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Extract from Irene Stein's Book - "Health for Life"


As we revealed in the allergies section, there are many relevant ingredients in Irene to help combat skin rashes - including Pantothenic Acid, Sulphur, Phosphorus, Biotin, Niacin and Riboflavin found in Royal Jelly. Royal Jelly seems to reduce allergic responses, perhaps because of its Glutamic Acid content, and there should be some relief, even if the nature of the allergen remains a mystery. Add the effect of Vitamin E, Manganese, Copper and Zinc from the Ginseng, plus Echinacea and Capsicum, and it is not surprising that dermatitis responds readily to this substance whether it is taken internally or applied externally. Of course, in 'contact dermatitis' the inflammation is a response to an external irritant, so it is wise to identify that irritant (often wool or biological washing powders) since prevention is always better than cure. The rash may also be the result of an allergy to a particular food item and this should be investigated if no external irritant can be found. 




This non-contagious skin disease causes considerable discomfort and stress to sufferers who, because the lesions are scaly and red, try to cover affected areas. Because of this, the layman tends to imagine that it is a fairly rare complaint, but in fact approximately one person in 50 is plagued by it. Since stress can precipitate fresh lesions, people with psoriasis are often trapped in a vicious circle of stress and psoriasis, with new outbreaks causing more stress which causes the psoriasis to worsen. Happily, as with so many skin conditions, Irene has the rele­vant active ingredients: Pantothenic Acid, Phosphorus, Sulphur, Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Niacin (Vitamin B3), Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Biotin (Vitamin H) and Zinc, which can both soothe and heal the skin. It does not seem to matter whether the substance is applied externally to the affected parts by means of a cream or taken internally in the form of the liquid formulation — the result is the same.




Environmental pollution, diet and lifestyle, stress and frequent traveling can all wreak havoc on the skin.  Radiant complexions dull, dry, red patches appear, spots and blackheads rear their ugly heads.  In addition, according to a study at the University of California, air pollution and ozone can rob the skin of Vitamin E, causing a variety of skin problems.


A recipe for problem-free skin includes eating foods rich in anti-oxidants (Vitamins A, C and E), cutting down on processed and fatty foods, cutting out smoking and alcohol, but drinking plenty of water.  Step up your exercise, ensure you relax and sleep adequately and invest in a good skincare regime.



Beauty, we are told, comes from within and it is certainly true that when you are feeling well your skin and hair also appear to glow with health.  It follows, therefore, that when you are physically low, your nails are more likely to flake, your hair lacks lustre and your skin often breaks out.  Certainly good diet, exercise, plenty of sleep and limiting the intake of cigarettes and alcohol all play their part, but sometimes we need a little extra help.  The sickness part of this chapter dealt with the myriad skin conditions which can be helped by Irene.  But for many people, it's just the odd dry patch caused by bad weather, which is causing concern.  The combined strength of Vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12, C and E, Zinc, Magnesium, Chromium, Potassium and Sulphur - all of which are present in Irene - are recommended as the ideal supplements to support healthy skin.




One of the first results noticed by those who take Irene is that the condition of their skin, nails and hair improves dramatically.  It was therefore a logical step to try applying the formulation externally to skin rashes and lesions.  The outcome was very encouraging so, recently I developed a skin cream containing Royal Jelly and Vitamin E.  When taken internally, Vitamin E has a long standing reputation for protecting cells as they divide and multiply.  More recently, it has been used in ointments to help heal ulcers, burns and cuts.  As such, this vitamin has similar properties to Royal Jelly, and the combination of these two active ingredients has produced some remarkable results.  It was initially intended that the cream should be used on the face and neck, but many purchasers tried it on other parts of their body and even their hair with considerable success.




The cream benefits from the well-documented capabilities of Royal Jelly to which are added Jojoba Oil, Beeswax and lemon essential oils homeopathically potentised by lemon essence.  It has been applied in a variety of different cases, all with excellent results:

Scars and Wounds

Many doctors are now recommending that patients with stitched wounds or scars should rub on Royal Jelly and Vitamin E Cream to help these damaged areas heal more quickly and the skin to regenerate more effectively.  Newly restored areas of skin can often be taut and Irene can also help the skin regain its suppleness.

