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Extract from Irene Stein's Book – "Health for Life"



The chest pains of angina are extremely frightening and often indicate constriction of the coronary arteries due to arteriosclerosis (see below). However, this pain can also be caused by a deficient oxygen supply to the heart muscle because there is not enough Haemoglobin (the red oxygen-carrying pigment) in the blood. It is known that Royal Jelly and Ginseng increase Haemoglobin levels and enhance blood flow through the body. In addition, its Inositol content lowers cholesterol levels ensuring that the arteries leading to the heart do not become silted up. As a consequence, many angina sufferers find relief after a course of Irene.




This is the medical name for any condition in which the walls of the arteries become hard, thick and therefore narrower than they should be. Frequently, arteriosclerosis manifests itself as atherosclerosis, in which fatty deposits build up inside the arteries, creating ideal conditions for a blood clot or thrombosis to form, with the concomitant risk of a heart attack or stroke. The obvious way to avoid such a build­up is to cut down on the consumption of animal fats. However, some people’s bodies seem to have difficulty in metabolising even small amounts of fat and they have high cholesterol levels in their blood. In such cases, or if someone is eating a diet which is relatively high in fat, it would be advisable to take Irene, since the Inositol it contains contributes to the manufacture within the body of Lecithin, the fat and cholesterol metaboliser par excellence. Royal Jelly also stimulates cell metabolism and respiration, and significantly influences liver.




Extract from Peter Hudson’s Book - "The Aerobic Oxygen Handbook"


Several patients who have Cardiac problems, Angina, various fibrillations and Tachycardia, have all reported excellent results from Stabilized Oxygen. Their hearts feel steady and strong. Their breathing has improved. There is very little sign of pain. Instead of experiencing their hearts labouring, they feel that they are beating easily. When they lay down at night they are not aware of their heart beating as they were previously. Many with blood pressure problems, especially high, have found a great improvement from taking Stabilized Oxygen.

A lady in her early 60’s suffers from heart and circulatory problems with frequent attacks of Angina at least two or three times a day.
Whilst having an attack, I gave her 20 drops of Stabilized Oxygen in a glass of water. Within a few seconds her pain had gone. I advised her to take 20 drops of stabilized oxygen 3 times daily. She puts the drops into a litre of water and drinks it through the day. I saw her 2 weeks later. She reported she had been free of Angina attacks and also her leg cramps had cleared up.

A gentleman in his 70’s with very bad Angina, suffering both pain and breathlessness, has only been taking Stabilized Oxygen for four weeks. He stated that his breathing has most definitely improved. He gauges this by climbing the stairs and isn’t half as breathless as he was previously. The chest area feels a lot easier. Where he had felt a great pressure in and around the heart, with quite nasty Angina type pains which extended down the left arm up into the throat area, he now feels that this has also lessened. He feels a lot better.


A woman in Canada reported that her Angina attacks had disappeared after taking stabilized oxygen. The stabilized oxygen helped remove Calcium deposits and Cholesterol from her bloodstream and her High Blood Pressure returned to normal.

Asthma, breathing and heart attacks were also relieved by Stabilized Oxygen. Forty drops of Stabilized Oxygen, mixed in an ounce of brandy or pure apple juice, quickly puts vital oxygen into the bloodstream. This helps prevent heart muscle damage due to a shortage of oxygen.

Poor circulation, resulting in cold hands and feet, occurs when the blood is not saturated with sufficient oxygen, starving the cells and causing the body to withdraw blood from the extremities in order to maintain the integrity of the internal organs. Oxygen starved blood results in an oxygen starved brain which produces symptoms of senility, poor memory retention, dizziness etc. Stabilized Oxygen could improve the blood and increase the circulation.




My friend
Norman is a veteran of the Second World War and has, since that time, suffered through many ailments brought about from his experiences.  He is now in his middle 70’s and has within the last few months suffered a heart attack with all the accompanying symptoms.


Since I have felt so well due to taking Stabilized Oxygen, I put Norman onto it. He immediately began taking 40 or more drops per day and almost immediately began to feel a return to better health and energy.


His doctor was amazed at the improvement in him. Norman told the doctor what he was taking. The doctor had heard of Stabilized Oxygen and told him to keep it up, not to stop taking it, along with certain vitamins necessary to his condition. Since that time, Norman has gone to his heart specialist and has been taken off all other medication, except for the Stabilized Oxygen and Vitamin B. I am happy to say that Norman continues to improve, feels better every day, is much more active and thanks the day he was put onto Stabilized Oxygen.





Several years ago I was diagnosed as suffering with Arterial Fibrillation (rapid and irregular heart beat) and more recently also with Angina, since then I was unable to sleep on my left side, if I turned onto my left side I immediately wakened with a feeling of suffocation.

I was introduced to Stabilized Oxygen by my homoeopath three months ago, since then I have been able to sleep on my left side, my breathing has improved so much that I have more stamina and feeling of well being than I have had for years.


Mrs L. Anderson, England



I write to you with my personal testimony and I thank you for sending me supporting literature. I am meeting with my homoeopath tomorrow and, and I will be telling him about my personal experience, which is that I no longer suffer from Angina after taking regular glasses of water with Stabilized Oxygen. The effect was immediate.

Mr P. Barker.




Dear Sirs,

My husband had a very bad heart and could not seem to get enough air. He began taking the Stabilized Oxygen and you could see his colour improve as well as his breathing. It sure has been a great help to us.




Dear Sirs,

In February of 1987 I was admitted to the local hospital emergency ward with acute congestive heart failure. I had very high blood pressure and had been on various medications for 25 years. An angiogram was performed on me and an artery in my thigh would not stop bleeding, causing a blood clot in my thigh, stopping blood circulation in my leg. The pain was excruciating, and the doctors were afraid gangrene might set in… they could not reduce the blood clot and were considering amputation of my leg. I had the Angioplasty to open up my arteries but with no improvement.

A young man from my church had told me that his mother had been through a similar experience, and had now totally recovered. The second week of taking the stabilized oxygen my pain was all gone. After 2 months my blood clot had dissolved to the size of a walnut and the blackness of my leg and abdomen had almost disappeared. My blood pressure fell and I gradually came off all medications. Two heart valves that weren’t working were now operating normally. It’s hard to believe I could start to feel so good after being in such a bad condition. My heartfelt thanks to you and Stabilized Oxygen, I just love sharing it with other people.



My 23 month old daughter was born with complex congenital heart disease. At three months of age she had emergency surgery to insert a shunt. At this time she suffered a CVA (stroke) resulting in physical disabilities, delayed development and infantile spasms (fits).

Since the administration of a small dosage of Stabilized Oxygen, I have noticed a definite improvement in her mental awareness, more energy and her fitting has reduced to almost nil. As you may imagine, I am constantly searching for ways to help my child’s development and whilst some things are questionable, I feel the Stabilized Oxygen is a success story.

Western Australia



A Canadian woman had a huge black blood clot 24” x 12” from her right thigh up to her navel. It developed from a profusely bleeding artery following an angiogram and angioplasty. Two of her heart valves were also not closing properly, causing a double heart beat. Her arteries were clogged, her blood pressure varied between 185/85 and 195/95 and she had prominent varicose veins.

Three months after taking stabilized oxygen, the clot had reduced to the size of a small walnut, the bruising had faded to a dirty grey and her varicose veins had disappeared. Her blood pressure dropped to 110/60 and her heart beat and valves returned to normal.




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