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Operation Recovery!

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The idea of an operation is not pleasant for anyone, especially the amount of time one needs to allow for recovery.Wouldn't it be so much easier if we thought we could be over the pain, discomfort and inconvenience within a week or two? Not possible?Now it isÖ.

Irene Stein, the lady who brought Royal Jelly to the West, has proven the point not once but twice.

In 1980, at the tender age of 40, Irene had a hysterectomy and was back at her desk within a week.The average recovery time for most patients is six to eight weeks for major surgery of this type but due to a daily dose of Royal Jelly, no such extended recuperation was necessary.

Irene Royal Jelly not only contains fresh Royal Jelly but also Korean Ginseng which, according to Chinese medicine, resembles the human body and is one of the reasons why it has such a potent healing effect. ††It is also effective in fighting depression and fatigue, two very common post-operative symptoms, resulting in a boost in physical and mental energy. It is believed to relieve some of the unpleasant symptoms experienced during the menopause as it contains oestriol, a form of oestrogen.The bonus of this is that post-hysterectomy patients do not have the need for harsh HRT treatments.

Another natural ingredient of Irene is Capsicum Minimum which is a strong circulatory stimulant and increases blood flow to all tissues. It has antiseptic and counter-irritant properties and is used to reduce pain.The addition of Echinacea in the product has a powerful effect on the immune system, acting as a natural antiseptic.All of this together with a whole host of other natural herbs and tinctures in one little daily 5ml drink.

But, it wasn't by chance that this powerful combination proved to be so effective in treating anything from simple coughs and colds to aiding the healing post-operative process.Irene went to great lengths to ensure that only the best ingredients were used and in the most effective proportions.To arrive at this amazing formula she worked diligently with the renowned bio-organic chemist Dr Emile Coufalik and a Master in Complex Homeopathy, Dr Ravi Ponniah.These two geniuses ensured that Irene Royal Jelly is one of the most powerful all natural immuno-stimulants on the market today.

Twenty-six years later, a serious fall left Irene in severe pain and discomfort and with a marked limp, requiring total hip replacement.Today less than one month since that operation Irene is free of pain, and has no limp.Her orthopedics are absolutely astounded at the speed at which she has recovered.They are now anxious to meet to discuss the way in which this Unique Formulation can speed recovery for other patients.

Whilst her hospital companions appeared for their post-operative check-ups with their walking frames and sticks, Irene gracefully appeared looking the picture of elegance - and support-free.


Recovery, Hayfever, Hair:

Iíve taken Irene Steinís Irene formulations now since 2004 and have seen a wide variety ofhealth conditions that have changed over this period of time.During this time, I have experienced a very speedy recovery from a badly sprained ankle, recurring shingles and Iím quite sure that the sprained ankle would have been a lot worse had I not been taking the formulations, since it was quite severe in the beginning.Iím delighted to say that my hair is very much thicker and in better condition and my hairdresser definitely notices the difference.

Iíve also managed to get rid of my hayfever and quite severe nasal congestion.I no longer need to use my inhaler for asthma and Iím delighted about this. I have also used the Oxygen in the past for a fungal infection and also a wart which started to disappear.Iím much happier taking these formulations rather than all kinds of medication including an aspirin that really doesnít agree with me. I believe that in making these formulations ďa-way-of-lifeĒ, I have improved many and varied areas of health and I would thoroughly recommend them to anybody looking for anatural solution to health problems. I will be happy to speak to anyone interested to know more.

Nadia , February 2009

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