Psoriasis, Eczema and Allergies
Likewise, the more enlightened dermatologists are starting to advise patients to use Royal Jelly and Vitamin E Cream since it helps nourish and soothe skin of those suffering from acute conditions.  Application has been found to be especially effective after steroid creams have been used to clear up the chronic inflammation and itching, but has left the skin rough yet hypersensitive.

Both Irene and Irene Royal Jelly and Vitamin E Cream can have dramatic effects on severe eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions.  One lady received startling results when she used the cream on a cyst.  She had consulted her doctor who told her that she would have to have it excised when it became uncomfortable.  Although the lump on her wrist was already painful, since my correspondent was about to go on holiday, she decided to wait until she returned before seeing a specialist.  I shall let her take up the story:

"The lump got bigger and bigger and was making my arm ache as well, so I thought I would try rubbing some of the cream on it morning and evening.  This I did for a while and then one morning I woke up and found the lump had gone right down.  Then the lump started to come again a week ago so once again I have been putting the cream on and the lump has gone down again!"

Fortunately most of us are free from such worrying complaints, but still we can derive great benefit from the soothing and revitalising properties of the cream.

A happy lady from Surrey says, "After using Royal Jelly and Vitamin E cream for about three months... friends, relatives - even the beauty salon consultants at various stores have all commented on my skin, saying how it glows."
Diana Jamison had found that her skin reacted to all the creams she had tried in the past: "Everything I tried only made my itchy, sensitive skin that much worse.  However, after a day out in the frosty cold my skin was so sore and flaky, I tried the cream and found to my surprise how soothing it was - and no itching!"   
Eric Evans told us that his shaving has been made easier by the application of the cream before every shave.  The condition of his skin has also improved and he looks noticeably less lined.

An even more recent development than Royal Jelly and Vitamin E skin cream is the appearance on the market of complete skincare ranges containing Royal Jelly.  By way of a warning, some of the cheap brands have minute quantities of the freeze-dried product simply so that the words 'Royal Jelly' can be used on the packaging.

Stretched Skin
Pregnant women, too, are also advised to smooth Royal Jelly and Vitamin E Cream on their swelling bumps to prevent stretch marks and to help the over-stretched skin regain its elasticity quickly after the birth.  For the same reason, anyone on a weight reduction regime, hoping to help their skin to regain its firmness and tone, would be advised to apply the cream liberally.

Weather damage
Harsh extremes of climate, be they hot or cold, can have a very damaging effect on the skin.  In winter, chapping and cracking can be prevented and the dehydrating effect of central heating avoided by regular applications of Irene Royal Jelly and Vitamin E Cream.  Whilst in the summer, the cream can be used as a sun block and nourishing after-sun soother.

Chemicals and water damage
Anyone subjecting their bodies and in particular their hands, to regular submergence in water and chemicals needs to pay particular attention to the treatment of their skin.  This group may include swimmers, hairdressers, nurses and nannies, all of whom can wash and rub all the nutrients out of their skin.  Even domestic chores such as washing and cleaning around the house or gardening can be potential minefields for the delicate skin on the hands.  By keeping a tube of Irene Royal Jelly and Vitamin E Cream handy to apply after every wash, you may be able to prevent yourself developing 'housemaid' hands.




Sunshine holidays, summer sports and outdoor activities beckon invitingly, but when it comes down to paring down to the bare minimum, how will your skin bare up?  If the ravages of winter have wreaked havoc with your skin, leaving it sensitive and sore, or your irritating allergic dermatitis is looking particularly angry now, it is likely to feel twice as bad in the sun.  Then to add insult to injury, your spring diet has shaped up nicely, but it has left you with ugly stretch marks? Are you losing your grip on your hands?  If they have been subjected to water, cold weather or harsh chemicals, they are likely to need some TLC to return them to peak condition.


These are just a few of the common scenarios faced at the start of a new season - but fortunately this year there is a product that can help you cope with the prospect of baring your skin this summer.

