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Irene Stein is acknowledged as the “Queen Bee of fresh Royal Jelly” – the force behind its widespread acceptance in the West. Irene has pioneered royal jelly’s use for 30 years and was the first person outside China to harness fresh Royal Jelly.

It was Irene Stein’s pioneering spirit that prompted her to search for, and eventually develop, a superior product – the “Rolls Royce of Royal Jelly” if you like.
Irene’s advanced formulation is a breakthrough in the development of fresh Royal Jelly products. Each phial contains a measured daily dose of hive-fresh royal jelly, together with premium quality Korean Ginseng, Damiana Aphrodisiaca, Capsicum Minimum and Saw Palmetto. The effects of these different herbs have been potentised by the addition of a homeopathic dose of Echinacea which dramatically enhances their potency and effectiveness. The totally natural ingredients work in synergy with one another - laboratory testing suggests that due to this synergy, the potency of each ingredient is increased tenfold.
Irene is a powerful natural food substance that incorporates all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids we need and even acts as a natural hormone balancer. In its totally natural liquid form, preserved in pure honey, it is speedily and easily absorbed to be effective within one hour of use. Irene is safe, non-addictive, contains no additives and is low in calories It is suitable for vegetarians, all ethnic groups and cultures and has been certified Kosher by the London Beth Din. And last, but not least, it has a surprisingly pleasant taste.
As Irene Unique Royal Jelly Formulation is such a complex product, let’s look at each ingredient in isolation first and finally at the whole product……

Royal Jelly

Royal jelly is one of those natural products that have been overlooked time and time again. Our jackrabbit lifestyles generally leave little time to nourish ourselves the way we should, and most of us are lacking many of the nutrients that this natural pharmacy allows us to reclaim.
Royal jelly is a substance that is produced by nurse bees and fed to the queen bee. All bee larvae are fed this substance for the first three days of their lives. The queen bee is fed this substance all the days of her life. So it is the Royal Jelly diet that is responsible for the metamorphosis of the bee larvae into a Queen Bee.
Royal jelly is often called, “nature’s fountain of youth”. This substance has yet to be synthesized and baffles scientists with its complex make-up. Some compounds of royal jelly have not even been identified by science!

There is continuing research on royal jelly world wide that has resulted in hard evidence showing that royal jelly can make a substantial contribution to man.

But of course, as you shall see, the combination of fresh royal jelly with the other herbs amplifies its effects tenfold. The only Royal Jelly formulation encompassing all these elements is Irene, the Unique Royal Jelly formulation from Irene Stein.

Korean Ginseng

Ginseng is extracted from the plant Panax Ginseng. The word Panax is Greek in origin and means “all healing”. The Chinese have used Ginseng for thousands of years in their medicines; it is said that ginseng resembles the human body, and according to Chinese medicine, that is one of the reasons why it has such a potent healing effect. Like Royal Jelly, Ginseng is an adaptogen, normalising physiological functioning depending on individual needs (i.e., it will lower high blood pressure, but increase low blood pressure.)

It is probably most famous for its role in increasing sexual appetites, but is also effective in fighting depression and fatigue, resulting in a boost in physical and mental energy. It is believed to relieve some of the unpleasant symptoms experienced during the menopause as it contains oestriol, a form of oestrogen.

Chemical analysis has shown Korean red ginseng to be pharmaceutically superior to any other ginseng produced. In its last two years of growth, between years 4 and 6, the root turns from white to red and develops peptic acids, ginsenosides, adenosine and compounds containing manganese. It is these substances which have been shown to stimulate insulin production in diabetics. It is also during storage of the premium quality root that red ginseng generates anti-oxidant agents to counter the oxidation of fatty acids.
Ginseng contains vitamin E, a vitamin not found in royal jelly and which is part of the liposoluble group. This is vital for maintaining outer skin protective coverings – namely the hair and nails. It is also responsible for promoting healthy sexuality.

Capsicum Minimum

Capsicum Minimum is a strong circulatory stimulant and increases blood flow to all tissues. It has antiseptic and counter-irritant properties and is used to reduce pain. Capsicum is used to support the treatment of conditions marked by reduced circulation, to “flush out” diseased tissue and help reverse pathological conditions.

