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Perhaps it is because oxygen is so clearly necessary for Health and Life that the role of oxygen deprivation in the cause of disease has largely been overlooked.

Oxygen is the main element that our bodies require –we can go days without water and weeks without food, but we need oxygen every moment of our lives to survive.

When cells become deprived of oxygen they begin to degenerate – a process that may or may not lead to disease. In contrast, well oxygenated cells are extremely unlikely to get sick. It has even been suggested that oxygen deficiency at a cellular level may play a leading role in the development of cancer.

This is why Irene Stein recommends a superior Oxygen Supplement product in conjunction with the Irene Unique Royal Jelly Formulation. By commencing with the Oxygen, the body is detoxified and oxygenated which in turn optimises the action of the Irene formulation.

But don’t we get enough oxygen from the air that we breathe?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Our cities are polluted, we or those around us smoke cigarettes. We eat processed food full of toxins that strain our body’s immune system. All this leads to the production of free radicals.

Free radicals are a chemical species that possess an unpaired electron which is the reason why they are highly reactive. Free radicals attack the nearest stable molecule, "stealing" its electron. When the "attacked" molecule loses its electron, it becomes a free radical itself, beginning a chain reaction. Once the process is started, it can cascade, finally resulting in the disruption of a living cell.

The good news is that our superior Oxygen Supplement is an extremely powerful free radical scavenger, taking O negative ions (free radicals) and converting them to O2 molecules (oxygen).

And what’s more, the level of oxygen present in air is less than 100 years ago – 19-21% today compared with around 32% then. The oxygen levels in inner cities may be as low as 15%.

How can oxygen supplements help?

Oxygen supplements have numerous benefits, namely:

• The stimulation of white blood cells
• They are highly virucidal – i.e. kill viruses
• They increase oxygen / haemoglobin disassociation which in turn increases the oxygen
   delivery to the cells
• They are anti-neoplastic
• They oxidize / degrade petrochemicals
• They increases the flexibility of red blood cells
• They increase the production of interferon and tumour necrosis factor
• Increases anti-oxidant efficiency
• Accelerates the citric acid cycle
• Increases tissue oxygenation

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