Health care professionals have developed an increased respect for the therapeutic value of Vitamin E Cream.  In this light, the Irene range of products has been extended to include the Royal Jelly and Vitamin E Cream, which harnesses all the healing powers of fresh Royal Jelly and has proved highly efficacious in field trials. 

For many years Irene - a liquid Royal Jelly formulation has been extremely effective in helping sufferers with skin complaints and allergies.  Developed by an expert team of biochemists, homeopaths and herbalists, Irene is appreciated by over 18,000 users as a safe, non-addictive, 100% natural treatment which is taken internally and works as a systemic to tackle the problem at its source. 

Responding to public demand, the company has developed Irene Royal Jelly and Vitamin E Cream.  This unique formulation of Royal Jelly has been expertly blended with Vitamin E Cream and lemon essential oils, homeopathically potentised by lemon essence.  The cream is further enhanced by Jojobo Oil and Beeswax, making it considerably more potent that conventional Vitamin E creams.  This enriching cream contains most of the vitamins, minerals and amino acids that dermatologists have identified as necessary to provide the skin with the essential nutrients, including all the B Vitamins, Vitamin C and E, Chromium and Sulphur.  The cream is so rich you need only apply a small amount to encourage healing and protection.

The applications of Royal Jelly and Vitamin E Cream are manifold:

  • For Acne, Dermatitis, Eczema and Psoriasis sufferers, application is especially effective after steroid creams have left the skin rough, pitted and hypersensitive
  • If you've had stitches (many doctors recommend patients rub on Vitamin E cream as it encourages faster healing and effective skin regeneration)
  • To help prevent stretch marks and assist over-stretched skin recover elasticity after pregnancy
  • To shield and soothe hands from the effects of too much water or chemicals, since continuous immersion washes all the nutrients out of the skin 
  • As a sun block and nourishing after-sun soother or to protect against the chapping and chafing caused by cold weather.


Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) - Research has revealed that Pantothenic Acid can perform some astonishing feats.  White, Handler and Smith in Principles of Biochemistry say, "In general, the distribution of Pantothenic Acid resembles that of the other B Vitamins; yeast, liver and eggs are amongst the richest sources...Royal Jelly (prepared by the bee colony for the nutrition of the queen bee), and fish ovaries (before spawning) are the richest known sources of this vitamin, however it can also be found in ginseng in worthwhile quantities."


Vitamin B5 helps wounds to heal, fights infection, prevents fatigue and alleviates dermatitis.  If you have insufficient Pantothenic Acid in your diet, you may well have symptoms of hypoglycaemia, blood or skin disorders and even duodenal ulcers. 


Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) - Vitamin B6 is another very versatile aid to health.  It is indispensable in the production of red blood cells and antibodies...Pyridoxine keeps the nervous system and the skin in peak condition, as well as helping with the digestion of fats and proteins... Anaemia and dermatitis can result from a deficiency of this vitamin, so make sure you get your daily quota!


GROWING OLD DISGRACEFULLY!!  Extract from Irene Stein's Book-"Health for Life"

We all have to grow old, I know - but with Irene it is possible to retain our youthful exuberance and appearance for longer.  It is not the elixir of youth, but so many people who use it are often thought to be much younger than they are.  My mother Sophie was a case in point: right up to her eighties, she could pass for fifteen years younger: her skin was smooth and unwrinkled.  As you know, I have been taking the formulation for the past thirty years - and am now aged 66, yet my friends say I look half this age.  My skin is unlined, my hair remains thick and without a hint of grey and I have the energy levels of staff considerably younger than myself - how else do you think I could play two hours of tennis three times a week and work 12 hour days six days a week?  Initial reactions are ones of surprise when I mention my age and I am sure this is due to the cumulative effect of my formulation, which certainly seems to slow down the aging process.