Damiana Aphrodisiaca

Damiana is used to combat depression, and as a mild purgative and diuretic, It also acts like testosterone to stimulate and enhance the reproductive system.


This is probably one of the most commonly used herbal extracts today, thanks to its powerful effect on the immune system. Studies have confirmed its place as a powerful natural antiseptic whilst clinical trials have shown Echinacea to be an immuno-stimulating plant which has been effectively used to treat clinical infections and chronic inflammatory disease. In fact, 30 of 34 recent studies carried out in Germany into the ability of Echinacea to act as a prophylactic, preventative or therapeutic agent, have demonstrated a positive effect on the body’s ability to resist disease.
This work has revealed that Echinacea affects the immune system because it stimulates the body’s T-lymphocytes. When a substance called polysaccharide is released from the Echinacea it binds with the surface of the T lymphocyte increasing its production of powerful immune chemicals including interferon. As a result, the numbers of neutrophils – white blood cells that destroy invading bacteria – increase as does anti-body activity both of which prevent and control bacterial infections.
Echinacea has also been shown to control viral infections including influenza and herpes (cold sore) by releasing interferon to kill virus infected cells. The interferon binds to the cell surface, where it stimulates the production of proteins which block the viruses reproduction process. The potential of Echinacea as an anti-cancer agent is thanks to its ability to stimulate macrophage cells to destroy tumour cells. In addition, Echinacea contains pentadecadine which has a direct effect on cancer activities.
It also increases resistance to and recovery from infections such as tonsillitis, psoriasis, septicaemia, and abcesses and is especially useful with low-grade sub clinical infections and chronic inflammatory diseases. Some researchers believe that combination preparations containing one or more immuno-stimulating plant extract may be more effective than Echinacea alone because of the synergy between the two compounds.
Echinacea D6 is used in the formulation to act as a homeopathic potentiser. Lab studies have shown that this element is responsible for making the royal jelly ten times as effective as the natural ingredient in isolation. It allows the formulation to be absorbed and assimilated within an hour of ingestion.

Saw Palmetto (Serenoa Serrulata)

Saw Palmetto has many applications, chief amongst them being the treatment of urinary problems and catarrhal conditions. It is also used to tone the male reproductive system. Some evidence also suggests that it also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Formulating the Formulation……

In 1980, Irene Stein established links with a talented bio-organic chemist Dr Emile Coufalik. Dr Coufalik specialised in a polymorphic approach to herbology, combining a number of plant extracts, whereby each substance works in synergy with another to produce a total effect that is far greater than the effect of each plant taken in isolation.

Through Dr Coufalik’s extensive laboratory research, it was discovered that Royal Jelly and Ginseng share many of the same properties and that by combining them the effect of each could be doubled. When Damiana,

Capsicum minimum and Saw Palmetto were added, it was further found that this new combined formulation stimulated the thymus T cells, as well as the pituitary and lymphatic glands. The end result was a formulation that mobilized the immunological responses of the body before homing in on areas of weakness stemming from immune deficiencies. In fact, a powerful elixir had been created that had multiple applications in health treatment. Such was the extreme potency of the formulation in this original form, it was considered too strong for every day use and so it was recommended to be taken only three times a week.

In the late 1980s, Irene Stein met Dr Ravi Ponniah, a Master in Complex Homeopathy, who developed a method to potentise the formulation still further by adding Echinacea D6. Subsequent laboratory tests proved that this addition boosted the effects of the formulation 10 fold, creating one of the most powerful all natural immuno- stimulants on the market today. Dr Ponniah was also able to convert the formula to make it suitable for daily use.

Preserving Irene’s potency

The primary ingredient in the Irene Formulation is fresh and unprocessed Royal Jelly. It is a widely held belief that fresh Royal Jelly is infinitely superior to the freeze dried variety. This was, and remains, the firm belief of Irene Stein who, from the outset, was determined to use only the pure and fresh variety in the Irene Formulation. The first Royal Jelly products to appear on the western market were in fact all freeze dried. Freeze drying (or lyophilisation) is a simple method of preserving Royal Jelly for long periods. However, whilst freeze dried Royal Jelly is considerably cheaper than the fresh variety, it unfortunately does seem to be much less potent.

