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Extract from Irene Stein's Book - "Health for Life"

This condition, also known as FMS, occurs when the connective tissue near or around the joint becomes inflamed.  It can cause so much pain that sufferers complain not only of physical symptoms but of the effect it has on their mental state.  The analgesic effect and anti-inflammatory properties of Irene can help to reduce the swelling and pain of FMS in much the same way as it works for Arthritis.

Can you imagine being so "engulfed in pain that a mere touch makes you recoil"?  Or experiencing so much tenderness that you feel "like you have been run over by a bus - every day"?  That is how 85 year old Mrs Gartland described her recently diagnosed condition.  In fact, the pain as so bad that "I would be talking to someone and my mind would go completely blank, to the extent that I could not even remember what I was talking about."

Mrs Gartland is no stranger to pain.  She had polio at the age of eight, and has had rheumatoid arthritis since she was 18, yet the pain experienced with fibro myalgia was far greater than either of these.  Since embarking on a course of Irene, Mrs Gartland has found her memory; her focus and mental agility are much improved and she has not had a blank episode since.  Her pain, which is so deep seated, is also slowly ebbing away.  She has been taking strong anti-inflammatories and painkillers for a staggering 67 years, so the detoxifying process is slow but steady.

Interestingly, the condition of her hair (which her hairdresser told her she could do nothing with) has substantially improved.  It now has lustre and body and the hairdresser finds it manageable enough to encourage into a style.

Extract from "The Fibromyalgia Association UK" Journal - July 1999

For some time now, Irene Stein, well known for her many years of work with Royal Jelly, has realised how helpful her product (the IRENE FORMULATION) can be to sufferers of M.E.  In the late eighties, Dr Zena Maxwell MBChB - Medical Advisor, conducted a trial during which Irene Royal Jelly was given to sufferers of M.E. 

Of the study group, 74.3% said the product had helped.  The areas of improvement were noted as improved mental ability and concentration, decreased depression, increased physical energy and strength, less muscle pain and/or decreased inflammation, recovered appetite, better sleep patterns and a general "all round" improvement of symptoms.  The subjects also said that their general appearance had improved, particularly their skin, hair and nails.  After the trial, those who continued with the product said that their recovery from any relapses was faster and that they were less prone to infection and more coherent and mentally stable.

Recently a noticeable amount of Fibromyalgia cases have come to Irene's attention and interestingly, some of these cases had previously been diagnosed with M.E.  It now seems as if some sufferers of the one disease also have the other.  It is also possible that in some cases the Fibromyalgia was initially mis-diagnosed as M.E.

The IRENE formulation was developed as a result of Irene's discovery that the fresh Royal Jelly she was already using in her products, could be potentised ten-fold if mixed with various homeopathic herbs and other ingredients.  The eminent homeopath, Dr Emile Coufalik, worked on a new Royal Jelly formulation for Irene, and eventually THE IRENE FORMULATION was available to the public, although by direct mail order only, because Irene prefers to give a personal service to her clients and pass on her knowledge of the product to them.  She does not believe that this can be done by retailers, as of course they cannot be expected to specialise in any one product. 

As well as hive fresh Royal Jelly, in a homeopathic base, Irene contains Echinacea, the herb now becoming well known for its ability to increase the immune system and Korean Ginseng, which boosts energy and combined with the other ingredients in Irene, can help to balance the hormonal system.  It is most important to balance every ingredient so that each one works in synergy with the others.  Ginseng, for example, is often sold in capsules, each containing large doses and as such, is a powerful stimulant - in fact, far too powerful for everyday use, especially for those with depleted immune systems.  IRENE contains just enough to achieve what many Irene users describe as 'capability'.  Irene receives reports of depression and lethargy diminishing, and a desire to do more - whereas previously, in some cases, there had been inability to tackle even the simplest tasks.

The people who use Irene, perhaps for another health condition (joint problems being a common one) always notice that they escape the winter bouts of colds and 'flu, that those around them have.  If unlucky enough to catch a viral infection, Irene users seem to only have a few initial symptoms which quickly subside.  The marked difference in the general appearance is often first remarked upon by friends and relatives, and there have been some interesting cases of renewed hair growth.  In fact, it is now more widely known that one of the herbs in the Irene formulation has a profound effect on hair.

It is interesting that Fibromyalgia seems to be caused by trauma, whereas M.E. follows a viral infection.  Some homeopaths believe that the effect of severe trauma is such that the body is unable to cope and the immune system begins to shut down.  Homeopathic treatment, which can help, treats different areas one at a time, slowly improving each one.  It is a gradual process.

Making sure that the body is well supplied with a nutritious diet is common sense, and there is no doubt supplements will help.  However, the rate of absorption is paramount and capsules and tablets have the disadvantage in that they do not usually dissolve at the right stage in the digestive process for the contents to work effectively, thus the benefits are lost.  For this reason, the Irene formulation is in liquid form, taken first thing in the morning, before food, and held in the mouth for thirty seconds.  The product is firstly absorped by the capillaries under the tongue, thus partially entering the blood stream even before it is swallowed.  Easily digested, Irene has a delicious flavour which is considered a real morning treat, often palatable in cases even when food is not wanted.  It is conveniently packed in single dose glass phials and the usual dose is one phial daily, which will provide an abundance of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.  The initial effects are very subtle and it is necessary to allow the product at least three months, to assess the effects fairly. 

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