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Extract from Irene Stein's Book - "Health for Life" 


With an increased openness about sexual prowess and the ready availability of graphic films and literature, comparisons are bound to be drawn. Unfortunately life rarely imitates art and the pressure to ‘get it right on the night’ often leads to unfulfilled promises. Stress also has a way of dampening down the libido, so that the urge to make wild passionate love may be the last thing you are able to do at the end of a long hard day. Our sex drive also diminishes at various times during our lives; after childbirth for example, or during illness or bereavement. Stress and depression also have a dampening effect on our love lives often exacerbating the root cause of the problem.


As a result, for centuries, people have turned for help in the form of aphrodisiacs – powdered rhino horn, tigers’ penises, sea horses – unfortunately not only are these endangering the lives of many animals, their worth is based on myth and hearsay. In contrast there are two naturally occurring substances which are scientifically proven to have an effect on potency and fertility levels; Royal jelly and Ginseng. King Henry VIII, in his desperate desire to father a male heir, discovered that beekeepers had more sons, and issued a royal warrant to encourage the production of the best raw ingredients. Shortly after his only son was conceived. Several centuries later both Sarah, Duchess of York and Prince Andrew took my Royal Jelly formulation to boost their fertility prior to the conception of the royal princesses. King Louis XIV was given Ginseng by the King of Siam and ordered the Academy of Science in Paris to carry out tests on the root. Both declared themselves satisfied with the aphrodisiac effects of Ginseng and the energy boost it provided. A much more recent study showed that when two groups of men were fed either Ginseng or a placebo, and then asked about their sexual activity over the trial period, the group taking the active substance noted an ‘improvement’, whilst the men taking the placebo actually saw a reduction!


Thanks to its Royal Jelly and Ginseng content, Irene is pumped full of Testosterone and Oestrogen – the male and female sex hormones – which along with Damiana can stimulate and enhance a flagging libido.


70 year old William Middleton found out just how invaluable this boost could be.  To ease his misery and loneliness he struck up a relationship with a local woman and found that after years of abstinence, he needed some help to resume a loving relationship.  The Irene, which he had originally taken for a completely different reason, redoubled its efforts and provided the longer for boost to his libido.  Bringing him happiness when he thought he had reached the twilight years, Mitesh Patel from Central London agrees.  "Thank you so much for making me feel fitter and able to enjoy a healthier and sexier life" was the compliment we received!



Extract from 'G' – GIRL ABOUT TOWN Magazine


"L is for Love Potion?"


Irene is a compound of fresh Royal Jelly, Ginseng and Echinacea, proven in laboratory studies to be ten times as potent as Royal Jelly in isolation.  Laboratory analysis shows that Irene contains every vitamin, mineral and amino acid required to enhance health and is a rich natural source of the sex hormones Testosterone and Oestrogen.  One of the benefits of taking this formulation is that as well as the health benefits it offers, Irene increases energy, stamina levels and improves physical agility – a real plus both for lovers and sports enthusiasts alike.  Medical trials have shown that a daily dose can raise fertility levels by balancing and boosting the hormonal system. 


Extract from 'FORUM' Magazine


Men looking for a boost to their sex drive could do worse than try Irene.  No, that's not the latest Eastern European supermodel.  Irene is a Royal Jelly based formulation which is claimed to have a positive effect on potency.  (After all, you never hear of a bee with a headache…)  The combination of ingredients in Irene (including Testosterone, Oestrogen, Ginseng and Damiana) should put a spring in your step and lead in your pencil!



                                                                             STRESSED & SEXED OUT

 The more stress endured the greater the need for optimum levels of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to avoid becoming tired, sluggish and possibly quite ill. This is because stress weakens the immune system, resulting in more colds and coughs and in some cases chronic fatigue syndrome, ulcers, arthritis, allergies, cancer and heart attacks. The loss of sexual virility or impotence in men (and women) is another consequence of severe stress.


The remedy is Royal Jelly – the food of queen bees! For many centuries it has been recognized as good for health, well-being and fertility in many different cultures! What industrious worker bees collect to extend the life and maintain the prodigious fertility of their queen bees is evidently also rich in nutrients for human consumption (more so than honey) and should combat the ravages of stress-related health problems. Experience shows that it does.


Irene Stein has perfected a Royal Jelly formula, Irene, and observed its astonishing benefits for over 30 years. Irene only uses fresh Royal Jelly, flown in from China, as it is more nutritious and is enhanced with premium grade herbs – such as Korean Ginseng, Echinacea, Damiana and Saw Palmetto (for improved effectiveness). These added herbal extracts and tinctures are known for their health benefits and aphrodisiac properties. Moreover, masters in herbal remedies, biochemistry and homeopathy have skilfully increased the potency and capacity for body-absorption of these vital ingredients.


