Oxygen.


Bella Crosbie






I want to commend you on your excellent product, Stabilized Oxygen.  Before using it I had a bladder infection very frequently, as often as once a month.  I was taking antibiotics constantly. Now it has been a year since I have had the infection.  It is a great product.

Virginia H,
Magalia, CA, USA




For three years I suffered with bladder infections.  When I called your number and explained my problem you told me about Stabilized Oxygen.  After using it for a year, 12 drops in an 8oz glass of water, I am happy to say that I haven't had a bladder infection since.


Letter 23.6.97



Dear Irene,


Since taking your unique Royal Jelly & Oxygen formulations, I have noticed a much greater resistance to colds and coughs.  My immune system has strengthened so much so that if I do catch anything, I am only ill for a day or so. My energy levels are much higher, I have much better concentration and I’ve even seen an improvement in my memory.  I wanted to let you know that I am also delighted that I have much less grey hair. I am more than happy to speak to anyone about my experiences.

Thank you


Shoshanna, March 2009

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