(Photos of Irene Stein and her mother, Sophie and accompanying article - click here and here)

Is there any reason why Irene should have this effect?  Well, there are ingredients which could contribute to such a result.  The amino acid Glutamic Acid is know to delay aging, while Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) helps to alleviate arthritic symptoms, relieve age-related fatigue and prevent premature grey hairs.  In addition, a wheel barrow full of elements are responsible for maintaining the skin, nails and hair in peak condition: Inositol, Lysine, Phosphorus, Silicon, Sulphur, Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6), Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Vitamin E and Biotin.  Whilst Ginseng, Iron, Thiamine (Vitamin B1), Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12) provide an abundant source of natural energy.  And finally ... a top up of hormones also helps the body retain its youthful vitality (Oestrogen and Testosterone).  However, I think the most potent source of a youthful appearance is a happy disposition and I have noticed that people who take Irene seem to have a feeling of well being par excellence.



Extract from "CHAT MAGAZINE" - Angela McPherson's Personal Testimonial


Extract from Peter Hudson's Book – "The Aerobic Oxygen Handbook"

Stabilized Oxygen is becoming well known for its very positive effects. Satisfied patients and users state that the healing action of stabilized oxygen has helped their bodies overcome a host of different ailments, ranging from inflammatory conditions of the joints and muscles, circulatory problems, hormonal and female troubles, gastrointestinal conditions, skin problems, respiratory disorders, auto immune deficiency diseases, bladder infections, gall bladder complaints, gastric hyperacidity, gout, infertility, inflammation of the gastric mucosa, inflammation of the genital tract, inflammation of pelvic tissues, kidney disorders, liver complaints, lumbago, menstrual disorders, menopausal complaints, metabolic disturbances, neuralgia, neuritis, phlebitis, haemorrhoids, prostatitis, psoriasis, acne, constipation, sterility and loss of libido to name but a few.

It is my sincere hope that this will be considered a source of information in respect to Stabilized Oxygen. You will learn how to use it for maximum therapeutic efficacy. You will also read how it can correct all manner of health problems by giving to the organ exactly what it requires, thus assisting the body to heal itself.

As a holistic, natural medicine and homoeopathic practitioner, of at least thirty five years in active practice, I consider Stabilized Oxygen one of the safest, if not the safest, and most effective way, of overcoming a whole diversity of chronic health problems. It must be remembered that the body is a self-regulating and self-healing organism capable of putting right its own troubles. However, sometimes it needs assistance. It must be remembered that all symptoms of ill health are only the outward signs of internal disorder. They are the means whereby the body draws attention to itself and asks for help. It is not an exaggeration to say that, as long as nutrition and cell respiration are adequate, the system is practically immune from disease. With a clean, toxin free bloodstream, containing adequate amounts of oxygen, and also the vital nutrients, disease would have a difficult task in taking hold.

As is expected from the perspective of a natural medicine and holistic practitioner, I believe that a disease can only be cured naturally by man’s own inherent healing powers and the assistance from professional medical practitioners. In times of illness, our body should be given every assistance in its self healing effects to expel the disease producing toxins and poisons. The organism will in time heal itself, for the body is self-repairing, self-rejuvenating and self-building. Far better than waiting for illness to happen, it would be good to take immediate, positive action in order to prevent these dreadful illnesses which we see in abundance.





When I returned from my walk with Rusty, my Red Setter, I realized that something was missing.  The walk through the Hertfordshire countryside was as beautiful as ever, Rusty’s energy and exuberance was as infectious as ever but this was July and I hadn’t sneezed or rubbed my eyes or had any difficulty in breathing all summer! I had even lost the fear that I was bound to feel uncomfortable, that walking through fields of rape seed, wheat or flax would automatically make me ill.

I first got hayfever when I was 18 and doing my ‘A’ Levels.  I didn’t even know the name of the condition.  Over the next few years it got progressively worse with asthma and eczema adding to the ‘fun’.  I tried injections, acupuncture, a change of diet and all the different anti-histamine tablets possible over the next 30 years.  Nothing prevented the symptoms from recurring so that I began to dread the approach of summer.  I was simply told to ‘put up with it’.  This was like a red rag to a bull. I began to research the problem to try and understand why someone seemingly healthy for ten months of the year could feel so ill for two.  Gradually the pictures came clear.  My approach had been a holistic one.  The change of diet to a vegan one was drastic but it paid off.. The one missing ingredient seemed to be supplementing my diet to ensure that I was treating an underlying weakness in my immune system.  Hayfever was a symptom, not an illness.


