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Migraine and headaches


Extract from Irene Stein’s book – “Health for Life”


I have been told on many occasions that users who used to suffer from migraine on a frequent basis have a reduced incidence of attacks while they are taking my formulation. It is obvious that it would be helpful in treating the causes of tension and nervous headaches which affect a vast number of people in this fast-paced world. People suffering from migraine often have low levels of magnesium in the bloodstream. The high levels of naturally occurring magnesium in the formulation should stop this if a deficit is the cause. When used in conjunction with relaxation techniques, my formulation can make such headaches and migraine a thing of the past.


Many women suffer from migraine headaches as a result of hormone imbalance and this is able to be corrected with the Irene Royal Jelly formulation where the imbalance is corrected and migraines are a thing of the past. Irene Stein was a long term sufferer from puberty to menopause until she discovered the way in which Royal Jelly corrected her own hormonal imbalance and migraine headaches. 


Extract from Summary of Ailment Benefits 






Benefits from

Irene Royal Jelly

Beneficial Active

Ingredients in Irene Royal Jelly


Headaches and temporarily impaired vision caused by hypertension, nervousness, depression, fatigue and food sensitivity.

Reduced tension and nervousness, boosted energy and sense of well being.

magnesium, glutamic acid, phenylalanine, tyrosine,

phosphorus, iron, thiamine (B1), niacin (B3), cyanocobalamin (B12), testosterone

plus G: oestrogen




0  Yeginsu had suffered from migraine as a result of a hormone imbal­ance for over 18 years.  She reported that after a month on Irene she did not suffer any more migraines and as a result did not have to spend around six days a month in bed or swallow the cocktail of pain killers she had been prescribed.




Pam Robertson from Burgess Hill told me that ‘Two weeks ago I had to have an operation so as instructed I had nothing to eat after 10.00 pm. I reported to the hospital at 8.00 am for surgery, but unfortunately at 2.00 pm I was still waiting. The wonderful thing was that I did not have a migraine (which I normally get if I go without food for too long). Thank goodness I took Irene.’


Seventy-five-year-old Betty Saunders started taking Irene for the osteo­arthritis in her knees. She saw an article for the formulation in My Weekly magazine and was in such pain she thought she’d ‘give it a go’. ‘Within eight days it got rid of 75 per cent of the pain,’ Betty told me from her Basingstoke home. ‘And I rarely get migraines now.’ Stress-related migraines are a family complaint, it appears, and both Betty’s daughters, Linda and Shirley, used to suffer from them. Betty recom­mended Irene and her daughters are delighted with the improvement. ‘]~i husband’s so pleased at the change in me,’ says Betty. ‘When you’re in pain you get snappy, but now he says I’m like my old self and he can talk to me again.




TESTIMONIAL: Hormonal Imbalance, Migraine Headaches, Hot Flushes, Energy


Dear Irene,


Firstly I am writing to say that I have now been using the Royal Jelly and drops in water for about 4 months.  I have definitely felt a difference in the hot flushes I was getting - they have disappeared!  I have also noticed that I haven't been having migraines - and in the summer months in this country I usually get them quite often and for three days at a time.  I also have so much more energy, which is amazing. Usually in the summer I am busy in the mornings and then want to sleep in a cool room for a few hours in the afternoons - I have not felt the need this summer - or at most for half an hour - and then I am ready to do other things.  Thank you!!!


Kindest regards,  Ros  (Roslyn Graff)



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