The Chinese, who are the acknowledged experts in the field, do not recommend freeze drying Royal Jelly, and Irene was particularly interested in their methods for preserving fresh Royal Jelly during her initial visit to the country in 1988.

In the early stages of Irene’s research, she discovered a fascinating paper written by scientists from the Department of Agriculture at the University of Bologna, which revealed that two elements in fresh Royal Jelly are degraded
during the freeze drying process, the sugars and the amino acids. The result of degrading the sugars is an alteration in flavour. Although the degradation of amino acids cannot be identified by taste, it seemed to Irene to be a disastrous side effect of the freeze drying process.

In further investigations, Irene uncovered research published in the 1970s, in the Egyptian Journal of Veterinary Science, concerning the comparative effects of fresh and freeze dried Royal Jelly. This paper concluded that fresh Royal Jelly is more potent than the lyophilised Royal Jelly, indicating that the process of preservation affected in some way the activity and potency of the material.

Eventually a process was developed to store fresh Royal Jelly long enough for it to be shipped and stored without freeze drying. This involves suspending the fresh Royal Jelly in refrigerated containers at a precise temperature. In the opinion of Irene Stein, the long and painstaking process of developing a method to store fresh Royal Jelly is far outweighed by the ability to deliver fresh Royal Jelly to customers as part of the Irene formulation, in exactly the form in which it was taken from the hive.

Testing Irene’s strength

Irene has been subject to both Kinesiology trials and Kirlian photography. Kinesiology is the study of muscular movement and effort which can be used to great effect to find the body’s weaknesses – physical conditions, as well as mental and emotional problems, in particular, stress. The therapy is closely related to acupuncture – splitting the body into 26 meridians, each of which is responsible for a key organ. Energy runs along the meridians in the same way as electricity travels around a circuit. On finding a problem, a therapist can either apply gentle pressure to the key meridian to alleviate the problem, or alternatively recommend a nutritional supplement. At the time of Irene’s launch in 1989 Irene was introduced to Tony Walton, a member of the Association of Systematic Kinesiology, who was using a wide range of supplements in his work, including Royal Jelly. At Irene’s request, Tony conducted a trial using the Irene Formulation – the results were impressive both to Tony and Irene. Tony informed Irene that ‘every person’ he tested was helped by Irene. “It made weak muscles go strong almost immediately and then remain strong. It helped me to pinpoint areas of imbalance, and whereas less complex royal jelly supplements identified and helped some problems, Irene was the only one that fixed them all.”

Work with stress yield equally impressive results. By giving his patients Irene, Tony is able to reveal exactly what their bodies are asking for and therefore alleviate their imbalances.

Kirlian photography is a method of recording electromagnetic radiation emission of objects on photographic emulsion. The technique was pioneered in 1842 and has gained scientific credence in modern times. Researchers believe that electromagnetic emissions are a reflection of ‘bio-energy’. That is to say, photographs of living leaves and small animals produce much clearer and highly contrasted images than their dead counterparts.

The trials conducted on Irene produced some quite amazing results. The contents of a freeze dried Royal Jelly capsule revealed no detectable ‘life force’ and the ‘fresh’ Royal Jelly capsule did show some signs of life. However, the tests on the Irene Royal Jelly and Vitamin E cream produced emissions which covered the whole spectrum of energy.

Two important inferences can be drawn from the Kirlian photography tests. Firstly, Irene products are a much more powerful energy source than the cheaper ‘fresh’ varieties. Secondly, there is absolutely no comparison between the potency of high quality fresh royal jelly and the almost inert freeze dried product.

Testing Irene’s suitability

Irene is suitable for a variety of different diets and religious groups. The formulation contains no animal products and according to the UK Vegetarian Society is suitable for vegetarians. Vegans, however, may choose not to use the product since the Royal Jelly was produced by bees. We can assure you that no harm came to the insects that produced it. In addition, over the last 30 years Irene has never encountered any case of adverse effects from taking the Irene Formulation.

Nothing else compares……

In conclusion, our research and extensive laboratory testing has proved that Irene is potent, naturally preserved, effective, strong and suitable. Without doubt, there is no better Royal Jelly health supplement on the world market today.

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