My research into the causes of hayfever, asthma and eczema indicated to me that honey, Royal Jelly and pollen contain the right minerals and vitamins in the right proportions to redress an imbalance.  More recent study has focused on the benefits of Damiana, Ginseng and Echinacea, all of which are nerve tonics and have significant effects on the endocrine and cardio-vascular systems.  So I am delighted to report that two years of taking Irene Stein’s formula has made me healthier generally, prevented my ‘summer miseries’ and has allowed Rusty to have as many walks as he likes…


Joan Amoss




Dear Irene,


Just a small note to say thank you for introducing your product.  As you are aware, my son Shawaz was suffering from eczema and asthma.  I had to use steroids for asthma and topical steroids for eczema.  Thanks to your product Shawaz is only using the steroid inhaler once a day from four times a day and I haven’t used any cream as the eczema has completely disappeared.

After noticing the change on Shawaz’s skin, I introduced the product to my son Shaffin, who is hyperactive and kept on getting recurrent colds.  Shaffin has been taking the Royal Jelly for about 3 months in which time he has only had one cold, he is a lot calmer, concentration has improved and his school have also noticed the difference.


So thank you Irene once again.


Yours Sincerely,

S Buseller





Young Ashley Gillies used to suffer terribly from eczema.  He was plastered in a variety of creams (including steroids) with monotonous regularity and was wrapped in cream-laden bandages at night.  This was all very stressful, both for the three and a half year old from North Hamptonshire and his parents.


Then, just before Christmas last year, his mother, Julie - read an article about Irene - a natural product, made from fresh Royal Jelly, Ginseng and Echinacea, which has been homeopathically potentised to make it ten times more effective than each of its constituents alone.  Her first reaction was that they had nothing to lose.  It couldn't do Ashley any harm and anything that could help his frightful eczema would be of benefit.


So, on 12th  December, I started to give him one phial of Irene each morning, and miraculously, by Christmas, his skin was quite clear and it was only necessary to bandage him around once a week.  He has continued to improve since then.  Without the constant irritation of the eczema, Ashley is a different child.  His behaviour and general feeling of well being are so much better.


Mrs Gillies told us that she is so delighted with the improvements in Ashley's condition and related his tale in the hope that many other eczema sufferers could feel encouraged to try the Irene formulation.  



I started taking stabilized oxygen in the middle of July 1987.  I noticed right away that my eczema cleared up to a point where I could barely notice.  My asthma became much better. I also cut down on the medicine prescribed by my doctor.  The allergies that I have, which get considerably worse as the summer goes on, were almost cleared up, thanks to stabilized oxygen.


CT, British Columbia




I am very excited about the multiple visible benefits accruing to me since starting to take Irene, together with the Waters of Life Stabilized Oxygen drops.


I started on the program six months ago, as my hair was dull, lifeless, lacked body and was visibly thinning in the front. After three months, I noticed a definite change in texture. My hair has much more volume, is easier to handle, there is a lot of new growth at the hairline – and – it is darkening from the white, which it had become, to its original colour. The colour change started from the back of the head, but now the darkening of my hairline in front is visible. I am noticing a continual improvement in texture, volume and colour.


I also suffered from shooting pains in my hands and wrists, which were probably due to arthritis. I note that these have disappeared completely, and this can only be due to the effects of Irene, as nothing else in my diet has changed.


I am delighted to have become accustomed to drinking more water than I used to. Although I did not have a weight problem, I find that my weight stays down easily and my shape has improved. My skin texture and tone have definitely improved and friends remark on how well I look. I have a definitely improved feeling of general well-being, and if I feel symptoms of a cold, I am able to shake them off easily.

Generally I feel very alert and full of energy, and I am most grateful to Irene for changing the way I look and feel. I look forward to progressive improvement as I continue with the treatment!





