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Extracts from Irene Steinís Book Ė ďHealth for LifeĒ †††


If you are constantly thirsty, need to pass urine frequently and always feel tired, you may have developed diabetes. This condition develops when the body does not produce enough of a hormone called Insulin which it needs to convert carbohydrates into energy; You may have been unlucky enough to inherit this condition or you may have developed it because you are overweight - but either way you will be advised that you need to alter your diet. Supplementing your diet can also help. Recent trials have shown that Chromium is vital, since without it the body cannot produce Insulin. Sulphur, too, has been shown to have insulin-like qualities and this is also present in Royal Jelly, as are Vitamins B3 and H (Niacin and Biotin) which tests have shown may be able to help control blood sugar levels. The Vitamin E and Zinc found in Ginseng have also been proved effective in the treatment of this condition.†


Irene has a consistent normalising action on so many conditions and these are no exceptions.† It is understood that deficiencies in Glutamic Acid†and Glycine could be a factor in both high and low blood sugar levels.† Both of these Amino Acids are present in Royal Jelly and it is likely that they play a part in rectifying these conditions.† In addition, the formulation contains Pantothenic Acid, (a lack of which can induce hypoglycaemia) and Chromium.† This trace mineral, which is often lacking in diabetics and without which the body cannot produce insulin, also helps to prevent sugar cravings.† The carbohydrate compounds also present are responsible for maintaining constant blood sugar levels.


Glutamic Acid and Glycine are also believed to perform a vital role when combined in delaying ageing, building up the bodyís resistance to tumours, relieving allergies and helping with diabetes, hyperglycaemia and arthritis, as well as alleviating the side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation in the treatment of cancer.†

In addition, Glycine boosts pituitary gland and muscle functions and also helps in the treatment of hypoglycaemia.

We currently have a number of diabetic customers taking this product with no contra-indications.

Irene has worked conscientiously at improving her formulations throughout the years and strongly believes in improving on nature.† Having succeeded in producing the most unique and effective Royal Jelly product in the world, she now adds stabilized oxygen to be taken alongside the Irene formulation in order to enhance still further the action of this amazing formulation.† By oxygenating the blood with the stabilized oxygen formula, even greater results can be expected.† This stabilized oxygen is capable of decongesting and stimulating every cell in the body, and allows Irene to work even more effectively.

One of the most significant breakthroughs of the 20th century is the discovered ability to stabilize oxygen.† Oxygen is one of the five elements needed to sustain life.† It provides life and energy to every living cell.†† Oxygen is absorbed by haemoglobin in the blood and is transferred to every cell.† One of oxygenís primary properties is that it completely destroys harmful bacteria.† Lack of oxygen affects the functioning of the immune system. Deprived of oxygen totally, brain cells begin to die after 15 seconds.†

Recognised benefits associated with Stabilized oxygen include improved memory, reduced blood pressure, vanishing varicose veins, improved diabetic conditions, improvement in conditions related to digestion, prostate cancer, etc.† It also dramatically enhances all of the mental processes Ė memory absorption, retention, clarity, focus and agility.† Additionally, it is safe and non-toxic.†

Oxidation is a term used to describe the complex process of oxygen combining with various elements in the body to reduce or burn them for various purposes.† Oxidation is the essential factor in healthy metabolic function, circulation, assimilation, digestion and elimination.† The oxidation process is responsible for purifying the blood, keeping it free from toxic cellular waste accumulation.† Adequate oxygen allows the body to recuperate during sleep.† It strengthens the immune system, calms and renews the nervous system.† There have been positive effects with the use of Stabilized Oxygen against diabetes and hypertension.


I am diabetic, which is controlled through my diet only.My sugar level has remained normal whilst taking the IRENE Royal Jelly formulation.Tests were carried out both by myself and more stringently, by my doctorís staff (monitoring blood sugar, blood pressure etc).Everything was normal.I also take the Irene formulation for Arthritis.To start with I was afraid of taking the Irene Royal Jelly as I thought it would interfere with my sugar levels, but it hasnít.

Thank You.

G Jones


I have been taking Irene Royal Jelly and Stabilized Oxygen Products since 2007. I have noticed my stamina and energy has improved to the point that I would never be able to handle my heavy work-load with so little sleep.There is also an obvious difference in my concentration.My hair has also improved and I no longer have the heavy hair-loss on the brush.The condition and growth is also very improved. I am a diabetic, and since taking the Irene and changing my diet I have been able to reduce my units of insulin substantially . There is no harmful side-effect whatsoever as-far-as diabetes is concerned. I was able to go without my flu injection for the last 2 years and no longer have coughs, colds and flues. The products have helped me to loose weight, and Iím delighted about that. The most important thing is that my peace-of-mind has changed because I know that Iím doing something good for myself and donít run the risk of attracting the ill health conditions I might otherwise have.

Cora, January 2009

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