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A Royal Recommendation

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A ROYAL RECOMMENDATION - Prince Philip's Queen Bee Tonic

Extract from The "Sunday People" Newspaper

"It helps to keep the Duke young"

How does handsome Prince Philip keep his youthful looks?  The answer may well lie in a special health food he's been taking.  Aptly, the elixir is called Regina Royal Jelly.  It comes from worker bees, which produce it for Queen Bees to live on.  Prince Philip has made the pick-me-up part of his breakfast routine.  Irene Stein, chief of the firm who supplied the Jelly said "We sent a sample to the Palace.  A few days later we got a polite letter from a court official, and thought that was the end of it.  We were over the moon when the Prince's valet telephoned and asked for some more to be sent round for his boss.  I've had a series of calls after that and sent 20-day supplies at a time."  Irene Stein said "Our product can help people in various ways: it helps me to relax but others have reported that it has aided their digestion as their metabolism speeds up.  It can also revive an individual's flagging sex drive, or help cure rheumatic pains

The 57 year old Prince is not the only member of the Royal Family  to try Royal Jelly.


"We know Princess Margaret had sampled it quite recently" said Julia Hobday, Promotions Manager for the suppliers,  Wardglen Holdings.  "She got it via her beauty salon.  It is only really known on a word-of-mouth basis, so I wonder if Prince Philip had a chat with her..."  Another famous fan of the natural wheat-covered capsules is Doctor John Cleese.  "We reckon it helps him with his funny walk," said Julia. 

Irene Royal Jelly is a homeopathically potentised formulation, which is 100% natural, non-addictive and free from preservatives.  The Royal Jelly is flown over from
Greece every two weeks and is known to be rich in amino acids and vitamins, but four percent of its contents remain unidentified.  In hives, it enables Queen bees to live for up to five years.  The workers, who only produce the jelly but don't eat it, die within 40 days.

"It's my guess that Prince Philip took it to help relieve Arthritis in his polo-playing wrist and to help him relax," said Irene.  The Sunday People doctor said last night: "Many people make extraordinary claims as to Royal Jelly's properties, but I remain skeptical.  However, it certainly won't do you any harm."

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