Dear Irene,

Having been ill for years after a very bad car accident, I developed Osteoarthritis, then Osteoporosis and Hiatus Hernia, also had a gall bladder operation. I cannot take drugs or vitamin tablets and had tried everything, as my immune system is very low and I am always catching viruses and colds. I have had a lot of stress over the years and was at a very low ebb.


A friend gave me a newspaper to read and in it I saw a small article on Irene Stein and thought I would try them as I am in the menopause with all the problems that brings.


Although we are on pension and money is very short, I sent for my first batch – this was about 5 months ago. I have been taking one a day ever since. I was surprised how much better I felt in myself – I have had less colds and viruses and if I do get them I throw them off more quickly. My arthritis has improved and my skin and hair are in very good condition. I would also recommend the Royal Jelly and Vitamin E cream, which is wonderful.


I shall continue with Irene Stein as I find Irene so good for me.


Yours Sincerely,
Mrs J Morrison



Dear Irene Stein

I have to tell you how delighted I am with your Irene Royal Jelly and Vitamin E cream. Over the years I have tried numerous creams, and I can honestly say Irene is by far the best. Its rich texture is not at all greasy, and my skin stays soft and feels great all day. I also use it as a night cream and rub any which is left on my fingers into my cuticles.

I am 59, and hopefully it’s not wishful thinking, but I’m sure some of the fine lines around my eyes and lips have disappeared! People comment on how well I look and its due to the healthy glow the Irene cream gives my skin.

Thanks so much

Sincerely S Blake ( 1 March 1997)


Thank you To Irene

I thank Irene for her assistance, her attention, her caring and her friendliness.

Around a year ago I had a combined operation: urological and gynaecological which included a hysterectomy. Physically, I recovered quite quickly but a short period after the operation, I began to feel unwell – apparently my hormones were unbalanced (or another reason). I did not sleep well, I felt bad and had difficult mood swings and generally felt unwell.


A friend of mine told me about Irene Stein, who had helped another friend. I decided to go to see her. Irene received me with open arms. I have to say that in my eyes, she is a wonderful, supportive and caring woman.

I began my treatment with Stabilized Oxygen (pure oxygen in the form of water). I felt a change immediately. My nights became quiet, I slept better, I became calm, I felt physically more energetic. My metabolism improved, my moods were good and everything seemed more positive and optimistic.


After 3 weeks, Irene added Irene Royal Jelly formulation that contains Royal Jelly, and other important ingredients that also aid the immune system.


After 10 months of treatment with Irene’s supplements, I can say that I feel good, I look good (others tell me this too). My skin is clear and I even have a nice blush now.


To finish, I am full of praise for Irene for her care of me and for her contribution to the improvement in the quality of my life. I thank you, Irene.


Hava Ben Yissar (September 2002)





Dear Irene,
I have almost finished my first month on Irene and can honestly say that I have noticed a remarkable difference. As a 37 year old mother of four children from the ages of 11 down to 4, plus two other demanding part time jobs, I was feeling really tired constantly, yet kept on pushing myself.

About a year after my last child was born in 2000, I experienced severe tiredness and went to the doctor for blood tests. It came back that I had a "virus" and therefore no treatment was necessary - "it would go the way it came". Well, this virus turned out to be a severe case of glandular fever, unknown to me at the time, and as a result of not resting appropriately, my body started making antibodies to resist this virus - but it ended up attacking my thyroid. I thus started to experience a wave of overactive and underactive thyroid symptoms. I was constantly hot, my hair was dry and brittle, my skin used to break out constantly and my weight dropped - no joke when my normal weight is a mere 48 kg.

Finally I had enough of people asking me if I was ok and telling me that I looked permanently tired. I went to my doctor and demanded further blood tests, which pinpointed the exact problem. By then, the glandular fever had virtually left my system and my thyroid returned to normal. But I was still tired, and with my punishing work schedule as a teacher and English news presenter on an internet site, nothing seemed to make me feel better.

In between, I had often come across the Irene products in various brochures, but shrugged it off as another "instant miracle cure" that probably didn't work. It was only recently that I came across another brochure in a newspaper and decided to phone the number - what could I lose?