The Ginseng component in the Irene formula is recommended by “Daily Health News” (published by Bottom Line), in an article written by Carole Jackson in the 22 March 2005 newsletter: “Ginseng may be the patriarch of herbs.  It has been used across the globe for everything from boosting sexual desire to easing childbirth, improving memory and increasing energy.  To this day, it is sold in Germany specifically as an aid to sexual function.  In the US, Ginseng root is popularly touted as a way to beat stress, improve vigour and simply feel better.  According to clinical herbalist Douglas Schar, DipPhyt, MNIMH, who practices in London and Washington DC: “Ginseng is an adaptogen.  That means it can help increase your resistance to physical, chemical, mental or biological stress”.  The key word to note is stress! Technically, stress is a challenge above and beyond what your body is used to.  Furthermore, Irene Stein only uses in her formula the carefully preserved premium grade Red Korean Ginseng with an official stamp of approval, because this more mature root develops Peptic Acids, Ginsenosides, Adenosine and Manganese compounds which stimulates insulin production in diabetics and contains anti-oxidants (not found in the white roots).  Her trade secret methodology in the production of this formula maximizes the potency and absorption of all the active ingredients.  This explains the often dramatic and wide spectrum of health conditions beneficially affected, apart from the aphrodisiac and anti-stress features.


How does it work? Scientists have discovered that Royal Jelly stimulates the adrenal glands to produce Cortin and Adrenaline, which increase metabolism and sexual function and that Royal Jelly contains the male and female sex hormones. Ginseng, for example, improves alertness, relaxation, appetite, vitality and alleviates depression. Echinacea is a natural antibiotic. The synergistic interaction of all the ingredients maximize the benefits.


 A headline in the Jersey Evening Post read: “We discovered the secret of fatigue-free travel.” After describing Irene Stein as “the Queen Bee of Royal Jelly” they add that “Irene’s unique liquid Royal Jelly preparation is a completely natural formulation which delivers multiple benefits including increased stamina, improved concentration and faster recovery rates – all of which are of particular concern to those driving long distances or undertaking protracted journeys by plane, train or boat".


“This is obviously no ordinary vitamin supplement. Clients have reported results ranging from accelerated recovery rates after surgical operations through to the alleviation of chronic symptoms of (amongst others) arthritis, back pain and hayfever, which previously could only be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs.”


 “Business News” (a publication from the Midlands in England) wrote about Irene and ‘Executive Stress,’ noting that “stress-related illness probably accounts for more lost working days than any other condition, since it crops up in so many guises.” Yet Irene, backed up by scientific analysis and a plethora of testimonial and anecdotal evidence, is they say due to the product containing “practically every vitamin, mineral and amino acid required to enhance health.”


British Airways” BUSINESS LIFE In-flight magazine gave travellers information about  “Royal Relief” with the help of Irene, “shown in lab tests to be ten times as potent as Royal Jelly on its own.” They also carried the product to be used by those who want to

experience “less travel fatigue and less jet-lag.”    





Extract from Peter Hudson's Book - "The Aerobic Oxygen Handbook"


Stabilized Oxygen is becoming well known for its very positive effects.  Satisfied patients and users state that the healing action of stabilized oxygen has helped their bodies overcome a host of different ailments, ranging from inflammatory conditions of the joints and muscles, circulatory problems, hormonal and female troubles, gastro-intestinal conditions, skin problems, respiratory disorders, auto-immune deficiency diseases, bladder infections, gall bladder complaints, gastric hyperacidity, gout, infertility, inflammation of the gastric mucosa, inflammation of the genital tract, inflammation of pelvic tissues, kidney disorders, liver complaints, lumbago, menstrual disorders, menopausal complaints, metabolic disturbances, neuralgia, neuritis, phlebitis, haemorrhoids, prostatitis, psoriasis, acne, constipation, sterility and loss of libido, to name but a few. 




After being married for over 40 years it was a great thrill to me to be sexually fulfilled for the very first time. After taking Stabilized Oxygen for four weeks to help my breathing (as long as I can remember I have been a shallow breather), not only did my breathing improve greatly but for the first time in my life of 64 years I had my first sexual orgasm. My marriage has taken on new meaning. I started with 10 drops of Stabilized Oxygen in a cup of water twice daily between meals for the first week. I then increased to 20 drops twice daily in a cup and a half of water. I thank God for this product and am sure it will help many other women in many ways. My husband has been taking it also and his breathing has improved immensely on the same dosage.

WS, New South Wales, Australia  


Dear Irene,


I am writing to tell you that my Libido has changed dramatically since taking your unique formulations. I am much better focused and my concentration level has changed obviously. My energy levels have also changed in an extraordinary way – even my voice has changed which is interesting. I was experiencing hair loss when I started taking these formulations 5 weeks ago and this has now stopped and I am also seeing new hair growth. I am very satisfied with the results so far and I am glad that you told me “the best is yet to come “!

I am more than happy to speak to others if they are interested.

David, Israel

LIBIDO at 77!

Gloria has had a hip replacement and is now totally unaware that she has a new part in her hip. Apart from the fact that she has to carry around the paper work related to the metal setting off alarms and security systems! At the age of 77 she has a new relationship and has been delighted with her  renewed sexual activity at this stage of life which she was not expecting to be as enjoyable.  She has more energy mentally and physically and believes that Irene Royal Jelly  has put her back to the way she was prior to the hip replacement.


Gloria, March 2009


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