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Extract from Irene Stein’s Book – “Health for life”


Eczema can be particularly distressing for babies and toddlers as they instinctively scratch the irritating scaly patches and aggravate the con­dition. Unfortunately, this is a condition which predominantly affects infants, then disappears as children approach school age or puberty, but can continue into adulthood — delivering lifelong discomfort and irritation. Fortunately, eczema in all age groups responds readily to Irene taken internally or applied externally and I would always recommend that you use both together. Local applications of the cream will produce excellent results, but the formulation is a systemic remedy, working its way through the body to tackle the problem at its source — whether it be an allergy or the poor circulation which pro­duces varicose eczema. Coffee and tea drinkers may not absorb enough Inositol and therefore become susceptible to eczema — fortunately, you don’t have to give up your cuppa, since the formulation contains high levels of this vitamin. Add to this the effects of manganese, magnesium, niacin and sulphur and you should be able to keep this ‘skin condition in abeyance. The zinc content is essential for the healing process.


"Chloe Titchener, whose case I highlighted in the asthma section, also had severe eczema — these conditions often go hand in glove. Within a short time not only had her asthma improved, but her skin irritation also cleared up. Whilst Simaie Urnu wrote to us from Cheltenhanj to tell us that 11 days after starting a course of Irene her eczema almost totally disappeared and she wondered if this was a record. Another letter from a relieved mother called Selina highlighted the plight of her son Shavaz who, like Chloe, suffered from eczema and asthma and was using both steroids and topical steroids to counter the effects of his conditions. He is now completely clear of eczema and has reduced his reliance on steroids from four times to once a day"








Dear Irene,


Just a small note to say thank you for introducing your product.  As you are aware, my son Shawaz was suffering from eczema and asthma.  I had to use steroids for asthma and Topical Steroids for eczema.  Thanks to your product Shawaz is only using the Steroid inhaler once a day from four times a day and I haven’t used any cream as the eczema has completely disappeared.


After noticing the change on Shawaz’s skin & introduced the product to my son Shaffin, who is hyperactive and kept on getting recurrent colds.  Shaffin has been taking the Royal Jelly for about 3 months in which time he has only had one cold, he is a lot calmer, concentration has improved and his school have also noticed the difference.


So thank you Irene once again.



Yours Sincerely,

S Buseller



         Testimonial – Eczema, Skin,  Asthma


Dear Irene,


I think that the Irene Royal Jelly formulation is just an amazing product and I am still stunned about it. I have tried everything including steroids on my daughter from when she was 3 years old and she is now 9 years and in less than a year we have seen an amazing transformation of her skin. She is now able to swim, since she could not go near the water before because of her broken skin and how it would affect the skin terribly through chlorine or salt.


So far as asthma is concerned, my daughter has not needed to increase her medication and in fact it has been decreased and we are highly delighted.


I have also had a baby, and since he was 5 months old he started taking the Irene Royal Jelly formulation. We had taken him to specialist who wanted me to put steroids on his face and since starting the Irene formulation his skin is unbelievable and his hair is thick.


I originally bought the product for myself to take but my husband had terrible scars on his face through acne as a child and has never been able to improve this and we felt we had nothing to lose in him taking it. My husband has been taking it now for less than a month and already his skin is so much better.  He’s allergic to everything and I wanted him to try it more than for myself.


I have used the Royal Jelly and Vit. E Cream from time to time but this seems to have worked very successfully by taking the Irene Royal Jelly formulation from within.




June 2009   



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