Irene Stein answered the phone and immediately made me feel at ease. She listened attentively to all my medical woes and assured me that the Irene products could work for me. I booked the products and picked them up for myself a couple of days later, not entirely convinced that anything would work for me.

Well I was wrong. Almost instantly I felt a change. I noticed the dark shadows under my eyes were less dark, my skin seemed smoother and more importantly I had more energy. With regular calls by Irene to check on my progress, she assured me that the best was yet to come.

I can honestly say at the end of my first month of using Irene and drinking a litre and a half of water with 30-40 drops of the Stabilized Oxygen, that I feel a tremendous difference. I really feel better and back to my old self. This has come at a great time because we're off to England next week for a two week visit. The last time I was there was when I was at the height of my viral illness and looked awful - I could sense that people who hadn't seen me for a long time were visibly shocked by my appearance. Now I feel great, knowing that every morning I am giving my body a fantastic start by drinking the small phial of Irene. I am interested to see people's reactions when I am in London, and will definitely be sure to pack a two week supply of Irene, and take my trusted bottle of Stabilized Oxygen with me!


Nicole Monk, Israel





I’ve been taking the Irene Formulation for the last three or four years and have been through possibly the most stressful time of my life during the past two years. Considering the extreme stress and strain attached to this I have been keeping particularly well. Everybody tells me how amazing I am and look, given that I have gone through so much. The way in which I have been coping mentally and physically too has been extraordinary, particularly at the level of activity and running around that I do in my hectic life.


There is an obvious difference in my hair and skin, which people comment on and best of all are my recent blood tests which show improvement which I would not have expected, given that my iron level is usually deficient. Even my hairdresser comments on my hair condition, which improves all the time.


Being middle-aged, I would have expected to slow down some more and I’m also aware that my general health has been in excellent condition. Things like energy, concentration and ability to cope just keep getting better and better.

I’m always recommending the product and many people take it as a result of my experiences.


Francesca (Raanana, Israel – August 2005)




I was introduced to Irene Stein and her products around 2 months ago after seeing her Buzz newsletter in the Jerusalem Post.

At that time I was suffering with a stomach ulcer and hiatus hernia that both gave me a lot of trouble. I had been through the menopause and was still suffering from mood swings. I also had a high cholesterol level and was suffering from backache. In addition to all this my hair was falling out.

Irene assured me that the combination of Oxygen and the Irene Unique Royal Jelly formulation would help to improve all these areas of my life. I was a little skeptical but Irene was very convincing so I decided to try both the products.

For the first week of taking just the oxygen, I wasn’t sure that anything was happening and that’s what I told Irene when she called to see how I was doing. Irene told me to start taking the Royal Jelly and that she’d call again in another few days.

Just a few days later, I noticed that I had much more energy than normal. I managed to do 7 hours of housework non stop and afterwards I had ABSOLUTELY NO BACKACHE. Frankly I was amazed! I felt absolutely great.

One of the first things that I felt was the effect on my digestive system. My hiatus hernia and ulcer have both become much calmer for which I am grateful.

My hair has stopped falling, and is growing at such a fast rate that I need to have it tinted every 2 weeks. My hairdresser is in shock, but was rather disbelieving when I explained that it appears to be due to the Irene formulation and the oxygen!

I have started my daughter on the oxygen and to her surprise she is able to work a solid 12 hour day and still come home with energy. I just think that the oxygen is a win-win product. I have had a few weeks of eating cakes and ice cream. I stepped on the scales preparing myself for a hefty shock, but was pleasantly surprised to find that I had only gained half a kilo. The oxygen is great for keeping one’s weight down.

Now that I have been taking the formulations for about 2 months I am becoming aware of more positive benefits. I have found that my eyesight is improving – and I have been wearing glasses since I was 10 years old!

Irene also introduced me to her Royal Jelly and Vitamin E cream. As a cosmetician with many years experience I was surprised to find just how much I like it – it is a wonderful cream. I now intend to start using this cream on my clients.

All my friends keep asking me, “What are you taking, you’re looking so good?” and I tell them about the Oxygen and the Irene. It is working wonderfully for me and that’s all I can say about it.


Janet Sament (May 2004)







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